World’s Worst Teachers – 9 Insane Things That Got Them Fired
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World’s Worst Teachers – 9 Insane Things That Got Them Fired

Teachers- we’ve all had our favorites, and
we’ve all had some that we hated to be around. Despite how we may feel about them though,
theirs is one of the most important jobs in the world, as they are responsible for teaching
the next generation. Part of that instruction is not just arithmetic,
grammar, and history, but also proper codes of conduct and morality. Many studies have shown that due to the sheer
amount of time students spend around teachers, they can be one of the most influential figures
in a child’s life. But what happens when good teachers go bad,
or when bad teachers are given responsibility over a classroom of young, impressionable
minds? These real-life incidents just might shock
you… Surprise Field Trip
High school chemistry teacher Travis Lechien was quite popular amongst the students of
Hanover Central High School in Cedar Lake, Indiana. That’s probably because he would often invite
many of the students over for after-school study lessons at his home, and by study lessons
we mean he would give the kids alcohol and smoke hookah with them. One day though he found out that it was the
birthday of one of the students hanging out at his house, so he piled all the students
into his van and took off for a nearby club. But as you may have guessed from the other
activities he engaged in with the students, this wasn’t a normal club. No, let’s just say it was a club that is
supposed to be for adults only. After a few hours of this very enlightening
field trip, Lechien was driving the boys back home when he got pulled over for speeding. Suspicious as to why the 31 year old man was
driving around at night with a car full of young boys, the police questioned the students
and discovered where he had taken them. Lechien was promptly fired from the school,
though he would have likely been fired soon anyways as rumors about what Lechien invited
students over to his house to do had reached the principal, who was already cooperating
with law enforcement to investigate Lechien. In the end Lechien lost his job and was charged
with three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a class A misdemeanor that earned
him a year of jail time. It Pays To Be The Principal
Over in Harry Potter-land, we mean the UK, Jo Shutter was a headteacher, or principal,
who had won an award for her great leadership skills and the performance of her students. While she was running a tight ship at school
though, she was also secretly funneling much of the school’s budget towards her own expenses. Shutter would routinely misappropriate money
and then secretly use it for such things as seven thousand pounds spent on her birthday
party, ten thousand pounds on travel, and a whopping three thousand pounds on flowers. Shortly after her money mismanagement came
to light, she got a double-whammy as she was accused of cronyism, giving school jobs to
her family and friends over other well-qualified individuals. Authorities may have been slow to suspect
that Shutter was such a crook though given that the BBC had asked to film a documentary
about her, given her brilliant and inspirational leadership. The only problem with that is that the documentary
was directed by her own sister. In the end Shutter didn’t face any legal repercussions,
but was banned for life from teaching. Sometimes The Past Comes Back To Haunt You
Melissa Petro was a regular, unassuming elementary art school teacher, well liked by staff and
her students. For three years she taught various art classes
to children without incident, and despite her new life she was hiding a very dark secret. This secret would only come to light when
Ms. Petro admitted to it publicly on her own volition- probably not a great move. It all began when Craiglist decided to take
down its adult services section, a part of its site which was well known for being used
by people to offer certain adult services. It turns out that Ms. Petro had worked as
a professional companion for a brief time, a fact she admitted to in an opinion piece
she wrote for The Huffington Post. Describing herself as being in difficult financial
times, she engaged in this work for several months though soon quit, finding it to be
“physically demanding, emotionally taxing, and spiritually bankrupting”. As soon as her school found out about her
past, they promptly fired her. Humiliating Special Needs Students
No doubt teaching is a difficult job, but even when you’re dealing with the stress of
handling a room full of teenagers, you should still have the composure to deal with the
behavioral needs of a special needs student. Amanda Terrell had one such kid in her class,
a fifteen year old boy with Asperger’s syndrome who would sometimes act out. Rather than try and handle the situation delicately,
Terrell grew tired of his behavior and built a ‘bad kid fort’ out of cardboard boxes to
place around the student’s desk. Enraged over the humiliation of their son,
the child’s parents took issue with the school. Terrell was suspended over the incident, but
was then re-hired for the next school year. The school board defended its decision, saying
that Terrell was still a good teacher who had simply made a mistake. Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad is a revolutionary tv show made possible by two unique realities of America:
teachers get paid next to nothing, and healthcare is so expensive that you literally have to
run a drug cartel to stay on top of your bills. Seriously, this show couldn’t have taken place
anywhere else in the world. Except it sort of did, although not for the
same reasons that Walter White started peddling meth. Across the pond in the UK once more we find
an IT teacher named Mohammed Sarwar. Liked by his community for his charitable
work and always a good example for his young students, Sarwar unknowingly led a secret
double life. After clocking out of school, Sarwar would
