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Yoga For Teachers | Yoga With Adriene

– Hello, everyone and
welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji and today we have a
special sequence for teachers. So yoga for the teachers. We’ll do yoga in a classroom. In fact, that’s coming up. I’m super excited about it. But this one’s
for you, teachers. This is also really for anyone
who wants to fill their cup and get a little nice flush
of energy going in the body. I like to think of us
all as teachers, actually. If you need to fill
your cup, if you’re a parent, or you have an
influence on someone or
something it might be a good idea
to take care of yourself and this little ditty
will be perfect for that. You’re gonna need to hop into
something comfy, of course, but you’re also gonna
need a pen or a pencil today. Let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright, let’s begin in a
nice, comfortable seat today. Today’s practice is
all about filling your cup, taking good care of yourself and blanketing
yourself in a warmth, a energy that feels
really nurturing and good. As a teacher you take
on so much responsibility and influence. I feel like today’s practice, even though we’re gonna do
some good stuff with the body, is really about just
taking some time for yourself. Come into a
nice, comfortable seat. Just take the time for yourself. You don’t have to have a lot
of energy for this practice. You don’t have to
do anything really. Just allow this time to unfold. Sit up nice and tall and when you feel comfortable, see if you can close your eyes as you sit up
really, really tall and begin to
relax your shoulders. If you are in
desperate need of this practice you might already start to feel a little, we’ll call it warmth, but it could be emotion
or just a sigh of relief. Tapping into that
heart space a little because as I’m sure
you know as a teacher it’s impossible to not
engage your heart space. You have to have that care,
that awareness, that connect to really inspire and to share. Start to notice your breath. Again, you don’t
have to do anything fancy. We’ll do another practice video
with pranayama techniques. But today it’s just
nice, easy flow of breaths. Just start to notice
your natural ebb and flow. Then as you’re ready
begin to take deeper breaths, but just as you’re
ready, as it feels good. Let it come from a real place. (exhaling) Take what you need. (inhaling) Then as you’re ready continue to notice
and deepen your breath, but let’s bring the palms
together right at the heart. Oh, I summoned Benji
in with Anjali Mudra. As you bring the hands
together, Anjali Mudra, really gonna focus on what
this mudra feels like today because I feel like it’s
appropriate for this practice. Palms coming together
right at your heart space. Use whatever is going on here, whether it’s a soft
palm to palm or a firm press, use that to lift your chest,
your sternum up to your thumbs. Then tuck the chin slightly and just notice where
your thoughts are going, your mind is going. I’m assuming that
you’re a very busy person, have a lot of stuff to do. So, again, just
relax the skin of the face. Let your breath
flow easily here. Choose to take this time for you so you can allow the
mind to quiet a little bit and just focus on
the sound of your breath. Just take a
couple more breaths here to be quiet and still, feeling your hands
together at your heart. Great. Then take a deep breath in. As you exhale,
open the eyes slowly. (humming) And grab your pen or pencil. This is something that
we’re gonna start off with and then we’re
gonna move the body, but obviously you can
do this at work, as well, in your little free moments. A lot of grading
papers, a lot of hand stuff, just in general this idea
of the hand being a symbol of something that
lifts us up, that nurtures, that can protect,
that can communicate. We’re gonna attend to the hands
a little bit here to start. You’re gonna take
your pen or pencil and you’re gonna
bring it right to the base of the palm here. (chuckling) This will be a little
different for everyone. It will also depend on
your utensil, your tool. You’re just gonna roll it here. I like to kind
of curl the fingers so that I can really
get a nice strong base and get to the
places that feel good. It might be a
little bit on the wrist. For me it’s here. This muscle is
needing a little love. Then you can also take it here. Of course we know this. And then onto the other hand. Just take a couple
moments to play here starting with the
little hand massage, a little awareness in the hands. But also we won’t let go of
this length up through the spine and this lift in the heart
that we’ve already established. Nice of Benji to join us. This is yoga for teachers but really we’re
all teachers, right? Anyone can practice this. I’m gonna post that, as well, so I hope that other
folks are joining us, even Benji’s a
really great teacher. As we know our students are
also really great teachers. This mentality is a great way
to consider how we’re all one which is a yogic principle. Just some food for thought. Alright. Let’s wrap it up here. If you haven’t done the
full hand, give it a go. Then just notice if you’ve kind
of started to collapse here so you can keep a lift even if
the muscles of the lower back are starting to speak to you. See if you can draw
the navel in and lift up. Start to activate those muscles so that you can sit up
nice and tall at your desk or have a nice, good, long
tall energy for your students and for yourself. Alright. Here we go. One more big breath in. Then take your tool and
place it gently to the side. Alright, thriller arms. Fingertips down. You’re gonna loop the shoulders,
