Wife Does My Makeup Only Using Back to School Supplies!
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Wife Does My Makeup Only Using Back to School Supplies!

– She did it! No, argh! – These lips were made for purple. – Get it off! ♪ And 10 years down the road ♪ ♪ I still be sitting on the floor ♪ ♪ Writing about you, writing about you ♪ ♪ Lines about midnight car rides ♪ ♪ And the color of your eyes ♪ ♪ Thinking about you,
thinking about you, yeah ♪ – Good morning you guys,
today we are at CVS. Where I’m about to go in to get
some back-to-school products because Matt does not know this but I’m gonna be doing his makeup using only back-to-school products. So, let’s pick some out. And I found some markers, which
I think we definitely need to do his face. Um, colored pencils. I think this is a good start. And, here are some highlighters. And what I think I’m gonna do
is I’m gonna have Matt, ugh. What I’m gonna have him
do is put some polls out on his Instagram because I’m gonna say it’s a back-to-school video, but he’ll have no idea that
it’s for his face for makeup. After I get all these, expect some polls on @mattslayss Instagram story. So hopefully you guys will vote. Glue stick, we could
definitely use a glue stick. I don’t know how, but we’re gonna use it. I don’t know what you guys
use rubber bands for at school but I’m gonna probably
do his hair with these. And you guys know that I mess up a lot. So, I’m gonna use erasers and hopefully I can erase mistakes I make on his face. So this is Sharpie. He will think that it’s gonna wash off. It’s not gonna wash off. If you guys saw the
prank where he put juice on my white carpet, you’ll
understand why I’m doing this. No Matt, you cannot save this. There’s no way to save this, this is stained. It’s permanent. Get ready. So this is like for your binder. But I think I wanna use this because there’s a circle in the middle to make Matt freckles. ‘Cause you know, freckles
are in right now. And Matt doesn’t have any
so, I’m gonna make some. Stickers are key. I’m gonna do a poll right now and you guys are gonna pick the stickers. All right, let’s do this. Okay, okay you guys are
voting which stickers to get. You guys, my mind was
just blown, look at this. There are brushes, which I obviously need. Glitter glue! Matt is gonna look so good when I’m done with this challenge. I got it. Sorry Matt, not sorry. You ready for the video? I got back-to-school supplies. – Okay, are we doing like
a three marker challenge? Or what’s going on? – So funny you ask. No, we’re not quite doing that. But, we’re doing a
back-to-school challenge. I’m gonna do your makeup using these back-to-school supplies. – What, no. Is that why you had me do the poll? – Yep, yep, you’ll find out later what the poll results will do. Come on, it’s gonna be fun! By the way you guys, do
you see all those boxes? Those are all the prize winners
that are getting mailed out, so, congrats if you
were a giveaway winner. Come on, we gotta do this. – This always happens, I swear. – I’m gonna be doing my
husband’s makeup using only back-to-school supplies. You’re excited, aren’t you? – I’m so pumped right now, thank you. – But before we get started,
we have to make sure this palette is all nice and fresh. And we gotta exfoliate. Today, we’re gonna be using Vanity Planet’s Ultimate Skin Spa System. – Oh boy. – There you go. So I’m gonna use this silicone brush. I’m using this because it’s quick-drying and it helps resist bacteria and I don’t want Matt’s
face to have bacteria. – No one needs that buildup. It tickles. – So, this is good for
skin that is acne-prone. Like mine, and maybe Matt’s. – Oh, god, what? – Oh, does it feel good? – It goes so rough! – I love this thing! Why are, you’re being a baby. A face brush allows the dead
skill cells to exfoliate quicker and from that,
produce more collagen and tight, younger skin. This is basically gonna
make you look amazing by removing all the bad stuff and making room for the new stuff. With a consistent use,
you’ll notice a smoother and glowing appearance. So this Ultimate Skin Spa
System is originally $130. But, you can get it for $39. You can get it for $39
using the promo code getspa. We’ll link it in our description. You should try it out, it’s really nice. – You should get it now. My skin feels amazing. So since my skin feels so good, do I really have to put anything on? – Yes, now, the challenge
has officially begun. So the first item that I’m gonna be using is the highlighter. – No. Rebecca!
