Word Raider: Learning Academic Vocabulary with a Videogame!
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Word Raider: Learning Academic Vocabulary with a Videogame!

researchers and educators know that academic vocabulary is a strong indicator of comprehension and is also a key factor in preparing students for state exams as well as the Common Core State Standards academic vocabulary is found in complex texts academic discussions state exams and is emphasized in the Common Core State Standards as educators we know that mastering academic vocabulary plays a vital role in any student’s academic success and is especially challenging for English language learners introducing word rater an online academic vocabulary video game that blends rigorous vocabulary instruction with engaging modern-day game design to help students build vocabulary and prepare for today’s academic expectations word meaning is presented through animated visual sensory and interactive scaffolds to promote learning and long-term retention while navigating an avatar through a virtual world students encounter hundreds of academic vocabulary words hand selected for breadth of use mileage and conceptual familiarity each word is experienced in varying contexts and situations which involve both different game actions and a range of different natural sentence contexts where the students answer challenges about the meaning of the game words and appropriate phrases to use with the work and the use of reward systems to motivate and challenge students to play and learn more and since student activity is recorded teachers can access the word Raider teacher portal 24/7 to monitor student progress grades student responses and analyze up-to-the-minute information to make data-driven decisions about their vocabulary instruction word Raider is truly an academic vocabulary teaching tool unlike any other designed by language experts to reflect proven research-based vocabulary best practices word Raider provides your students with a rigorous instructional learning tool that’s also fun and engaging word Raider will prepare your students for the rigors of state exams and the Common Core State Standards and will help close the achievement gap for English learners visit word – Raider comm slash trial to start today

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