lift the heart even more and really press
through the wrists here, stretching through the forearm. You can start to
find soft, gentle movement in the head, the neck. (exhaling) Benji is super relaxed today. Then flip the script. If you want a little more you can take opposite hand
to the fingertips, stretch. Keep lifting up
through the heart. Again, we’re trying to create
a full body awareness here so not isolating the parts. Then big
circles with the wrists. Awesome. Then drop the
left hand at your side and inhale, sweep the right
fingertips all the way up first. Create length here as if someone were
pulling you up from your wrist. Then from there create space
in the left shoulder, left ear, so we’re not here, and
then side body stretch. (exhaling) Feel that length, that
stretch through the side body. Inhale. Then exhale, release. Right hand comes to the ground. Again, think up first. So reach, reach, reach. Then relax your
right shoulder down, create space between
the ears and the shoulders, and inhale and exhale. Big stretch. Find what feels good. Start to breathe a
little differently. Maybe let the breath affect the way you
explore this stretch. And let your
stretch affect your breath. Alright, one more inhale. Big stretch. Then exhale,
come back to center. Awesome. We’re gonna come
forward onto all fours. Take your time. Move with this,
again, I’m calling it warmth, but this just idea
that ah, this is my me time. Filling my cup,
taking care of myself. We’re not moving in
a task mastering mode, but rather in a way that
feels a little more caring and a way that feels good. Huh, imagine that. Tabletop position. (inhaling) Find a new breath here. (exhaling) We’re actually gonna curl
the toes under here today. You’re gonna walk the hands
just a little bit in front. We’re usually
stacking shoulders over wrists. You’re gonna walk
hands a little bit in front. The adjustments today,
our toes are curled under and the hands are a little
bit in front of the shoulders. Alright, here we go. Press into your toes and
claw through your fingertips then carve a line with
the nose and drop the belly, feel the skin of
the belly stretch as you find this
Cow variation here. Press away from your yoga mat. Then see if you can rotate
your biceps towards the front. So we’re not here, but we’re opening up through
the chest, the shoulders. Great. Then soften through the face. Your jaw unclenched. Take one more
cycle of breath here. Opening up
through the front body, through that throat chakra. Crown of the head lifting. Great. Then we’re gonna
go through a Cat Pose by starting at the
tail, listen carefully, start at the tail and go
really slow and articulate all the way up
through the spine. Navel draws up. We hug the lower ribs up, start to feel a
stretch in the shoulder, in the rotator,
oh yeah, so good. Take it all the way back. Hips bone towards the heels. Feel that stretch
through the fascia of the foot and then when you’re ready, ah, melt the
heart down to the earth. Maybe forehead comes to the mat. Maybe you close your eyes and take a couple of
cycles of breath here. Sorry, I got into it. Just feel how the
breath moves your body, the expansiveness in your torso, (exhaling) the connection of your
fingerprints to the earth. Just starting to really drop in and relish this
time for yourself. Then press into your foundation. All of your toes. Grounding down
through the fingertips. Rise back up. You’re gonna carve
a line with the nose forward, up, and back and come right back
into that Cow variation. Feel the blood flow
here opposite direction. You should feel a
little flush of energy. Inhale. Then exhale. Same thing, but just a
little faster this time. Rolling all the way up through and sending the hips back. (exhaling) Inhale. Tugging the hands back,
clawing through the fingertips. Use what you got here. Pressing in your foundation. Inhale, open the chest. (inhaling)
Exhale. Start at the tail so the
pelvis rotates, navel draws up. We round through the back body. Forehead to mat. Great, let’s do one more. Inhale. (inhaling) And exhale. (exhaling) Awesome work. Inhale, come
all the way back up. Walk the knees
underneath the hips, wrists underneath the shoulders. You’re gonna bump
the hips to the left and turn to
look past your right. Big inhale in here. Exhale, come through center. Bump the hips to the right. Turn to look past your left. Nice, inhale,
come back to center. Exhale, curl the toes under and send the
hips up high and back. Downward Facing Dog. Go nice and slow
like you love yourself. Nice full body stretch here. Breathing deep. Pedal it out. Go ahead and go inward here. You put out a lot, so go inward. Close your eyes,
turn the two big toes in. Breathe into your belly. (deep breathing) Then from here we’re gonna
cross one foot over the other to walk all the way up. You’re gonna move nice and slow. You’re gonna cross.
Feel that big stretch. Crossing one foot
in front of the other. Nice and slow. Getting into the hip. Nice and slow. Then all the way up eventually
to the top of your mat. Forward Fold. Take a second here
to shake the head loose. (exhaling) Soften through your fingertips. Really feel your
weight distribute evenly through all four
corners of the feet. (inhaling) Again, just allowing the
blood to flow (exhaling) down. Fresh blood here. (deep breathing) Listen to the
sound of your breath. (inhaling) Generous stretch in the lower
back by bending the knees. (exhaling) Then as you’re ready tuck the
chin, press into your feet, and slowly roll it up. As you rise up stack head
over heart, heart over pelvis. Notice how you feel. This might seem a little
