Youth Employment Training and Education Bill – First Reading – Video 8
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Youth Employment Training and Education Bill – First Reading – Video 8

here’s a bill that offers an opportunity for them why won’t you vote for it I’m not sure Thank You mr. speaker a to take a call to speak against the youth employment training and education bill can I first acknowledge Derrick ball for reflecting on the opportunity to connect young people with the benefit of discipline and putting forward this I also acknowledge that as he shared with us when he first came here two and three quarters years ago around his own life’s journey that the military was a key part of what he believed looking back has made him the person that he is today and so I acknowledge that and I appreciate that that no doubt was no small part in the thinking that you brought to this piece of legislation but I do a mr. speaker have sort of three or four points that I’d like to explore with respect to this bill that underpins why I am NOT able to support it firstly and it’s linked to the previous conversation around you know how formed or otherwise this bill is from what I can see and there’s very limited explicit information around this bill is is hellish lessly expensive it could potentially be 20 million north of 20 million even for a pilot for 500 plus people and that is a significant cost particularly when there’s no detailed business case if you like to to underpin it you know we have just been criticized or our side has just been criticized about opposing something that’s not perfectly formed I would counter that mr. speaker and saying that there is actually a threshold in my view of working through how the legislation would actually be operationalized how it would actually work and the associated costs which are reasonable to assume to have been done as one considers legislation for the first time and in my view mr. speaker that is absent and is part of the reason for me personally that I can’t support it the second issue for me is there has been conversations already this afternoon that the L is the model does work and it does it’s a short six-week program and for some of those participants it has been life changing and they have been able to move from their program after six weeks on to work and full-time work but there’s a significant involvement by MSD to be picking the individuals who are most likely to succeed within that lsv framework and there’s significant amount of wraparound services that are provided by MSD for these people as they progress through the six-week course at the core of this bill is a vision that our defense force essentially has the capability and indeed should prioritize their capability in providing those wraparound services and support over the three years that these students would be required to go through this program now that is a very large leap in my view and one that is not I don’t think a sufficiently substantiate it to warrant support through a first reading because you know our NZ Defence Force has a very clear mandate and are appropriately focused on delivering that for the benefit of New Zealand asking them to participate in a three-year trial with the level of need that these people inherently require in terms of wraparound services I think mr. speaker is a step too far and finally this the view and it has been expressed and I agree with it that is in terms of priorities the number one priority must still remain that we keep our 15 and 16 and 17 year olds at school for as long as possible to give them the opportunity to get access to as many skills as possible to enable them to move into effective employment finally mr. speaker and this has you know and obviously a lot of passion behind it but I think when you reflect on what we are currently doing the significant amount of projects that the government has in the space the intensity that lsv requires in terms of wraparound service the assumption that that is therefore a model that is best placed for our Defense Force to apply I think is ultimately flawed and that is why I’ll be voting against Thank You mr. speaker speaking of roughing clean up with among high or Tecate today tonight our toe cuts all sir

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