Will cameras in special education classrooms ensure child safety? Many parents believe videotaping
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Will cameras in special education classrooms ensure child safety? Many parents believe videotaping

occur and however, they have they have have to and you know in and you you know, there’s you because a lot of States there are major problems going to you know you, you know you can get camera on doesn’t know doesn’t have it doesn’t know I’ve heard that from other parents to not should be cameras and all kinds of rooms and I ensure safety personally, I am for them, put them in the classroom. All it cost too much money and you know it’s gotta be audio and video was it was the coming together and it was really of the time we’re in special add you know so, and going to spend it. They were they didn’t want to but the conference Committee, the view that we testified to this, we just was so get reggie. There were remember. I said that the state senator who Thing is a family friend and in the Senate, which we got through the with family protective services and were a cop Thanks for thanks for having me yes, so as a And thank you again live and we hope I So take care see you on our next live show their friends so I’m charmaine tanner I hope to learning. Every day in the classrooms. Next to children so their children are happy, safe and empower parents make help them support them to become more effective advocates for their retired teacher and advocate is that we can Our um live show and my hope, as a parent, a you get notified each Thursday of page, which is visions and voices, together, so want to encourage people to like my facebook out of the archives for us to watch. But um I be a facebook watch party where will bring one won’t have a um actual live show instead, it will it’s the season of ip meetings so next week we I’m going to be at an Ap meeting, cuz you know so much um next yeah that be great that would be great. Thank you can watch it use it enjoy that you’ve been. It the video Wednesday. You could use some anybody uh we’ll have a video so I can send you a link to to know the advantages of hiring people that are disabled. So you do what I could do is send the because that will be um a great event for parents I make sure I put that date in the shadows and, like you said, for business people to go to these people so it’s because they need to see the value if I read company. So that’s Sunday April ninth here in business community to come primarily this time Houston and it’s uh uh we’re looking for the take important, meaningful jobs with your developed programs specifically to recruit train sap and also um uh ernst and young who have Having representatives from jp Morgan chase uh individuals letting actually recruiting by collar type jobs for those have any very few major companies that are have real problems here in the Center. We don’t make things happen actually. This year um. We You know, two and impart how they were able to that have actually been able to get work or uh. government lecture series and we bring people Texas and in memory of my son. Uh the Benjamin jobs and we end out election for University of underemployed taking low paying jobs. Part time Most of them are either unemployed or spectrum, others autism spectrum. I think the people on the autism here at the Houston area, uh one of the big problems are individuals of the people in the have is okay every year. We do a lecture series here at Houston so, if you have any listeners and there’s one more thing. There’s one more thing I and you can see some resources. They’re also to his website and I’ll put that up one more time a lot of parents and so I hope that you’ll um go Copa, member that lou is a wonderful resource for now, as a speak um but I do appreciate you being here. I um are happening and you’re putting out fires as we some time out of your day because I know things it’s good stuff. Well, I appreciate you taking then the ugly but you know what the thing and about school districts that are really good, but 20 20 you know the good the bad the ugly we talk Sound the, good the bad the ugly background noise uh backgrounds favorite pieces is, I do what with with the take one second here. One thing I one of my of topics that are interesting from neuro psychologists to god’s just about everything that you find in than I do, is one thing that I do there is more information in there on a variety tell your friends about it. I’ll tell you, you listening it, new Zealand and Australia, but uh all over the country, even sometimes people there, but uh you know we have people listening Scroll to my name and then I’ll have them all out era link and then you go You gotta sacrifice radio side, then go to the and your name again to see the it’s you gotta. go to to see that archive did they go on there was radio dot org and then like you said, if they time. That it’s streamed on the Internet. It’s. I tender it’s from 10 to 11 AM Central daylight so that’s great um it’s time for what it’s a You’ve got it you’ve got a good voice for radio actually might have a skill or to radiant pretty interesting stuff and I found out that I issues regarding the law. It’s it’s really a counterpoint with attorneys talking about various interactive. I that attorney we’ve had a point interesting area for me, but you know it’s a very on an no me pots which I find is a particularly of topics we’ve had we’ve even talked about this People from attorneys to conditions on a variety amazing with this in part is am that we’ve had temple brandon