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100 thoughts on “Women Share Their High School Horror Stories

  1. Why is Lindsey (sorry if i wrote it wrong) literally me when i was in elementary school ;-; I literally had a “best” friend that was really manipulative and controlling and i cut things off with her when she changed schools. It actually kept happening with another girl that hated me for starting hanging out with two girls that was her friend too but yeah that’s not the point.

    Ok i don’t know what the meaning was behind this so imma go now.

  2. My high school horror story:

    I'm still in it but here's one from earlier this year

    This is gonna be really dramatic, cringy and crap, just a warning

    So my ex gf and I had a pretty messy break up that lasted about 3 months or so. She cheated on me with her bf that went to another school, who told her to stay with me and send him videos of us making out and sh't like that. She went with it and thought it was hilarious that I was head over heels for her, and would constantly tell me that I was an annoying b'tch whenever I needed to do anytbing, and while still assuring me that she was in love with me (like I said it was messy). So after that, I cut her out of my life completely, and she got all of our friends because she twisted it around to make her the victim. Then a month ago she came up to me and started apologizing and fake crying about how she was so sorry that I had left her and how she had changed. I told her that I forgave her, but I didn't want to hangout anymore because she was toxic. To which she started getting mad because she had apologized and told me that I didn't have to be such an up-tight b'tch about it. Then she said that I was the reason that she was so toxic. Thankfully, I have a new friend group now but I can't really talk to them about it because they still talk to her.

  3. omgggg i love the first story! I did colorguard in high school so i understand your fear. if one member gets pissed, the whole team gets pissed!

  4. Y'all just remember, high school isn't the end all, be all. I know it's hard cause you're living in the moment but there's more out there.
    My advice: hold yourself to a higher standard, be that A/B student, research jobs that offer to pay/assist with college tuition, be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be happy with who you are, and also have an arsenal of quick and witty clap backs for those jack asses that think they can say something smart and you not say somethin back.

  5. Do countries other than the USA have a flag guard? We certainly don't in any of the countries I've lived in. No one's interested here.

  6. My horror story:

    In 3rd grade I had only two friends. My parents were super strict and I wasn't allowed to have sleepovers. So one day they were like, we are going to plan a sleepover at recess so don't hang out with us. Me being a stupid idiot was all like OK. Few minutes into recess they came up to me and said we don't want to be friends with you because you blink too much.

  7. Lindsay's story is a bit similar to mine. The content as to what things happened is different but the outline is totally same. 😂😂😂

  8. Honestly when she said she had a hemangioma on her nose and her feelings about it, I have never connected to a person more in my entire life. I was born with one on my nose (as well as other parts of my body) and it was purple and I was always so self conscious about it and I knew people would always look and point to me so when she said how she felt I automatically connected and I have never met someone who has had the same thing as me on their nose. This small thing was just a big deal to me because for 18 I have not met one person in my whole life who has had hemangiomas in particularly on their nose where it is visible to everyone.

  9. In my freshman year I was dating this sophomore… my first high school boyfriend and we dated for a couple of months and went to homecoming together but after we broke up our geometry teacher (I was a grade ahead in math that’s where I met him) keep sitting us beside or behind each other and I hated this little boys guts so much I that I hated even looking at him so I was pretty peeved when the teacher kept putting us near one another

  10. 4:44 this made me laugh so hard, I’m not tall, strong or intimidating at all but my friend group were the “scary” kids who no one wanted to mess with and they had told me and still to this day tell me they think of me as a little sister

  11. my horror story is
    today in class i was really sad so people were asking if i was okay and i said yeah and i was zipping my bag up under the table and my blazer lifted and revealed my self harming and this boy shouted really loud so the whole class could hear ‘she has scratches on her arm, self harm is bad’ so i burst into tears from anxiety and i couldn’t move for a good while so i was crying with my head on the desk and i had enough so i got up to leave and fell over my bag and i just whispered i’m so embarrassed and i got up and ran out screaming i hate you all, i’m never coming back and i bruised my hand punching a wall. pretty swaggy if you ask me.

  12. No one will talk about the fact that the only black girl is put appart the others girl they are all in the same bed except for her she’s sitting on a chair! Cmon….

  13. My highschool horror story is I was in trying to figure out how to come out to my family and one of my so-called 'friends' kept threatening to out me to my mom and basically made me her slave for about three months until I finally worked up the courage to finally come out to my mom (who was amazing supportive) and was super pissed off at the other girl for making me be afraid to talk to her.