clock in to his ‘real’ job, which was the running of a criminal network. While he may have had the neighbors fooled,
he didn’t have British police fooled who had bugged his car and been tailing him for weeks. Eventually they recorded Sarwar talking about
cocaine with one of his students and then was followed as he took the student to a drug
deal in a local retail park. The police made their move and Sarwar was
in custody shortly thereafter. Confessing to ferrying kilos upon kilos of
cocaine around Britain, Sarwar earned 21 years in prison, with no leniency for his role as
an educator. A Drink To Unwind
Maria L. Caya has a very stressful job as an Elementary school teacher. Watching over a bunch of young children is
no doubt enough to wear the nerves of even the most level-headed teacher, and certainly
nobody would ever fault a teacher for having a drink to unwind after a long, hard day. Caya however apparently needed to unwind way,
way before her work day was over. While chaperoning a field trip to a bowling
alley, Caya decided to have a couple of drinks. Unprofessional but well, it’s a bowling alley
and drinking is sort of expected in these places. What was a couple of drinks though turned
into a couple more drinks, until eventually the other teachers chaperoning the kids had
to call Caya’s husband to come pick her up. Violently ill, Caya was taken to the hospital
instead, where she was found to have a blood alcohol level as high as .27- over three times
higher than the legal limit of .08. While there were eight other teachers present
on the field trip and the kids were never in any serious danger, Caya clearly showed
a lack of responsibility and professionalism both with her decision to pour back a few
dozen cold ones while still on duty. Fight The Power! Ryan Pleune was a passionate environmentalist,
and honestly we can’t blame him. Our parents used to make fun of hippies who
wanted to save the planet, and thanks to them making fun of hippies we’re now running headlong
into irreversible global warming- thanks mom and dad. With the health of the planet very much at
stake, and along with it the prosperity of our own civilization, Pleune decided that
he wanted to set a good example for his students. While he was a qualified teacher, Pleune was
instead working as a bus driver for a local high school. On the way back from a field trip, Pleune
decided on an educational detour, and instead drove the kids to a local protest outside
of the Salt Lake City courthouse. Environmental protesters had gathered there
and according to Pleune, he wanted to make the kids aware of the cause. He even thought that the school would be pleased
with his actions, but it turns out that basically abducting a bus-load of children without telling
anyone isn’t exactly high on the list of things a school wants their bus drivers to do. Pleune was fired but faced no criminal charges. Mocking Students
Chicago is world famous for being a rather tough town. With a very high rate of gun and gang-related
violence, it’s no surprise that the city can make some people pretty hard inside. Yet we would at least expect our elementary
school teachers to show some compassion towards their kids, and certainly not to mock them
mercilessly on social media. On school picture day one of an elementary
teacher’s students showed up with jolly ranchers woven into her hair. The teacher immediately took a photo of the
student’s unusual, but decorative hair style, and sent it to her husband, then posted it
on facebook. Soon the picture was the laughingstock of
the online community, despite all it ever being was a little girl’s excited impromptu
hairdo. Upon learning of the humiliation, the little
girl’s parents sued the school while the teacher was put under investigation. Sure, the hairdo may have been out of the
ordinary, but tell us that you never did something silly when you were seven years old. School and Alcohol Don’t Mix
Teaching might be a more stressful job than we’re aware of, because in Toro Canyon Middle
School Californian teacher Tonya Neff was found intoxicated while teaching. Or, we guess, trying to teach anyways. Police were called when Neff showed signs
of intoxication, and when they arrived she was being treated by the school nurse. It turns out that Neff had mixed prescription
drugs with alcohol, and likely didn’t mean to get so intoxicated, underestimating the
interaction between the medicine and the alcohol. Neff was taken to a local hospital for treatment
and then was booked into jail to face felony charges for child endangerment. Too Much School Spirit
For this next story we go north to America’s top hat, Canada. Back in 2010 a Canadian high school decided
that it would hold a dance competition for its teachers to show off their best school
spirit at a pep rally. The event turned out to be wildly popular,
though not for the reasons the school hoped for. One of the teachers ended up performing a
lap dance along with a male teacher, gyrating their hips to the beat and dancing provocatively. The incident was recorded on two different
phones and the footage soon went viral. The teacher was fired and ended up losing
her apartment, forced to live out of her car. She was relentlessly slut shamed for the inappropriate
stunt and said in a later interview that she had contemplated suicide. Today though she’s left Canada and works occasionally
as a substitute teacher, though she uses her husband’s last name on any job applications. Meanwhile the male teacher involved in the
scandal by virtue of being male is largely forgotten and didn’t have to suffer years
of humiliation. There’s a certain amount of trust that goes
into the teacher-student relationship, and while many students complain of mean or strict
teachers, few can probably claim that their teachers were as terrible, or perhaps as naive,
as the ones on this list. What about you though? Have you ever had any crazy teachers? What stories can you share? Let us know in the comments! And as always if you enjoyed this video don’t
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100 thoughts on “World’s Worst Teachers – 9 Insane Things That Got Them Fired