on we’ve had Stephen sure we’ve had some on a variety of topics, since two thousand 15 we’ve had temple granted if anybody is familiar and then my name, then you’ll see all the shows cypress radio dot org. You go to the on err link we have shows that are podcast. There. You gotta archives. Uh it’s it’s cypress radio dot org, but Two thousand 15 so we take them out of the Rebroadcast the you know we’ve been doing this. been basically, I do recorded shows every week um I’ve this is, I mean where you have people uh you know uh sending a questions in the show um you know that sure um it’s not quite as interactive as for them also you’re talk show, on saturdays. You wanna mention that and tell us a little bit about Your website so people, wanna get in touch with you and learn anymore or um have you do some work your um know there’s, an issue of maintaining it right. Well and before I forget lou, I want to bring up litigation. That can be see to everybody in the planet superintendent everybody else to let them know that you need to protect us from, for letter about the evidence and that time doesn’t you would need to have what’s called a spoilage evidence is gone absolutely it’s important. If 90 day time frame um so you don’t want That to go, you know, get past in then your it and two. You need to know that you’ve got that has to happen with the parent or staff requesting saying to get the word out that one the trigger far as the education for parents like you’re be able to do something within 90 days that’s right yeah so that’s the thing I think, as it wouldn’t be a bill. Women aided, but you gotta incident and you flagged it for spoilage so that The big 90 days that the footage is help now that’s until what’s expunge. Unless there was an in the months ended up well, basically ended up being three ended up going in the second second time. It happen or did you sense something so um. It it take time for a parent and realize it’s something it frankly is an but our rationale was it may at six months and which is a lot of storage. It originally in the original bill. We were looking about the footage, um the footage has to be kept And that’s gonna be our we talk about the uh also were excluded, um they have to have audio uh here all areas of the room so while changing areas have audio image. Uh you know uh capabilities in unfortunate because that’s where some abuse gun Actual camp well that’s a in a way that’s to uh factor out addressing areas um from the normally expect. Privacy like locker rooms and it’s frankly in the bill. We had to. We had bathrooms. They can exception would be in areas that you would Supreme court is that there is no egg the only says that the Supreme court’s it’s gonna be the school and time Time and again in those hearings There is no expectation of privacy in a public that was brought up in the work of federal law, one of the most famous ones said basically uh. that. There are uh issue that stated that um and several purpose ameri Supreme court decisions to vulnerable, well actually, there was actually agree. We need to protect those who are the most reasonable to have cameras in a public setting That there is a reasonable right to privacy in a saying um I don’t public school. That’s why it’s amaze it’s blur faces or you know, block em up so I was mean, like you say in this day and age, we can right okay good yeah because that’s the thing I that’s not gonna fly could easily factor out those other images so are, but that rule that’s. Why their digital you You all can look upon pharma on what the rules kind of a different there are different issues. that’s a know, like, for uh like at a concert or something It was just by happenstance that these kids were that that was a group thing and it was by X that out um now, if that’s part of something images, so they could be those other students can be um. You can be these are these are digital these are digital have a right to see that now the issue is that be. You know again, if there’s an incident you can’t do that because the whole idea it has to media, ruptured now you’re fine okay um. They think you can’t do that they can’t ok I’m sorry students in the video so it’s a matter. If you And the school has said well, there’s other a video passed in Texas if parents have requested to see advise against it and I wonder, since the law has I would, I would have thought I would strongly recording absolutely not. I, I will, I will what brought against you for that. So surreptitiously and potentially criminal issues that could be uh Say that that is that is acceptable things to do advice by other individuals but I am not going to still it’s still not okay. I I’m not. I am not have the capacity to determine that, but even case that that person, that you placed, that party right. Well, you can make you can make a you know. I’m eating is being recorded only one in the conversation needs to know if something is You know here in Texas as an example, one person the state’s laws are, one person You know, regardless of what the States and what video and other uh other than uh the student um. of recording device. Any type of recording device ever encourage parents to surreptitiously place number one I I will never. You will not hear me a classroom so can do address that of course, um Even for parents that just wanna go and observing lot confidentiality, we hear that that push back a grounds um in the issue of privacy, alert the parent if they’ve left the school will be able to record, but also warn. You know, don’t know if you want to address that to um lou. I know you know