Youth Employment Training and Education Bill – First Reading – Video 3
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Youth Employment Training and Education Bill – First Reading – Video 3

and I think more work needs to be done and that is why I cannot support the bill Thank You Ginny so Lisa Thank You mr. speaker labor supports this bill through the Select Committee mr. speaker labor is supporting the youth employment training and education bill by Derrick ball from New Zealand first because we believe that addressing the huge issue of those of our young people who are not an education employment and training is something that we should seriously have a conversation about we should actually refer this bill to a select committee and talk about the fact that we are not serving too many thousands of our young people mr. speaker and to me it is a shame that under this national government since they came into power in 2008 we have seen an increase in those young people under the age of 24 increased to over 90,000 people mr. speaker and the speech that we had just had from the National Party member basically ended I was waiting and waiting until I hear whether they support this bill or didn’t support this bill we didn’t actually get to it till the very end and to me it’s a shame that they are not supporting this bill why are they not supporting this bill you know in 2013 in 2013 one of the sector’s from Auckland the construction and infrastructure sector came with a report that they did together with Auckland Council and that report was really detailed and they presented it to the minister at the time who was the finance minister now and it was really detailed on that it actually set out that by next year by 2018 we are going to be short and skilled labour by up to 32,000 people mr. speaker 32,000 people that we need to build up the city of Auckland the largest city these are carpenters civil engineers plumbers you name it mr. speaker that was several years ago we are now in 2017 and what do we see what has this government done have they actually fixed this issue do we have the skilled labor that we need from our own young people here in our Teodor New Zealand the answer to that is no mr. speaker it is not just yet just last week we had another sector the service sector they came and launched a report here in Parliament and they told us that they in the three years by 2020 they predict that in three years they would need 200,000 trained people 200,000 new jobs that’s great we celebrate new jobs but they are worried mr. speaker they are worried about where those trained people will be I am too when we have over 90,000 young people under the age of 24 the city of Palmerston laws that’s essentially the population of Palmerston North who are not trained not skilled mr. speaker and we have that many people that we need in the service sector as well as in the construction and infrastructure Jasin Auckland Mr Speaker we have an issue and we have when we have a government that is not even willing to sit down under Select Committee and actually listen have a conversation about why is it that they are not serving our young people they’re not even willing to do that Mr Speaker we have a problem the bill that Derrick ball is proposing is based on the limited service volunteer program a program which we know has 85 percent of enlistees graduate mr. speaker and a program that has 60 percent of them then find work Mr Speaker I do not see the seats and why we don’t even agree why the National Party doesn’t even agree that we should sit down and select committee and have a conversation about what we should be doing to ensure that many more of our young people are skilled and trained that many more of our young people aren’t failing through the cracks through from from the compulsory sector through to tertiary education to apprentices and to employment mr. speaker this is something that the National Party should absolutely agree to we need more of our young people to be trained we need more of our young people especially those who are already being failed by this national government to ensure that they get in to some training that they actually get employed and what this bill proposes Mr Speaker is one of the solution it is a step in the right direction and it would be a shame that the National Party continues on with not not agreeing with this bill that Derrick board is proposing Thank You mr. speaker Shirley Naylor Thank You mr. speaker

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