Your Friend Who Thinks Going to the Gym Fixes Everything
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Your Friend Who Thinks Going to the Gym Fixes Everything

(upbeat music) – I’m definitely the Kramer of the group. – No way, I’m Kramer. – No, I’m Kramer. – Tao, who’s Kramer, Raph or me? – Michael Richards is Kramer. – Ohhh, yep.
– Yes, you’re right. – [Raph] Yep, yep, yep. – Whoa, somebody’s hungry. – Yeah, I got a chicken
chorizo carne asada burrito, with a side of chili cheese fries. – That’s a lot of food, Tao. – Yeah, I’m overeating a little bit. But, this morning I worked out super hard, so I’m not gonna gain any
weight from eating all this. – Actually, unless you’re training like an Olympic Athlete, the calories in food dwarf the calories that you
burn while exercising. – Yeah, there’s a lot of studies that show that people tend to overeat when they first start working out, so
they actually gain weight, you’re already done? – Yeah, my doctor told me I
need to fully chew my food, otherwise my small intestine will explode. – No – But that was before
I started working out. – Tao, you’ve gotta watch out for that, you can’t do horrible things to your body just because you started working out. – Why not, I did 25 minutes of sauna this morning.
(Raph coughing) – Sitting in a sauna’s not exercise. – Well I come out all
sweaty and short of breath. – That’s because it’s hot
in there, god, put that out! You know smoking is bad for you. – I can do bad things to my body, because I’m doing good things to my body and it all balances out. – Going to the gym once is not that good. – Nuh-uh, I can already feel my gains. Look, I’ll lift that big-ass plant. (groaning) – Go help him. – I have to?
– [Tao] Ow, ow, ow. – Yes please
– [Tao] Ow, ow. – Ow, ow my, oh, ow. I’m sore from working out. Almost. Whoa, do you go to the gym like two times a month or something? – That’s not a lot, okay, and I work out more than that. – Well, I’ve signed up for
a strongman competition – Is that that thing where
dudes just lift huge tires? – [Tao] And logs. – Tao, you gotta train
like your entire life for something like that. – You’re right, I should start bulking up – Another burrito? – It’s fine, I’m gonna go to the gym for the next 30 days without fail. Except for tomorrow, that’s my cheat day. – Tao, going to the gym is great but that doesn’t give
you carte blanche to just do whatever you want to your body. You’re gonna cancel out
any gains you do make with this unhealthy behavior. – Hah, Katie, I think these
bad boys disagree with you. (dramatic sting) (screaming) – You’re just doing heroine? – Yeah, it’s really
stressful to go to the gym. I was waiting an hour for the
smoothie bar the other day. – You cannot do that in the workplace. – Okay, relax. – Raph wait, no. – You’re not doing that right. (musical sting) – Do you have any more? (snoring) Tao, do you have any more? (musical sting) – Hi it’s me, child
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100 thoughts on “Your Friend Who Thinks Going to the Gym Fixes Everything

  1. I honestly can’t imagine anyone commenting on how much someone is eating in one sitting. That seems crazy rude…is it an American thing or just a comedy skit thing? 😜

  2. This guy is actually overeating worse than me, now that’s a massive achievement. Jesus Christ. He even eats faster than me! Of course though, I can lift about 10 of those damn plants because I’m super strong despite being monstrously fat.

  3. Well, Tao won't have to worry about gaining much weight from Nasty Val's, since it'll be coming back up later tonight.

  4. Depression: 4 sets of leg lifts

    Unknown Father: 3 sets of bench press

    Alcoholism: 3 sets, 10 reps of butterfly press

    Loveless Marriage: 45 minutes cardio

    Existential Crisis, No God In Heaven: 10 laps around the gym

    Miscarriage: avocado-orange-whey protein shake

  5. You have to shoot-up at the gym or you'll never make it. I can't tell you how many times I just ended up standing in my driveway for forty minutes in a full nod, neighbors threatening to call 911. It's okay guys, I'm just feeling the burn!

  6. I'm just so happy to see Katie do that Cocaine smile again. Even though she is smiling for dirty heroin. Katie is a snow white girl.

  7. I am a personal trainer PLEASE listen to these nice comedians, PLEASE tell your moms! I know none of you are coming to see me. It would help all personal trainers to explain this shit to your mother. Also, call your mother it's the holidays.

  8. It takes me two years of personal wrestling experience to get where I am at. It took three weeks for me to start getting muscle so Theo to summit up for you it will take you more than one work out to make you built

  9. For the first 86.6% of this sketch I thought it was a Tao-written sketch. And then I changed my mind and knew it was Katie for sure.

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