different students, um sometimes parents want them to you know wear a device that The school denied the same confidentiality so I what happened in class sort of recording because of this in accuracy of verbal, one family. I was helping wanted some could be helpful for students that are non right and she also said that um she thought it it protect it gets to the truth because a picture doesn’t lie. It it’s there all the time right that was a huge issue. That we made clear because has been borne out in several cases. So actually but it also protected the teaching staff and that this issue was it not only protected the students That up because really a major selling point on you’re something when they really didn’t error on glad happens at schools so saying the teacher did are children that are not accurate about what way, it could also help the teaching staff. There karen was saying um thinking about it. Another that’s part of the. You know the concern and that day right um and I you know that’s the come home and tell you what happened at school that so, like we said Students that are non verbal, they’re not gonna tiffany’s case her son wasn’t able to communicate at school, she said I’m just curious because I’m could communicate to her if somebody abused her she was saying you know if amanda’s daughter happen, but in tiffany had um every response to our most vulnerable. This is the way to make it we can do and if you do a shotgun for everybody, It just isn’t going to happen so the best thing you’ll never get it done. If we want to protect significant amount of money. I don’t you know districts to pay for that and that will cost a great in a perfect world you’ll never get to talking about cameras everywhere, that would be all due respect, that the other listener that was think that’s a solution regarding you know with let things go as they are. I think, not. I don’t most vulnerable students that we have non verbal lo cognition so what do we do. We don’t do. We these classrooms that were talking about are the air on those that are the most vulnerable in You know and in this particular case, I think we personal. They cannot rights to privacy. You know and not always there’s, always a balance between the finger in the diet it’s just the way it is but let me tell you something. Your there’s worry about and and frankly, it’s you know it’s like having doing anything wrong. You don’t have anything to you know the other side of it is is if we aren’t know there’s a good and the bad. I get it, but video surveillance of those individuals but you Set off those bombs in Boston and we not have that that hey. We wouldn’t have gotten those those folks nature of the beast. I mean you’ve got videos big being rude, video surveillance that’s just the all time ago and you can’t go anywhere without two thousand 19 19 eighty for having all of the 19 eighty four is reality we’re getting word eighty four you know we’re big brother’s watching you know it’s it’s sort of like what’s it 19 I get that and they can, I get it a man that that I want to read, I want to respond to that. I mean everyone everywhere towards normalizing constant surveillance of have significant concerns with society moving the added accountability that camera spring. I somewhere. Basically, 20 47 well, I appreciate it’s totally normal and find to be on camera said I don’t want my daughter growing up thinking other classrooms also um amanda is here and she You know special education, classrooms, but maybe just stop contains a comment and she said that she thinks that there um so karen’s here from California um christy had the processes to the to the Commission. My or not well, we got that added that will expedite that eta to uh to determine whether it gets done district and then it can go to the Commissioner Those three States, three or four steps to the able to do is get an expedited hearing the ideas last session of the Legislature, what we were or you know to go through all the steps in the can take a walk because, though that district grievance process that’s an issue so we have a problem with that um yeah so that’s the only thing that the is true. The district’s grievance process, there. The only the only recourse that you have Agreed to um you know provide the cameras in There if they, if the districts don’t um um because it’s not part of idea Okay so um part of the problem is that right and rub it’s well it’s the way it is it’s not an idea the and so, and that kind of it is a bit of the I want to get into. I don’t think so because that’s not an id requirement right that’s to do Okay so here’s here’s, the problem and something They put that in there not that I don’t think so. use in Texas when they give I wonder if they could insert it loo in the procedural safeguards anda that they the news to parents understand that um I wonder to request it um and so yeah that that spreading trigger for taxes is apparent or staff person has of how it’s gonna happen. Like he said, the were successful in Texas, but also the particular for us to learn from loose story about how they Issues um and I think what is really helpful is in general, ed room so there are a number of staff to make sure that um services are delivered there’s, a camera in there versus working with classroom your child will be safer because telling parents if you choose this half contain about some of their concerns. We’re um maybe by in two thousand 15 from tash, where it talked Or I’m sorry, a position statement that came out comment. There was a decision came out and tip and let me take them their decisions is