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100 thoughts on “Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens – Gotta Go My Own Way (From “High School Musical 2”)

  1. Half of ya'll were children when these movies came out, I was 14, 15 and 16 wishing my highschool experience was like theirs.

  2. Here for nostalgic feels but being told to "move on" 🤣🤣🤣 in here I feel like becoming Troy who is hard to let go of Gab (my childhood) lol

  3. Me singing it to my imaginary boyfriend, breaking up and crying myself to sleep. Poor 14yr old me😂😂😢😢😥

  4. Just noticing this is not really a breakup song. Shes basically sayibg we might be able to figure it out, but fuck this place i gotta do me troy. Lol

  5. I love the song a lot. The scene is also good, but it’s very clear that they mouthed the words on it and they put a recorded version on it, which kind of ruins it. Still a great song though

  6. Anna Marie said. Cein eryres. Love 💔
    Thursday 21/11/2019
    House. Cein day Keite. Don't. 21:26mp

  7. I teared up watching this video good lord I hated sharpay so much in this movie she become so unlikable when the second movie came out

  8. I LOVED her wardrobe in all of the highs school musical movies. Fareplay to the costume designers they did such a lit job . She is seriously one of the most attractive women in the world.

  9. As a kid that was a really sad moment and I felt for Gabriella. But now as an adult I gotta say that all of Troys friends are douchebags. Dude gets 20 people a ncie summerjob but they are too lazy to work and blame Troy for it. Troy tries to built connections for his college career and focuses on that for a few weeks and his girlfriend breaks up and all of his friends ignore him.
    My man Troy just planning his future and his lazy ass friends cant deal with this lmao.

  10. I always wanted to look as cute as Gabriella and get me a man like Troy, but I realized I was attracted to both when I was older 💀

  11. A friend of mine legitimately used the lyrics to breakup with her then boyfriend. Not all of them obviously, but many elements.

  12. Im the only one who finds it so funny the way she runs away at the end with the bag over her shoulder. Literally looks like she just robbed a bank.

  13. If it wasn't for the movie, people would've actually listened to this song and it would've been a big pop hit, bigger than taylor swift. Just my opinion.

  14. 2:37 "Gabriela se va pero antes deja que Troy le agarre las chichis" solo los que vieron el vídeo de Lunita entendera

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