  1. when I said “OK” to one teacher from former communist teacher she said… how dare you saiiii dat boiiii (in translation from language that isn’t English)

  2. “Contributing to the delinquency of a minor” ?

    That sounds like way too harsh a crime, though maybe it means much more than what’s written…

  3. My kindergarten teacher got fired because someone cut a girl’s hair and my teacher just said “you have a lot and it will grow back”

  4. That head teacher payer story wasn’t like my primary school head teacher in the uk too and she is still in power today

  5. Hypocrisy in the last story. So the female teacher loses her job and make one stays. Wow!! Society still let's men get away with wrongdoing.

  6. my year four teacher is in court and facing charges for sexualy asulting 6 girls between 8 and 9 but the wierd part is that he was actualy nice and was always funny oh and yes i am not in year four

  7. I once had a teacher who threw a blackboard eraser at a student while saying "shut up Sheila!" and when I turned to see Sheila, she had the eraser right in her mouth. It's a shame that this teacher continues to practice classes today, she may have been one of our greatest pitchers of all time

  8. I did not have a strict teacher but we had a sub because my teacher was pregnant and we aggravated her so much i think she quit.😐

  9. I have a few stories about my (Florida) highschool teachers.
    The first one, I swear he would show up high to first period.
    A substitute teacher got fired for telling students how to cheat on test and cheat through school

  10. I had a teacher that was cutting people’s hair and singing the national anthem while doing it, she later got arrested.

  11. My elementary teachers got me in trouble for stepping in a puddle and playing red rover with a bunch of friends

  12. years ago was once forced to take part in gym lesson, in my pants because id left my gym shorts at home.. was 6 at the time, pretty humiliating.

  13. I had a chorus teacher who was arrested for choking a kid up against the wall and they still let him come back to the school but then he shoved another kid and they still didn’t fire him they just forced him into retirement

  14. I can't believe the principal at my high school didn't get mentioned. I'm not going to tell the story here but lets just say it was a highly publicized felony or two. I'd say it tops the list here.

