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Why to NOT teach English online

Hi everyone it’s me Carli and today I’m
making a video about ten bad things with teaching ESL online. Alright so in case
you’ve never seen it before like I said my name is Carli and I work for 51Talk it’s one of the the biggest highest paying online ESL teaching companies I’ve
been working for them for about three years now and I’ve been teaching offline
as well for almost six years now I have some other videos about 51talk if you
want to learn more about it as well it’s other online ESL teaching companies so
be sure to check out my channel if you want to learn more about how to teach
English online or offline I live in Spain. I’m making up a new video today I
have a new video in a long time. I’ve been really busy in fact right now I’m
like a sick I just traveled I went to Poland and I went to Berlin and now I’m
sick. I really hope you guys like this video. Please like it if you like it and
be sure to subscribe to my channel but anyway let’s get into it let me tell you
some bad things about teaching ESL online and let me just say before I
really get started that I hope this does not discourage you from teaching ESL
online. This video is more so to let you know what the real scoop is because it’s
not all perfect and I do feel like a lot of people who recruit and refer are not
keeping it 100 all the time because they are thinking about making referral money
or maybe because in their contract they’re actually not allowed to say negative things about the company which is
understandable so anyway this is just like a general video I’m not talking
about any one company in particular these are problems that I see with most
companies the problems are from bad to worse let me just say that teaching ESL
online is still a relatively new and booming business a lot of things are
constantly evolving and changing listen the company it used to be a lot of
one-on-one classes and now it’s more typical to have one teacher with like a
group of student classes the first thing I want to say is really bad about you
ESL online is that you are literally an edutainer what’s an edutatainer?
It’s the educator entertainer put together edutainer. Duck duck duckkkkk. I prefer to
be a teacher more so than like trying to entertain people but when you’re
teaching online you need to attract the attention of your students so a lot of
the companies look for you to be using props things you need to buy or have in your house if you have kids so I mean it takes a lot of energy to be like that all day and the higher paying companies usually have students there are children
and you just need to be smiling have high energy. If you don’t want to be
using a lot of props flash cards you’re gonna need to search a little harder to
work for a company that’s geared towards adults I do have a video about what is
the best company to work with adults for so be sure to check that out. Number two.
Students. The students themselves can be horrible. I mean don’t get me wrong I
have students that I love but here are some different issues with different
companies flashers cambly check out that video yeah flashers um bad kids kids
that literally just are not paying attention to what you’re saying they’re
not listening to you they really don’t want to be in the class their parents
are forcing them to be there crazy demanding parents. Parents I mean you’re
just keep in mind that you’re dealing with parents well be from a different
culture and mostly these companies have students that are based in Asia and the
culture is really different some of the parents are really intense number three
is that you need to have a really good internet. Fast internet, stable internet.
You need to have a reliable computer. Well probably really need to have two
computers just in case something happens and I’m talking about up-to-date
computers like relatively new all of these platforms require you to have
really good technology so that’s a big investment for you if you don’t already
have it number four bad thing about teaching ESL
online is that in order for you to actually make a substantial income you
need to add 40 hours a week you are going to need to work for multiple
companies you’re going to need to do your research
to figure out how you can work for multiple companies because some
companies do not allow you to work for other companies and some companies only
have peak hours at certain times so yeah it’s just a good idea in general toward
for multiple companies if you’re really relying on teaching online to for your
income is as your sole income if you’re just trying to supplement your income
it’s probably not so important number five I would say is discrimination for
sure there is discrimination for sure there is discrimination and the online
is a little teaching field I wonder if I work for 51talk specifically because they seem
to not discriminate in the same way that I’ve seen a lot of other companies
discriminate and when I say discriminate I mean of course race age or your
nationality yeah so if you were born and in a native english-speaking country
it’s gonna be a lot easier for you to find work just because you have that
Passport just because you were educated in those
countries which is kind of crazy because you can be a native English speaker and
have terrible grammar I mean but on the converse the companies don’t want to
hire a non-native English speakers because they I think a lot of times are
scared that their level of English is not high enough but as far as with age
the older you are the more difficult it probably will be for you and race the
darker the you are higher the more difficult is gonna be for you and but
it’s possible obviously I’m black so is it definitely possible to get work
actually I just kind of combined five and six okay so here’s number seven
these companies will change your contract at will if they want there they
can just be like oh we don’t we no longer will offer this incentive and you
are gonna get paid like a dollar fifty less per hour and there’s nothing you
can do about it and many big companies have done this and do do this and and
you just have no control you are a freelancer
independent contractor but they’ll change your contract like when they want
to yeah so be sure just to always read your contract always read your service
agreement try to know what’s going on eight number eight
I would say is probably not so common but it does happen is if you work for a
small company you’re playing yourself more at risk to get scammed or not be
paid at a certain point I’ve seen certain companies go under and then end
up not paying their teachers money yeah I mean it happened to me offline like in
Spain I have a video about it and I would just say it was at the end I
couldn’t get my money it was just impossible so keep that in mind as
you’re working for a company that’s probably not in the same country where
you live where you don’t know anything about the laws how to get a lawyer how
are you gonna steal this company if they decide not Spain how are you going to
contact if they just decide to block you on skype email Facebook whatever they
block you everywhere what are you gonna do I particularly like 51talk my
company because it’s traded on the New York Stock Exchange so I feel like
they’ve got a little bit more to lose if they end up not paying all their
teachers I could be wrong but yeah number nine which is really bad is that
at any point if say a parent complains about something you did and the company
believes the parent or they want to investigate it further they might say
okay so you are not going to have any classes until we finish this
investigation we’re not paying you. No, you can’t get any more classes and
that’s just it that’s just it they can take away your
classes at will and that’s your source of income so I mean that’s a huge
problems that they have a lot of control over your classes when you work if they
take your classes all the way if they want to change your pay I mean and like
I said this this is and has happened with many big online ESL teaching companies.
Companies I have made videos about and number ten they will fire you
of course. They can just say any excuse they want really and be like you’re
fired and it has happened it’s happening so
why did I tell you all this what um because I want less competition now
I’m just kidding just kidding I told you all this so that you are aware of how
that online ESL teaching industry is so you don’t feel bad if any of these
things happen to you so you have an idea of what what it really is because it
looks wonderful at first you’re getting paid a lot of money to teach from your
house and you can change your schedule you have a lot of freedom with that you
are your own boss okay it sounds really great it is great but these things are
also true so I would say the biggest thing to take away from this video is
that it’s a good idea to work for multiple companies it’s a good idea to
always be paying attention to what’s happening try to talk to reliable
sources to find out like the real scoop but your company is all about. what’s
happening with me? I’m still working for 51talk. I am looking for other
companies right now and I’m planning to make new videos about other companies so
please be sure to LIKE this video if you like this video and subscribe to my
channel thank you guys so much for watching bye

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83 thoughts on “Why to NOT teach English online

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  5. Hello Carli, I tried to use your referral code for 51Talk. After the password, the "join us" link button does not work. This is likely holding up your referrals. If you can find an answer for this I will wait until Thursday, May 2. Thanks Carli, your vids are great. Question: How did you make your way to living in Spain. You appear to be American. Thanks.

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  37. I understand. I have heard of these issue. I am an ESL teacher and you have helped me a lot. Sorry to be not PC but at least for students I think you have you have a great atmosphere and friendly face that should be great to be online. You said otherwise, and I have a clue which countries have a problem with their instructors. Worked over 20 years in this industry and know it all. I want to add that Japanese used to be polite but not very, very aggressive. Good luck for you and I definitely like you!

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