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Hi welcome to Wolfson College, my name is Will, I’m an MPhil in Development Studies. Wolfson College is a graduate only
college of about 600 students. Welcome to the dining hall at Wolfson, as you can see it’s a pretty modern college, so you can grab an informal lunch
or dinner here every day, and brunch every Saturday. So there are a variety of different
themed dinners here, last week there was a Chinese New Year themed dinner, there was also Burns Night a couple weeks ago, and in addition there are three formals per term, and there’s also a guest night every Thursday. There’s actually so much modern art at Wolfson… I mean, the fact that there’s an Escher is pretty cool. So this is the Upper Common Room at Wolfson. Everyone whether you’re staff, a
student, fellow or other academic faculty, is a member of the common room. So tea and coffee are also served after every meal here in the upper common room after formals and guest nights, in addition there’s welfare events here such as welfare cake which happens every Thursday. So this is the Lower Common Room at Wolfson. Students are directly involved in
the running of the college whether that’s being members of the governing board, or the various committees, student input is really valuable here. In terms of how involved students
are in extracurricular things, there are a range of societies and clubs here at Wolfson, so we have, on one end the
running club, which goes around Oxford starting at Wolfson every week, um, to also there being a… a competitive chess club. So this is the games room, this is where BOPs and different large social events are held at Wolfson. During freshers week they hold karaoke here,
and a big pub quiz, there’s something happening almost every night here. In terms of social life, the Wolfson community is super active
and incredibly international. One of the best things is being able to strike up conversations with people studying a range of different topics from an incredible and vast range of places. So there’s a range of accommodation here at Wolfson for families, singles and for a variety of a different accessibility needs. Almost every first-year can
get housing here at Wolfson if they want, in addition in the second year you’re
most likely to also get housing . A lot of the housing happens to be on-site, so whether that’s A block or B block, but there are also a range of different housing options just outside Wolfson. So alongside the family accommodation
there’s also a Day Nursery for those with families here at the college, and spouses and partners can also become affiliate members of the college. So this is the library, it’s open 24/7
and there are individual desks and study carrels you can book if you need to. In addition the college library will
also order books for you if needed. So we’re here at the cafe at Wolfson which is just another study and social space. There’s also a lot of academic support here at Wolfson, for instance if you want to do field work, or go to a conference, the academic advising office can
provide funding for that. Every student at Wolfson is assigned a college advisor, and they can provide different advice and tips for not only graduate study, but also
your own research and your career. So there are a range of different
athletic and sporting facilities here at Wolfson, there is the 24/7 gym but
there’s also a sports field, squash courts and other… facilities for… sports. Other sports things… for sport. I can do that again. My favourite thing about being a student at Wolfson is that it’s a graduate only college, and it’s an incredibly international college and it’s made me feel at home, here at Oxford.

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