Winthrop president talks goals through 2025
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Winthrop president talks goals through 2025

We already knew going into this year based
on the number of students who graduated in five years that we
were gonna set a record. We have never in all the years we were
recording graduation, we had about 60%. Last year, we were 56, this year at 64%. That’s an eight percentage
point jump in just one year. Frankly, I’ve never seen a jump that big
in all my years of higher education. So that is something we should
be particularly proud of. And we exceeded our 2019 stretch
target as well as our 2025 target. About 75% or more students who do
graduate, graduate in four years or less. And in fact, we’re seeing an increase in the number who
are graduating in three years or less. Last year, we also had a record
number of applications. Over 6000 students applied
to Winthrop University. That’s a 15% increase over
our previous record in 2006. This year,
things are continuing on that same trend. Happy to report, we’re up about 425 applications
compared to this time last year. This indicates to us is that the interest
in Winthrop has never been greater. We were up about 51 students
from last year, but still short of what our
goal was this year. However, there’s a number of
positive numbers to point out. We had an 8% increase in our freshman
class compared to this time last year. We had over a 16% increase
in graduate students, largely driven by our online programs. One area we definitely need
to focus on retention. So last year our retention rate
among our freshmen went down 5%. Yeah, this is a pretty big drop and something that we need to
turn around in the future. So some of our decline in enrollment, we’re not having as high numbers
enrollment, is those early graduations. But some of it is we need to
retain our students more. I’m particularly pleased to
talk about our diversity. We’re a public university. And we should reflect society,
we should reflect the people around us. And so I don’t see this just as a goal,
I see this as an obligation as an institution,
as a public university, we should.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>One of the things we were able to do this year that we’re
particularly proud of is the new Exercise Science Laboratory over at
the University Center of Knowledge Park. This is a 4500 square foot facility
that has both lab space and classroom space for 32 students. This will allow us to continue to
provide an outstanding education for exercise science students, as well as to continue to grow
a program with quite a bit of interest. Just thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
thank you for all that you do for Winthrop and for this university. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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