– I figured, you know, generally, you like to put on
a foundation or a base coat. And I thought a highlighter
would be the perfect thing to start off with. We’re gonna be using this yellow highlighter to match his yellow skin. – She did it, no! – I like to with a
highlighter, kind of go around and just do a bunch of lines
before I end up blending it. – Do you? – I really like to use the
highlighter to show the jawline and then I like to blend it into the neck. – Is this what you, we just
got done with Beautycon. I’m pretty sure Rebecca’s
contouring right now. – Nope, this is not contour,
this is just a base foundation. – Why did you pick like the smallest pen? – So now I’m gonna blend the
highlighter using a brush. – Is this even gonna work? – I’m just gonna– – Oh you licked it! It’s so gross. Breakfast is coming up, I
had a breakfast burrito. – One of the things that we
found that is iconic is you know you could normally get a glue stick. Well now, you can get glitter glue. And you know, with a lot of foundations, you want to have that glow. You know, highlighter
can give you that glow. But something else can also. Glitter! Lighter.
– No, no, no. – Yes, yes. – What did I do the polls for? I just, I need to know. Oh my god, so wet! – Wow, you’re gonna have
glowing, sparkly skin. – It’s really giving him the coverage that he should with the glitter. Wow, this is great. I would totally wear this out. What is your favorite back
to school item to get? Is it markers, I think mine
was always markers or like– – Please don’t say glitter glue. – Stickers. I really have to get it all over, you’re making it really challenging. – If you’re gonna do this
challenge, I say just stop. – So the next item that
I need to do, crayons. I thought they’d work
really well as an eyeshadow. Okay, I feel like the crayons need to, it’s a little wet on his skin right now. I’m gonna skip that. I’m gonna go straight for the markers. Actually, this works pretty good. It’s filling in his eyebrows. – Mm-mm. – Yeah, pain is beauty, Matt. – Mm. – Let’s do a base coat of yellow. I’m kind of into–
– Yellow? – I just had this idea. – Wait, what, oh my gosh. – Rainbow eyes with these
Crayola, close your eyes. – These are eyes? They feel like eyebrows. – Okay, think that looks good. Now, we’re gonna add a little
bit of this orange marker. Eyeshadow goals right here. – Mm, boy, there’s no way that this looks, any resemblance of a beautiful person. I went from having like the
most clean skin I’ve ever had. – To this? – To this, I’m gonna
have to exfoliate again. – Wow Matt, you look great. I’m really happy with the results. – I’m just, I had one question for you. – Yes? _ Is it supposed to stain? – You know, it’s summer,
neons are really big and that’s where the highlighters come in. We needed a little bit of blush– – Oh! That’s so rough. – on the cheek and like, you
don’t really wanna blend it. You just want it to be
one circle on your face. And now, I’m just using the
brush that I used for the foundation to kind of make
sure that we’re just blending. – Is it doing anything? I’m just, I’m curious
’cause I haven’t seen one. – One what? – Like, I haven’t seen
one little iota of any, of anything that you’ve been doing. Alls I can see is glitter on my nose. – The next thing I have
is a highlighter tape. And I was taking it out,
and I think I broke it. So I’m gonna try, I want
to do a winged eye on him. Even though it’s broken. So I think I just failed. This was supposed to be for a winged eye. Which means, I’m just gonna
have to go for a liquid liner. Don’t try this at home. – No, don’t ever say that right before you do that to me at home. That’s the don’t try this at home! – Don’t worry, I’m not
gonna put it in your eye. I’m just gonna wing it out. – Just wing it up.