their husband, a position paper that and you know when she’s talking about placement schools um and I think what she was referring to attorney. Um. They you know, decided to change goes on to talk about how they had to hire an respectful to students so I think you know she that 11 minute video was Aids being dis. Um just Video I’m notes to the staff and what I heard in taken my son seth contain classroom the students had ago where video surfaced on a student’s ipad in occurred to me. We had a situation several years I could be wrong. This possibly has never that cameras would suede placement decisions, but who are non verbal. I think it’s highly unlikely serves students who have limited verbal skills or especially in self contained classrooms, that she’s watching from Boise, although cameras can’t um tiffany is also from Idaho and she said that another comment here from a viewer and And we’ve got julie here from Idaho say hey julie show notes in the comments and I’ll make sure that you get those um and then I was gonna show additional resources that I’ll post just type kind of the highlights of today’s show and in the show notes so again, if you want to get yeah but um. I put this uh put the link for this don’t know how balanced and the Texas Association of school boards, so I article and Of kind of frequently asked questions, it’s from sorry yeah. I know that’s fine and I did find an education effort to do so. I don’t have the data as we would like, and there needs to be a bigger criteria, well, it’s it’s not as widespread yet school employee will ask for it, which I don’t did that or the parent as long as they meet the well. They may not be looking for job but they know that that’s happened yet. I don’t think a trigger to ask for either school either a they didn’t have any problem with that. But the others, but the issue is, is that there has to be So there was like oh, the cost of that of course lots O, you put it in the in the. You know you and common areas that got them out in the parking schools have cameras everywhere. You go. They got in the cafeterias that got them in them. In the it’s a specious argument, okay because the remember of course, fix that we had to do in this one two thousand 17 in the bill if the, if the disc doing it anyway so the word hasn’t gotten out to pushback which is part of the fixed part of the everybody, to do that and there’s also been some ask for the camera to be installed in the class there’s, a trigger, so they’re not arbitrarily the problem is that it’s not widely known. It a parent has to I just don’t have the debt on that either part of have the data and that’s not data that it’s being production in a a new process guys, but we don’t collected for that the real question. It is Is abuse has abused gone down since then cameras should be provided and a request for um was successfully was able to argue that those so you could perhaps if you were in a uh, we had firm lawyers here uh during film oh one case where one of one of our one of the give the camera footage is protected by uh my Really it could be argued that those dock that having said that seclusion or restraints in the classroom. Now wasn’t. There to watch dog whether they had specifically in the case of an incident and it those cameras were originally designed to be used the data on that. Yet and um it’s understand And you know that’s the problem. We don’t have rooms. We don’t have a daddy once cameras were used in the self contained incidents of restraint and seclusion decreased collected as far as have you know, the amount of cameras might increase accountability so I wonder lou I don’t know if there’s been any data he is concerned about the use of seclusion and restraint and schools and interested in how And then guys here from Maryland and he said, but district doesn’t, as far as cameras um Michigan and she said the state allows it but the we’ve been getting from our viewers, mary is from didn’t want to pull up some of the comments that critical to make something happen. Um and I lobbyist is, I I would guess almost really that you have relationships with um having a persistent and, like you said, have key people The first time you go out for but to be a lot of times a bill won’t this so important for parents to understand that I met yeah and I think what you, what you explain and say how the good side and bad side of government experience, but it really taught us a lot about and I’m telling you, if it was just an incredible work is already been done and we made it happen two thousand 17 and fix the bill. But the hard in the bill and so we had to go back in was some questions about some of the definitions For an attorney general’s opinion because there became an issue uh because they had a new attorney general’s. There an incredible evening, but it was like so anyway, we got a pass and we thought it was over well wasn’t over he uh. He jammed with him which was it was it was There and they will tell the governor actually lieutenant governor played a mean mean guitar and we’re get wrangler check baggage as a group. were involved in this and uh and um all the you know and all the people that We had a party at her House and we, it will tenant governor showed going to have a part major player in that we had decided that we were Make a case anyway. She was a major player and a was able to use a common area that the kid was injured and she they had video footage of that because it was in one of her child had been injured and actually this. Well, one of the people that testified in showing how powerful parents can be by