  14. my secondary? horror story(so far):
    A girl(an extrovert i will call p) decided to be friends with me(an introvert) at the end of secondary 1. in sec 2 she decided to have form a freinds group with me and 7 others. One of them, which i will call m, was really weird. she would laugh at inappropriate times and sometimes, when we called her name, she would not answer, even to the teacher.the second that my friend included her, she was always following us like a dog. i mostly ignored her because the first time i met m, i had a bad feeling about her. Si there was a trip to toronto for 3 days and 2 nights, me p, and m decided to go. everything goes fine until the 3rd day, when we went to the zoo, (I love the zoo) and we were split up and had to come back after +-2 hours (not sure). 30 min. in and on the farthest side of the zoo from the entrance, m decides to tell us she needs to go to the bathroom and we had go ALL the way back to the entrance because ALL the other bathrooms were closed due to a flood or something. she is not very fast because (no offense) she was a little fat. I was fuming because of her so p decided we could go to take photos in the photo booth next to the toilets to help me calm down. halfway through, m came out, i waved, she saw me and i continued the photos. Once me and p were finished and got out, she was NOWHERE to be seen. we started stressing out because we weren't allowed to be alone, so for around 45 min, we were in a tim hortons trying to call the teachers when i spotted m WALKING in the square of the entrance like there was not a worry in the world. we catch and M SAID she was SHOPPING AT THE ZOO BOUTIQUES and did not say where she went. we told her we were in the tim hortons because it was near the bathroom in case she returned. p and i wanted to continue visiting the but m wanted to stay at the tim hortons. so p and i decided to take the little time we had to see the animals that we wanted to see and where close. we returned and i decided i will not be her friend anymore(but i still am nice to m) and i realized p was her only freind because everyone( including my friends group) thought she was bizarre.

    sorry this is so long. i needed to let it out.

  15. Today, a girl that used to be my best friend, just beacuse I didnt give her a piece of candy (cuz it was someone else’s) told me: “At least I have friends”. She keeps leaving and whispering with my BFF secrets. Fun times.

  16. High school sucked. My horror stories are worse than these stories and I went to different schools as we moved a lot. I’m not sure how I managed to survive school, but I did and I’m a much stronger person now. I love to meet some of those bitches now.

  17. I bet $20 that in the first girls story the boy was apart of drum line. Snare specifically, it’s always the snare🤦🏽‍♀️ plus guard and percussion for some reason is usually a thing lol

  18. My so called best friend likes to criticize everything I do, and she tells me that I should be grateful because she holds back 70% of the negative and mean comments she has towards me. I probably have social anxiety and an eating disorder because of her!!! I hate her sometimes, but I'm afraid that if I leave her she'll succumb to her own eating disorders, depression, and suicidal thoughts. But she manipulates me, and tells me that I shouldn't talk to people she doesn't approve of, and she's straight up told me too many times to count that my other two close friends are annoying and childish, and expects me to agree!!!

  19. Dang, well I'm not done with my first semester of HS and my best friend is being manipulative, mean, and judgemental to me and my other friends, so I want to leave her bc she's given me social anxiety, and an eating disorder but she has eating disorders and depression, and I'm worried that if I leave her she'll kill herself.

  20. I'm not even in high school yet I'm in elementary I'm going into middle school but it sounds like it sucks I dont want to go there (help)😭🤮

  21. I was invisible in high school. I had no friends and just focused on school. It was very nice to stay away from all the drama that goes on in high school.

  22. 60 percent of comments- “I had a vending machine and I thought that was special”
    20 percent of comments-high school were not the best years
    10 percent of comments-they have shoes on the bed
    9 percent of comments-something about guys cheating
    1 percent of comments- this

  23. You know how the best friends necklaces are like:
    BE ST
    I always think the "ST ENDS" part stands for "sh*t ends"

  24. How awesome would high school have been if we could have experienced it through the intelligence and personality of the 20, 30, or 40 year old versions of ourselves rather than the overly dramatic, timid, crazy-hormonal, angst-ridden little 14-17 year old creatures we were? Wouldn't that have been epic? I was actually kind of surprised (and pleased) that not a single one of these embarrassing stories revolved around a period mishap ('cuz let's face it ladies, we ALL have at least one of those stories in our arsenal of humiliation). Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed them all!

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  26. Is it just me or their definition of high school horror stories and my definition of Highschool horror stories are different. I use to see a lot of fight and jumping and drugs and rumors and shooting and stabbing and they’re talking bout people sayin they didn’t like them… like this doesn’t rlly sound very scaring but just my opinion

  27. I think I’m the only girl who has never fallen out with anyone in my freindship group even like normal freinds. It’s mostly becusse I don’t take sides and if someone’s having a fall out I’ll just talk to them both like nothing happened.

  28. Ooooof- basically, I'm a-a- ugh, ERM.."girl"…and my friend group is 7 bois- SOOOOOO many people think we're flirting but it's cuz we're reply close =^=

  29. I have a horrible high school horror story from freshman year, what makes it worse is that I’m still a freshman in highschool and it’s barely half the year 🥺

  30. High school is only 5 to 6 years of your life so it's not the best years of your life for me it was the worst

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