Wild Stuff – National Environmental Education Week
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Wild Stuff – National Environmental Education Week

the ways we have to influence the health of our planet. The goal of the celebration is that by 2020, 300 million misunderstood animals. Her can look slimy and scary but is neither. He is very soft, smooth and gentle. Thelma is a great animal to talk about unique animal adaptations. She has that tough plate like armor that helps protect her and armadillos can hold their breath for 6 minutes as they walk along the bottom of a stream or river. Both of these animals help our educators connect kids to animals and their habitats. This board shows just some of the classes we offer such as Critter Twitter which explores how animals communicate. H2Omy! Explores the importance of oceans, lakes and rivers to humans. We have Junior Zookeeper programs where kids can spend a week working with our animal care team. We also have Scout programs and overnights and even a traveling Zoo which brings the Zoo to you. You can check out all these camps on our website eriezoo.org. STAY WITH US… JET 24 ACTION

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