– Just wing it up. Well I think that worked out really well, right you guys? So for the next thing, I
actually put a poll out myself on what stickers to use. Smiley faces or butterflies? And you guys chose butterflies. Do you guys buy stickers
for back-to-school? Stickers were like my favorite thing to decorate all my stuff with. Let’s just do another one like right here. There’s one thing that Matt does not have that I really wanted to do. You guys use this for binders and like for papers you know,
so like it doesn’t rip. I want to use this for something else. This is something I’ve always
wanted to see Matt with and he’s never had them.
– You know they’re– – So I’m gonna use these to make some freckles, yeah. – I’ve always wanted to see that. – So I’m using these to
create some freckles on him which I think will look really cute. Here we go, aw. And this is kind of the
base. And then I will be able to pull these off to
really get cute freckles. Aw, Matt you look so cute with freckles. – No. – Matt, now is the time, let’s
look at a couple of the polls that you put out on your Instagram stories but you didn’t know what they were for. – Okay, the first one I have is “Rebecca’s making me do this,
what color, red or purple?” – What did they vote for? – 70% said purple. – To the purple marker. And
this is for your lip shade. – No! – Yes, this is like a little off the norm, and I think it really makes you stand out when you go to school. Hopefully you’re allowed to wear this. And you don’t have to wash
it off in the bathroom. I got an eraser.
– No! – In case I messed up. I wanted to see if it would work on skin. It doesn’t. Stick your lips out like that. These lips were made for purple. Can you rub your lips
together so they blend? It looks like clouds kind of,
at the end of the rainbow. The little wing. I’m kinda into that. So the next thing I have
is another pink marker. And I’m just gonna write my name on top. – No! – ‘Cause like, every husband always gets his like wife’s name tattooed to him. Just gonna make sure it’s
thick enough, you know? Okay, so the next poll that you guys put on Matt’s Instagram and Matt
has no idea why, is what? – I said please help. – Pick one, I don’t know
why, braids or ponytail? – So comment right now if
you think it went towards braids or ponytails. And we’re about to find
out which one it was. What did they say? – Braids.
– Braids! Thumbs up your comment
if you picked braids. That is gonna be what these
rubber bands for back-to-school. If you could hold these. Also, I wanna know what grade you guys are gonna be going into? ‘Cause you guys are
gonna be starting school. I don’t wanna say soon but, you know. Also you guys, in case you did not know, Matt’s birthday was yesterday. When you see this it will
have been the next day. Happy Birthday Matt. Matt’s getting a little impatient, so I’m just gonna do one more braid. – I don’t know why. I’m also intrigued to see how it’s gonna wash out. – Are you ready to reveal the
final transformation, Matt? – We’re actually gonna see it now? – Yeah.
– Okay. – I’m very proud of my masterpiece. Are you ready to see it? Three, two, one. – Oh my god, why’d you put Rebecca? Uh, nothing looks, oh my god. – Look at the eyes, don’t
you think they look good? – That’s a look. – See, we used the glitter
glue, we used some crayon, we used cray, uh,
colored pencils, markers. I mean, you name it, stickers, Wite-out. – What’s going on with my lips? – They voted for that. – They voted for them to be– – Purple. – terrible? – Don’t judge my work! – I mean. – So like most of it washes off
except for the name Rebecca! ‘Cause that’s in Sharpie! No. – And I’m just curious to see how long it stays on your forehead. – Let me know in the comment
section down below if you think this is gonna wash off. I’ll give you guys a quick update on my Instagram stories. So go follow it. Mattslayss with two S’s.
Just go check it out. Oh my gosh why am I– – You’re gonna have to wash. You might have to shower but I
think you should leave it on. – No part of me is like,
yes, I should leave it on. Every part of me is
saying like, get that off, get it off, get it off! – All right you guys, love you so much. And we’ll see you next time. Peace. ♪ And 10 years down the road ♪ ♪ I still be sitting on the floor ♪ ♪ Writing about you, writing about you ♪ ♪ Lines about midnight car rides ♪ ♪ And the color of your eyes ♪ ♪ Thinking about you,
thinking about you, yeah ♪

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