doing the woodwork. I mean they were just terrific. It that lobby there were so many parents came out of Um all the parents that testified all the people well which was some pregnant and we had had the person that introduced the bill. We had lieutenant governor. We had the um a lobbyist. We people that were involved in this. We had the there were so many periods there were so many wasn’t a signing ceremony and okay so, after that have this. You know he did sign it and there actually think it was signed, but they didn’t what I can remember. I was assigned or not. No, I and we explain what happened well anyway, but government We have been in conversations with the return of so during this time and the governor didn’t sign it. They let it stand but we found out that it was gonna happen and um so we were sweating bullets until tune. It You know this had to be true. You know 50 percent so forth there so it had to be a self contained room. Um. So anyway um went to you know So that’s that was the bill that came out of we had some evidence of that. and footage and if there was an incident at least so this is basically footage, just active camera have a fiscal note. Our money in our was gonna create a fiscal note and they were happens if the video is not being watched. You know 20 47 that wasn’t gonna happen because that That what if you know, was the, you know what video footage to be sold. I mean you may self contain uh self contained classrooms with and what we wanted, where cameras to be placed in were the schools that were not pleased with this speaking, it in objection and so we have heard that there were people doing it which we assume that objected to the legislation. There is nobody There were no people there was nobody that gave in the hearings there were people from the other side, trust me nineteenth. We thought it was done, but we heard were what we were sweating bullets until June becomes law if he doesn’t do anything okay and we vetoed or just or it. It just goes ahead and it or not signed it either saw it’s either song If it’s not, either vetoed by the governor the end of the session was like may thirtieth if okay the rule is is, if it had okay so the end of the problem was um became the thing that was sent to the governor were more interested. Wanted to have preserved versions, because there was a difference between the Committee Committee and it had to go through a conference You know movie right and then it got through the serious or representation from you procrastinate. You I’m telling you it’s something for a book. I’m I mean unbelievable and it was because of Bernie a Thompson that was the represent the once a decade once a couple of decades maybe Obviously, if you are seeing this happen oh maybe passed. It was like I asked the guy have you ever asked Paul covered the deal. And it passed you, wow I’m passed and then it when way And on the second reading, those three objections Now we’re had number two numbers to reading conversations going up at the podium. there’s some conversations. You could see some so there was a break that so next thing you know to shame him on the record Guy huh, children that have been abused well, it was and in other words, to to shame the Speaker is a well I’m always a mystery to me understand that this particular bill protects incident calendar, um gotta of God, I’ve been mister mister Real, quick, a Mr Speaker does the honorable said up what she’s she had to think on her feet. the interesting thing, is the perfect count. The On during this, this part, like hearings and what sponsor who is the chair of the King of the local scenes and uh. This is actually between the so. What happen is, is that there was behind the he’s called his quote is, I don’t know to the lobbyist. I said Paul is this thing over so the question was. I was sending text messages might not get it through. There. So anyway, what might you might be oh that person off that you you want to come up in another section. Um. You through the calendar, uh and you have a bill that church that’s a pretty powerful because they should just remember If you want to get something consider counter chair or your account or a record. Think about it. If you’re a local would that’s an odd written rule. I just for the conversation with the sponsor before you do that gonna do that you’re supposed to have a now. What you’re supposed to do is, if you’re signatures mister chair, mister Speaker. We have three representatives in North Texas, Cape about the Up 11 of the um, one of the legislators to everything streaming and so what guy etcetera so I wasn’t there so I watched archived so there you can see that streaming and video. They were and they also they’re all the actual out the chambers, um they’re, all on actual hearings. Uh. What Committee hearings to the whole proceedings from Committee to the States do um the uh So we’re watching now that you know as most signatures against this bill. It’s dead three people come up and say that we have three happens is is if you have three people, the bill is read three times okay, but what consent. Well, in the local and consent, you haven’t read the. In the whole, you know for by the local and and then that was the day for it to be heard in said got well obviously we got it through locally. Can that that would work was a locally consent and we Get only okay calendar that we could to get through that Committee so they only did because there wasn’t enough time in the session House Committee. It would it die. It again goes to the uh the full the full House or regular Committee and was in the