easy, right, or elementary, but I really want you
to just close your eyes and just notice how
you feel in your body, what feels tight, what feels a little congested. What part of your being needs
a little nurturing today? Is it physical body, is
it just your heart space? Using your breath. (deep breathing) Allowing your mind to be still. Or maybe you need
to smile a little bit. Lift the corners of
the mouth just a hair. Just take this time to check in. Then as you’re ready keep the feet where they are
but you’ll just reach around, interlace fingertips behind
your back, behind your tail. Then start to open up
through the chest here and you’re gonna draw the
knuckles down towards the earth. You really get a big
stretch through the pecs. Then you’re gonna
draw the knuckles down, soft bend in the knees, and slowly rotate to the right. You’re not gonna
crank this at all actually. Just slowly. Then try to
move from your navel. Draw the navel back to center. Then draw the
knuckles to the right. Then from your center, from
your navel, all the way back. Awesome. Take one more cycle of
breath here in and out. In.
(inhaling) And out.
(exhaling) Then we release and hands
are gonna come to the heart. Great, here we go. Cross right ankle over the left. Inhale. Fingertips reach
up towards the sky. Big stretch. Exhale. Tilt towards the right here. Press into your left heel. Inhale all the
way up and exhale, hands come down through the
midline as you Forward Fold. Three breath cycles here. In and out. In and out. Allow the weight of
your head to relax over. Press into the ball
joint of your big toes or find a place to ground
down firmly through your feet. Awesome. Then press into the feet, draw your navel
up towards the sky. Let the front body really
hug into the back body here so there’s connection
in your center, basically. Then hands come back
to heart as you rise up. Notice how you feel. Deep breath in.
(inhaling) A long breath out.
(exhaling) Awesome. Uncross. Left ankle crosses
now over the right. Find that connection
of your feet to the earth. Really lengthen tailbone down. Get your pelvis right
underneath your center. Then when you’re ready inhale. Reach up towards the sky. And exhale, bring the fingertips
up and over to the left. Big stretch. Lengthen tailbone down. Pull the thumbs back. Awesome. Then inhale, rise up. Exhale, palms come
down through the midline as you Forward Fold. Send some love, some breath
through the lower back body, the hip. This little ditty is so great
for really the whole body, let’s not lie,
full body experience, but for the psoas,
the side body, the hips. Breathing deep. The lower back body. (humming) Three cycles of breath here. (deep breathing) Then we’ll draw
the hands to the heart and slowly come up
from a place of connect pressing into the feet,
hugging the glutes in, head over heart,
heart over pelvis. Anjali Mudra. Notice how you feel. You should feel
a nice flush here. Alright. Exhaling in unison again, Benji. Awesome. Uncross the legs. Now we’re gonna
take the feet super wide and we’re gonna
turn the two big toes in. Hands are still at the heart. Take your time. (inhaling) Alright. Prasarita. Here we go. Press into the
outer edges of the feet and draw energy up
through the arches. You’re gonna
lengthen the tailbone down and really, once again,
find that lift of sternum or chest to the thumbs. Beautiful. Inhale, reach the
fingertips towards the sky. Palms are gonna
stay pressing together. Anjali Mudra or heart mudra. Then we’re gonna inhale in and
exhale over towards the left. Big side body stretch. Inhale, rise up to
center over to the right. (exhaling) Inhale, rise up to center. Here we go.
Palms come down the midline. Soft micro-bend in the knees. You find that
beautiful rotation in the hip. Femur bone plugging in there. Beautiful.
We come all the way down. Aw, Benji. Hands come to the earth. They can come in
line with the arches, maybe the crown of
the head comes down, maybe you stay
on the fingertips, maybe you have something
nearby, a block or a book, to bring the earth up to you. We’re gonna be here
for six cycles of breath. Feeling the blood
flow opposite direction. You’re staying
plugged into your feet. Side bodies are long. (inhaling) Creating a full body experience. Lots of TLC here so breathe
deep to infuse this action with some tender loving care. (deep breathing) Lots of awareness
in the shoulders here. Drawing energy up through the
kneecaps, toning the quads. Again, big toes
are turned in slightly. We’re pressing into
the outer edges of the feet and drawing energy up
through the arches of the feet. Then on your last cycle of
breath here, wherever you are, maybe find a variation. Try and tap into a
little creative energy whether it’s opening the chest, maybe taking a twist. (deep breathing) Then here we go. Hands come to the heart. Big power pose. Excuse me, to the waistline,
hands come to the waistline. My bad. Soft bend in the knees. Human moment there, sorry. Then you’re gonna slowly rise up through that flat back position. Strong and steady. Connect to the length
of the spine crown to tail. Here we go. Loop the shoulders,
pull the elbows back, and come into your power pose. (deep breathing) Just feel it. The same way you would teach
someone to feel their worth, to feel the love
that they are worthy of and to trust that. Just take a second to
bask in (deep breathing) that love, that worthiness. Strong legs, heart lifted. Then release the hands. Bring ’em back to the heart. Anjali Mudra. We’re gonna heel, toe, heel,
toe the feet all the way in. As you do this you can really get a little
massage going in the feet. You can have some fun with it. Should feel really, really good. Awesome. Inhale,
