World Teachers’ Day: A Moment in Search
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World Teachers’ Day: A Moment in Search

how to become a teacher best colleges for teaching what to wear as a teacher how to introduce yourself as a teacher how to make learning fun how to get supplies for my classroom best way to teach art best way to teach music best way to teach Shakespeare best way to teach physics best way to teach self-confidence how to help my students succeed how to help my students fail forwards creating a safe space in the classroom ‘You OK? I was worried about you’. motivation for struggling students what great teachers do differently ‘We are not here to be average.
We’re here to be amazing’. how to …engage
…challenge …evaluate
…protect …motivate
…inspire my students To all the teachers
whose learning is never finished Search on.

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100 thoughts on “World Teachers’ Day: A Moment in Search

  1. Dear Google,
    This Is Outstanding!! I love the positive energy and all the great teachers!! This is inspiring me to teach. I am very speechless!! Because this is so awesome!!

  2. i'm 16 and i really want to teach spanish or french and this made me cry because it made me realize how amazing teachers are and i want to grow up and inspire people too

  3. What the heck?! I wish I had these teachers when I was in school! They look like they would be a blast to have! 👍🏼

  4. Well most teachers of today don't really deserve to have a day dedicated to them but I'm sure the good minority of teachers are deserving of that

  5. All good but… until all drop outs from other universities go to teaching, the knovledge and intelegence of our students and young generations will go down rapidly…
    We are all very much aware of that BUT, until we here, in Australia, do not introduce or copy Finland's entrence system to uni for teachers as soon as possible and after that wait for at least thirty, forty years, forget about quality education and knowledgeable and intelegent population…
    Ignorance will keep prevailng from here to eternity…
    To all responsible and hard working teachers, happy day…

  6. Love this 🙂 let's remember teacher assistants too! I love my job in education so rewarding everyday!=)

  7. 今日は、世界教師の日(day)だそうです。私もかつて、先生たちに教えてもらい、育ってきましたし、教師としても勤めてきた経験もあります。今後は、両方を経験した人として、この活動に参加してゆきたいと思っています。よろしくお願いいたします。ユーチューバーの立場で、皆さんに応援していますので、皆さんの活躍を期待しています。

  8. ReeeeeeeeeewReeeeeee awsome vid now instead of being assigned as I'm going to be future I'm going to be like those teachers BRO

  9. this makes me sad because my teachers are nothing like this… they never smile, they always scream and they are also pretty violent.

  10. We need to support our teachers so they continue to do the hardest job there is. Inspiring, educating, molding and creating our future generation. They are loving, compassionate, hard working, committed and they do it with grace, compassion and kindness. They deserve so much respect for a job that is so underpaid. They add value to student's lives every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  11. When I used to be a child, my classmates would always say terrible things about the teacher. Now, I am an adult with my own child and I never want to be disrespected by anybody.

  12. We need more teachers like these.

    I say that because most of the teachers I've seen are the teacher equivalent of police brutality.

  13. I love my teachers. I just hate the school system
    So in detail, my teachers try their best not to make learning seem hard and make test and quizzes easier. Now the thing I don't like is the school system, not the teachers. The teachers are what make school worth going to.

  14. every teacher, (even mine) uses Google. The world of Google can be pretty fun, you just need to search what you want to!
    – Snack M

  15. Teachers are the pillars of the country.They deserves Kudo's and positive support from the society.My heartily pranams to them on world teachers day.

  16. I KNEW IT! when I saw the ad I recognized the dude with the beard at 0:51 it was Special Books By Special Kids! I had to check out the description to see if he was in it, I KNEW IT! IT WAS HIM! I love his channel! This video is awesome!


  18. i was literally about to say i wish my teachers were like this now and then i saw my middle school teacher i had 3 years ago, omg i'm so happy for him!

  19. Todos tenemos en el recuerdo a algún maestro que nos impactó, por su cariño, dedicación, entusiasmo, ilusión, … ¡Gracias a todos mis maestros! Por ellos, yo también me dedico a la educación.

  20. I’m in a teacher ed program right now. I’m doing my residency (student teaching) during the week and going to class on Saturday. (I’m actually getting ready to go to class right now) I was a paraeducator for 9 years and now am working on my credential. This google ad made me cry lol.

  21. I love this Video! Thank you! When the stress is high and the day not so good, this video lifts me up and reminds me why I've been doing this for more than 10 years.

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