regular calendar that controversial. That go out they come out unanimously. Okay. How do you not gone to that consent is for bills that are not considered Committee and what is that hmm welcome when Was the chair of the local and consent calendar Committee unanimously and the sponsor of the bill and they went out it won’t. It went out of that eagerly have mattered in the House It went out of the committees you, nance ok, but significant for this reason in the House and the Senate and there’s a this is was this and vote yeah now. It went and what happened in the House hearing. One person said well. I’ve vote a right now and I just can’t wait to spend heard enough. This is a gut wrenching. I went to heard about it. I’ve heard it enough. I mean I’ve thing that really got 12 things really got When we got to the God today House this is the every time when we need a hearing because I can’t a hearing and the lieutenant governor was there tell you how important that was, and so that was able to push the buttons when we needed lobbyist really came through. I was the person bills substitutes and that’s where the the that I also and there had to be some House hearing so with the Senate. First and then that really struck me. I think it was in the What part of the hearing was there, but one thing you that now I have to remember back and and see that um the videos from the archive yeah so absolutely I get like I can get resources in the show notes of people could go comments then I can put that as one of the if people want to um take show notes in the some point. I can pass it on yeah. I mean wow say it’s in the archives of the Legislature, I got at Center House once again, if you want to see this And I think it was, I can’t remember it was the so we get through this testimony people that could give credible and really important stories that the legislators were here had the people that we you know to take. We had We had a child. The testify. I mean we had. We it’s, a book we’ve had abused cases, but we can’t You mentioned that we had school police officers make the case because we don’t have evidence. police there were school police officers that um Of her testimony the people that were listening the diaper. I mean you can imagine the impact testimony and forget, talked about the blood of There were people that heard that these the um the Senate and it was and what was incredible when we got in it deadlines. We had to hear God hearing God through like the next day and I think we at the brink of next thing you know boom. We got a hearing almost Getting hearings in the Senate so I made a call He dies so I was having problem hearing it’s not going it’s, not going anywhere. I had problems getting built if you can’t get a him. bill, but this is a bill that was important to lieutenant governor um was certain this was his. I mean that was and it’s getting hearings on the bill so fortunately, the We went back through the process we went through that we and they were, we were having difficulty and one of the sponsors crapped out and so we had one bill to get through so So we had a sponsor that actually had two bills others again I’m not denigrating anybody. I’m just saying just think about that. okay. I mean a bunch of tea party folks and conservative Legislature since the civil war, um that think about that. For a second the most them, but I will tell you this was the most Think about that well, you know, listening to conservative um Just like cher since the civil war not what this is about I don’t care. What anybody’s politics are this is understand what what happened at that time. You had the most conservative. and this time we you know, we had a uh. We had a sponsor of course, part of the issue is look two thousand 15 election and if it’s You know that that was to come up in the two thousand 15 session I should say and so we all you know, we had another bill that we um behind this the state. powerful person in Texas government that was He won the election and now we had the most the state. It’s really the lieutenant governor of the most powerful person is not the governor of now in the state of Texas, For lieutenant governor mentioned a few times and National politics um his name is Dan Patrick. It Dan Patrick decided believed in it okay um who actually is been but but here is another thing. Another developed lobbyist that I was a kid that was a key issue and so we have that going so we hired the in it and he did So I mean yes stuff like that. He had to believe took it on as a uh, as a as opposed Rick and Paul was just terrific about this and he that a lot of work with school districts and I took it to him uh his name is Paul called practice. You had you know, a practiced, a lobbying practice respected and he had a uh. He had a he had a lot of these people. There and he was well and in fact he was an education guys. We knew a was a former representative and the in the House raise money and when the interesting to tell the to tell the story right and um. We am seeing a couple of them right and we you know benefits on her own nickel ok our own nickel. I and so what we’re get. Did is she did a series of need a lot of obvious States. You want to make something happen. You said well in the you know here as it is in many what do we do. She came to me what do we do. I where brooke it came in so you know what We do two thousand 15, but what was gonna happen that’s information about that right. We had to wait till well, yeah, but there’s some important we have to wait right to two thousand 15 yeah we after that we would do we did what do we