reach for the sky. Clap the palms
together up and overhead. Ji namaste. Then exhale. Forward Fold all the way down. Bend the knees. Belly comes to the
tops of the thighs. (deep breathing) Beautiful. You’re gonna use the
fingertips to walk forward. Lift the heels, bend the knees and slowly lower your
center, your hips, your bum, all the way down. Stay here. If it feels good
you can draw the nose in towards the center
of your chest a bit. Stretching through the
quads, the legs, the back. Lots of awareness in the
shoulders and in the jaw. (deep breathing) Take a deep breath in. (inhaling) And a long breath out. (exhaling) Then just take a second to let
your jaw really, really relax and your mouth open here
and feel this great stretch through your
Achilles and the calf, the upper back body. Awesome. Then activate your
core here just to be mindful. Activate the core as
you slowly tuck the chin and then come up. Feel this energy,
this flush of energy. Then you can take
the fingertips back or you can keep ’em forward, but definitely
take what you need here to transition all
the way to a seat. You’re gonna bring the
soles of the feet together. Baddha Konasana. Cobbler’s Pose. When you get there, make sure
you can sit up nice and tall. If you need to put
something underneath your bum, then go for it. Then we’re just gonna
open the legs like a book here. Use your thumbs to
give your feet some love. A little massage and
the arches opening up. Then just check
your thoughts here. If you’re like, “Oh, I’m tired,” or, “Oh, I can’t
get my legs down,” that does
really does not matter. This is about the experience and this is about the self care. Give yourself a massage. Really massage these arches
really good, maybe the heels. Maybe you squeeze the toes. Sit up a little taller. (inhaling) and breath a little deeper.
(exhaling) When you’re ready you can
either hold on to the ankles or hold on to the toes. Lift your heart the highest
you’ve lifted it all day. Then slowly take it forward. You don’t have to
bring the nose to the toes unless that feels good. You can keep it nice and
open here focusing on this. Or if it does feel right bend
the elbows left to right. You can round through the spine. Close your eyes
and breathe deep again knowing that you are
loved and appreciated and the energy that you
put out is so important. The energy that you put out is also the energy that,
hopefully, I believe anyway, you’ll receive back. Rooting down through your
sits bones, through the tail, or what feels like that
area of the body to you, whatever it’s
called doesn’t matter, just down, down, down. So you’re really rolling
up from a place of connect. Root down and rise
up through your spine. Awesome. We’re gonna come onto
our backs now nice and slow so bring the knees together. Keep a connection, a little
thread of the breath going as you come onto your back. This is our last bit here. You’re gonna hug
one knee into the chest. You’re gonna cross that ankle
over the opposite thigh. A little figure four here,
a little release. Feel your back
supported on the earth. You take a lot of
time to support others so use this time to really
maybe say to yourself quietly, “I am supported.” Thread the needle if you wish. Flex both feet and breathe deep as you squeeze the
legs up towards your chest, keeping the shoulders relaxed. Maybe a little smile. Soft, easy movement and
lots of big loving breaths. Inhale lots of love in. (inhaling) Exhale lots of love out. (exhaling) Inhale lots of love in. (inhaling) And exhale release and switch. (exhaling) Opposite side. Even it out. Notice now they’re different. Smile, breathe. A little brightness or a
little energy in the feet. (inhaling) Relax your shoulders. (exhaling) Feel supported by the earth. Your spine
literally supported here. Maybe soft, easy movement. Rocking side to side I can feel some
tension or some tightness in my left back body. (deep breathing) Side note, I wiped my mat down with a little ylang-ylang oil
and it’s so nice. Highly recommend. (deep breathing) Not sure if ylang-ylang is
right for the yoga for teachers but maybe. A little self love,
a little romance. Energy for the self. Okay, one more big breath in. (inhaling) Then use an exhale
to release everything. Alright. Take any other
movement here that feels good that’s mindful and
slow, safe, and steady. Otherwise we’ll
start to make our way to a nice Corpse Pose, Savasana, a place where we can
surrender and just restore. Whether you came to this video looking for exercise or just some self care I hope that you benefit from just taking
some time to slow down and balance out
your energetic bodies, that you can have the
energy you need to serve others and kick butt. Close your eyes. Relax your
shoulders one last time here. Just, even if it’s for
30 seconds to a minute, allow yourself to close your
eyes and do absolutely nothing. A total surrender. Allow your body to
experience what it feels like to do absolutely nothing. A complete calmness so that you can identify that and know that it
exists when you need balance or you need to
restore, refresh, fill your cup. A personal thank you from me
to you for all that you do and all that I know
you’ll continue to do. We have to pave the way and take responsibility
for the way we engage and I think for all teachers that’s a really, really
valuable and important role that you play in
teaching that and sharing that. That how we move has everything
to do with the outcome. Stay where you are or if
you’re ready to rock and roll or if you have to get up and go bring the hands
together at the heart. From my heart to yours, namaste. (upbeat music)