  15. I have dyselexsia and ADHD and aspeger syndrome my teacher did hit me in the head pold me by the hair and was leaning on my arm

  16. I had a teacher who got fired for pretending to drop pens and then look under girls skirts he was caught doing it to our headteacher 🙂 🙂 😉

  17. Almost all are Americans just had to say it and I my teacher giving me a lap dance is the best thing that could’ve happened

  18. A teacher in a region here bullied and broke several kids through several years, also overruled their high school wishes ,so kids came to high school thinking i am enrolling in that class. Then they found out they were in the special class. And they had not written about it . He did not take them seriously at all. Well he was pushed up the ladder,principal and people started to move away to other schools.

  19. Please make top 10 bad doctors, surgeons and nurses video. It is common for people who work in medical industry to involve in misconducts.

  20. We had a teacher who literally threw staplers at students who fell asleep in class and because he had tenure he was given a choice of anger management or retiring he was in his 60s but he also used our senior consumer problems class to have us help him get out of his crushing debt letting us see all of his finances and giving 17 year olds access to his accounts…. He chose early retirement but I'm sure that did not help him much with his debt.

  21. I would love to say yes, I have had some crazy teachers… but they all were awesome, I was raised on Bart Simpson and Pepsi so I was the wild card in school the teachers were just trying to keep up.

  22. A substitute teacher in year 7 threatened to open the door as a punishment, an old guy
    Said the noise of the class would attract other teachers
    It didnt…
    No punishment came except for that open door.
    The End

  23. The only thing that is funny in this video is The Infographics Show calling the UK 'Harry Potter Land'.😂😂😂😂🇬🇧

  24. my old headteacher would use school money on herself and she was planning to make the whole school pink! and the school uniform.
    I dont know if it’s true
    dont think it is but somebody told me
    Do you believe?

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  26. 6:36 corrected:
    Our parents used to be hillbillies who complained about climate change and global warming but now we realize that it is propaganda.

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  28. I misread a story in a newspaper once.
    It was that a teacher had been sacked after a boy died.
    The boy was playing with his phone in class, and the teacher forced him to swallow it.
    It turned out that the story was equally as tragic, but the boy had actually died swallowing part of a memory stick by accident at home.

  29. In Catholic school I had a teacher lock me in the closet all day. That was my classroom. I wasn't allowed to interact with other kids and sometimes stayed in there because they forgot to get me for recess.

  30. lol im special needs and my teacher tried to take my mechanical clicky keyboard for my special needs as i cant feal when my keys are pressed so i said no i have a IEP for this she said im taking it she took it because mine weighs a whopping 10 pounds she dropped it breaking it into pieces shattering the top case she got suspended for a month and had to give me 600$ because that's what the condition of my model f buckling spring monster went for on eBay lol so all i had to do was get a model m122 use the case and keycaps off of it and fix my battleship model f lol so i got to pocket like 500

  31. Had one teacher who came out for a smoke break with us, and one female teacher who catcalled some guy using explicit language in front of the students. (The guy, who hadn't seen us, was scratching himself on the beach and all of us were in a van about 50' away.) Do either of those count?

  32. " crazy teachers" share with them" what you rrally want to say is ! which teachers did bad things and please snitch on them so we can make morr YouTube videos while getting your cool teachers fired and possibly arrested.. sorry infographics i aint no snitch

  33. I have ADHD and autism but i never knew about it as a kid. So my teacher would always get really annoyed about me never sitting still so she taped me against the wall and other times the chair or my mouth if i weren't quiet. I didn't really have any friends so nobody tell me how the teacher treated me was wrong so i just assumed it was normal to get punished like that

  34. I know a principal who got mad at an elementary student for having pig tails in her hair and that principal was Miss Trunchbull. Lool 😂😂

  35. My art teacher was lretenfing to be a bull during class. He would run around the room and make all kinds of strange bull noises.

  36. My teacher calls me little man and short boy. And then the whole class laughs at me. This has been happening for the last 2 weeks

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