think So it didn’t make it through and it will guide so abused, felt that it was hopeless and they were just it was just work. the receive the brunt of that of you know being these parents, that had There are children that have been the you know It was like the song you know uh the music died. It was like people, were in mourning like all It died. counters. I must tell you so the two thousand 13. well, it died the old fashioned way in the Our Committee is what decides what bill will actually make. It to the floor to be voted on because after that. It goes to a calendar Committee House and then what happened is when he goes to the and we had hearings in the House and we got it set to the House been a problem because the guy was a chair right a hearing on it in the Senate which would have brink got it alright. The last day, so we got it getting it through so this was at the to the Could be introduced with the possibility of it was introduced the last We got the bill through that through they could could be made from seriously in two thousand 13. the bill. This is almost something that movie two thousand 13 we got so we understand it was know. What was actually said. It but in two thousand 13 fast, let’s go what you know two thousand 13 two thousand 15 and see what you You can go back in the archives in and uh actually. I guess it’s 13. It was two thousand 13 that we got it in that’s right two thousand 13 timeline right. I think it was 13 40 minute 13 two thousand 15. I hope I’m I’ve got the the could see the testimony from 11 two thousand and those videos. You could see the hole that you in the archives of the Texas Legislature and see that are watching facebook live. You can go back You actually of any of our listeners here to the horrible stories and testimony from parents and it was gut wrenching testimony I mean parents would tell about these We got it. We got it into the House and we got wanted to happen and we had testimony. Senate because the chair was you know, certainly Senate figure out. How we got it through the that was that was authored in the in the House We have one ballot works have to go through both of them not the way it can both kind of merging into ones. They don’t one that’s introduced in the Senate so that they have a bill that’s introduced in the House and you may have now typically what you do is you go through both do hearings in both chambers so a bill introduced those popular States in the country right to get so you’ve got a hundred and 40 days to what are a hundred and 40 days It’s like, for a hundred and I think it’s in session right there okay it was like really really good in fact, they’re and now I was surprised when I first heard that and that is they need every two years country different from any other Legislature in the that, by the way, Texas Legislature is kind of way, it works and government. You have a bill King detest the fly in the in the hearings that You know of course, we have parents that came the forth a bill to uh a place uh cameras in the self an 11 well contain special ed classrooms. Okay so that was the state Senate. This is not us of it, but he was a call and he championed in the ev brought and he watched these videos and he was a pomp powerful position right because he was head of And from that point, as you know, he was in a Was the chairperson of the Senate education Committee two thousand and 11 over the two thousand 13 to Legislature. This was a two thousand and um at that time two thousand and 11 and um the the state senator be 11. We got the right two thousand and we took them to the time at the time to the Texas mentioned it so with his collection of stories, Everything from campers and therefore, we saw became acquainted with this re del that I’ve that is a way to protect the kids that’s when I basic thing. No cameras all of these kids video stories that he did was that they all the connecting piece that we saw in that report are skillfully used. It is in his uh video that even So we were the theme that we thought that nonverbal kids. were in self contain low cognition and non verbal were anybody That could say this happened because these kids testify as a witness to these cases because there Grand jury and there were there was nobody to reporter and I saw that there would be a recurring thing and if we felt that they it was a recurring thing. All of these kids were injured and there were you know they took things to the trend and and all what we saw the reporter the abuse Stories the interest was incredible and the top of that, we start seeing these you know these station made a commitment that they were going to do stories on special ed and when we saw the doing and how parents were not being treated is um. You know we need to participate and then on Um in the special ed stories that we’ve been myself and we had they had the highest response. after another. I mean between the reporter and education and we were just seeing a rash one You know they had this particular station, hadn’t been doing stories previously relating to special and they had the and um. We started doing stories on special ed Houston area um, a um, a news reporter down here in the two thousand seven. I became acquainted with a um anyway so around two thousand and six or Well, you know what I hear about that stuff. So you’re, not so um makes me mad too much cuz. I wanna deal with the issue or I couldn’t be a cop to do that. It would be just and you come across these cases of being. I know mean it just I know they have to be done, but God, I just can’t imagine being uh they’re hard work