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  29. I am still a uni student, but my parents and my friends always say that I am a good teacher. I did this yoga to honor all of the teachers that taught me and those that dedicated their time to nourish the young minds. I wouldn’t be me without them. During this summer, I had the opportunity to learn more about Buddhism. One of the teachings is so inspirational I have to share it with the community: the intention is all that matters; whatever you do, with a good intention (like wanting to benefit others) it will become so much more than just a simple kind act. With love and respect. Thank you Adriene for teaching us all. ❤️

  30. Wow! I didn’t realise how much I needed this practice until I engaged with it. Feeling a tad emotional, so much gratitude for you Adrienne namaste 🙏

  31. For Day 9 of Rebirth I learned a lot from this practice, to be slow and purposeful and to concentrate especially on the breath and your words to get full benefit. There were many times to ‘notice how you feel’ and it was amazing how fresh and tingly I felt and there was so much love in there too. You have totally slowed down my monkey brain 😂 ! See you tomorrow for that quickie in the classroom 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏💞

  32. Thank you so much for this one! As I start my second week of homeschooling my boys, this felt amazing – a teacher, yes I suppose I am in many ways! Namaste

  33. I’m following along with your September playlist and was excited to see that this was for today! Not only am I a teacher, but it’s my birthday and I turned 50! What a blessing to have found you and your teachings. Thank you, Adriene!

  34. This was a really fab session for opening the working week. Highly recommended for any time, but especially after a busy day at work. 🙂

    Thanks again all! 🙂 x

  35. This was really amazing, great timing with the beginning of the school year, this was a great opportunity and a good reminder to start taking things slower a bit, thank you Adriene 🙏❤️

  36. REBIRTH 🧘🏼‍♀️ Day 9:
    This practise was nothing like what I'd expected, but in a good way. What I like about the YWA monthly yoga calendars is that they feature videos I would otherwise never have clicked on.😌 I'm feeling inadequate today, but slightly calmer now, and – side note – I also finally took a blanket with me to my mat and wrapped myself in it for savasana, so comfy!😊👍🏻💕

  37. My muscles were so sore from yesterday's REBIRTH practice so I was very grateful for this, it felt amazing. 🙇🏼‍♀️ Going to continue the self care by taking a nice warm shower 😊 Thanks Adriene!

  38. Oh. My. GOODNESS. Adriene! Not a teacher, but after yesterday's upper body practice combined with a 7 mile run on hills, my hips, feet, and side body needed these stretches so much today. Thank you for making today restorative!

  39. Yaaasss I needed this gentle stretch today! So many little niggles that have well and truly been seen to! Thank you forever for this one!

  40. Such a beautiful tribute to teachers everywhere. Thank you so much for making a practice especially for us. Especially loved the pen-hand massage.

  41. REBIRTH day 9

    I really appreciate this practice. Not a teacher though, but a student. A student of life that is, I mean aren’t we all?
    Everyday you learn something new. I liked that pen hand massage trick, and I didn’t know my hand had a sore spots which needed a massage!



  42. Lovely practice today I feel wonderful and so revived so thank you Adriene for this one much love to you, benji and all the yogis , Namaste Everyone 💕💞💓💗💖❤🙏

  43. My six year old (one of my greatest teachers) hopped in for today's practice. Toward the end, he leaned over and whispered, "She reminds me of Bob Ross." In this household, the praise doesn't get much higher than that.

  44. Thank you so very much, beautiful Adriene! I am one of the beleaguered teachers who benefitted so very much from this one. I feel rejuvenated enough to not only conquer an evening of work after a day in the classroom, but to do it with joy and with excellence. Energy is powerful. Yoga is powerful. And you connect us to our power.

  45. Feed your mind with positive thoughts, handle your heart with care and kindness, and keep your body healthy at all times 💗 Thank you so much Adriene and namaste 🙏🏻✨

  46. Thank you for the pen exercise on the thumb! I was up all night with pain in the same muscle you talked about on my left hand and I cannot believe the relief I got from the pen!!!! I am grateful for your teachings! I am off to get ready for school!

  47. Great practice after a long day. Can you create a special sequence for Social Workers? LOL! I feel great. Thank you Adriene. Many blessings and favor.

  48. I happened to find this video after doing “Yoga for Chefs” for this weeks video. Wow! I don’t recall ever doing this one…🤔 I am a teacher and absolutely loved it. I kept asking for a practice for sciatic nerve. This one served be well combined with this weeks practice. Once again Adriene, you nailed it! 🥰🥰🥰

  49. Thank you for this, Adriene! As a grad student who's teaching two classes, this is exactly what I needed to help me keep going. <3

  50. It’s frustrating to hear you say, “We’re all teachers.” No one says, “we’re all doctors” or “we’re all architects”. Teaching is a real profession. Being a parent doesn’t make you a professional teacher. Being a person who was a student doesn’t mean you know what it’s like to be a teacher. I get that you want this video to work for as many people as possible, but, as a teacher, it is a bummer to once again be reminded that people assume people can do your profession just by existing.

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