there absolutely got richer. I can understand to be confronted with. I mean But these are the hardest, as you I’m sure you I do a lot of cases and special ed. I do with my horrible left. five oh was just getting in one after another which is a they were just coming one at a time just uh. I is just like an ongoing scenario with cases and some cases here that we’re they’re seeing there it’s a very it’s an already was type of the uh process to do something about well anyway, I had You have to take that to the federal courts so so rights. liability issues it’s a self denial with civil because of uh liability issues that limited dram shop Because these are issues in Texas because of uh districts are really shielded from that, but you have to take these cases to federal court. Why. that the know the data negligent or injury issues of course, there you Part of the issue is, will carr and gross is a crime and of enforcement to investigate it. May you know, it the kick was not verbal. It was difficult for law um you know because they were the witnesses or uh hmm. There were witnesses about it. Uh for one thing, there were any there are limited things that we were able to do what much we could do. It. I got it uh where students or by staff members and Cases where there have been children that had been injured, um at school either by other little John here, but I had over the years uh 225 miles, so it’s a you know it’s a good good Houston and Fort worth that’s a difference about of course, in my regular practice down here in here in the Houston area and um from that point and uh. We picked up on it here in the uh down could actually good and went to the press it and so um she would tell anybody that you This was a mission for her to do something about Something that she was absolutely um and from that point forward, it became cannot say hey mom and dad I’ve been heard impaired. That are uh that maybe non verbal. That look there are students that are so cognitively that derogatory it was actually a crusade that crusade and I don’t want to me that I don’t mean you know, is injuries and so she made it a Lies child that could have was very clear. He was the type of perversion of will tell you the case was adjudicated, but it the staff member that it done. That and she, I determined that it was and uh. So she found blood in his diaper and through further investigation. It was bones and and also where he also is incontinent So there was a major read food you know to his uh and one day there was a um, a uh and uh anyway, if there was a it was found that a person with multiple challenges Most of the big concerns know when the new verbal ability and um he has he’s not ambulatory and he’s. You know it. You gotta, a condition where really he can’t you know dislocated. It was awful. I mean he’s gotta he’s and injuries to his addiction to uh. Maybe a knee area and um. He you know he had fingers broken The uh the victim of abuse, um and just local school district and I’ve been the um Fort worth of t terrorists and uh terrence uh was but uh anyway uh forget has a a son by the name shots for you, eliminate every one of those uh trying to uh. I I’m doing everything I can to your what was there was a video software. Hope I video camera capturing that their work. Never done a dogs that were having It was uh didn’t uh didn’t. There were too many bandstand started singing wither so uh something else in fact, uh. I even got up on the award nominee, a jazz singer and she’s. She on Saturday and Saturday night she’s a grammy Council member. Um also um many of you were in um the world’s here this last week and she performed name of her get rid O forget reno is a fellow player and making this happen was a woman by the And really a person that was certainly a major two thousand and nine, but, let’s take it back to two thousand and nine. Now very good friends course, I wasn’t in it at the very beginning in about through um is rather arduous journey of bit about the back story of how this law came member request so do you, wanna tell us a little cameras in classrooms. If a parent or a staff This was the first state that passed mandatory past few years but also for being here with us today, glad to be here. texan advocate. I mean Texas guy, a lot of um media tension for a variety of reasons right the bat will deliver those to you um so Lewis. Thanks just type in the comments show notes and my e. P Our viewers, um also, if you want the show notes would be great to see a perspective district allow cameras in classrooms. I think it can share if your state does allow or your watching from and it would also be great if you please let us know, tell us what state you’re and I’ll be giving everybody the time for that later in our video but welcome if you’re here, advocates and Lewis also has a weekly radio show and he’s the founder of the National art. Ie P subject. Um luis guy growing and is with us today Classrooms and and I am excited because today we have a guest who is very knowledgeable about the cameras questions when we look at the topic of having happens so there’s, a variety of issues and be non verbal will a give you a false sense of security because will you know when an incident or secluded. However, if that video isn’t monitored continuously and your child happens to students with disabilities being restrained and this will help reduce those high numbers of and hire individuals, uh in the spectrum to take a good idea. Well, a lot of parents feel like Cameras in the classroom what do you think is it

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