Why these multilingual school kids want to learn more languages
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Why these multilingual school kids want to learn more languages

Hello, I’m Lucian and I’m age 7 in Year 3. My name is Gabby… and I’m 6. I’m Mr. Marley I’m 32 years old and I’m the MFL leader at Reay Primary School. Except I’m not 32 I’m 31! You start. You start. I can speak Portuguese and Spanish and English. At home I speak a language called Amharic because I’m Ethiopian. I speak Spanish and a bit of French. Irish! English. German. Arabic. Portuguese. Czech. Chinese. Swedish. and maybe a little bit of gibberish… [Amharic] My name is Mahder. Greetings! I am 10 years old. I can communicate in English, French and Spanish. I’ve got quite a lot to say My favourite word is wŏ [我] because it means ‘I’ and it doesn’t sound like ‘I’ because it has two letters when you do pinyin [Spanish] Hello! How are you? Thank you very much! and… I like… my… hands! If you’re hungry you say [Czech] I’m hungry Manos? Manos, yes, these are hands. I would like to speak probably Spanish because Spanish is known halfway around the world and it’s the most spoken language in different countries around the world So I would like to learn Spanish. I would like to learn Arabic because our neighbours speak a lot of Arabic and I wonder what they’re saying sometimes Our teacher’s Spanish and sometimes, erm we play Spanish games sometimes we do the piña dance and piña means pineapple. piña, piña, piña! Being from Ireland I studied Irish at school until I was 16 but unfortunately I am nowhere near fluent and I would love to be able to go home, go to the Gaeltacht and be able to order a pint in Irish. All the languages are quite are extremely useful because on the summer holidays I visit new countries and English isn’t the most important language because we all have different opinions on what the most important language is Having worked in London for so many years it’s heartbreaking that some children never cross the River Thames never mind leave the country or speak another language so for me for children to understand another language a culture, to gain experience, to have teachers that are passionate about teaching those languages as well really opens those eyes and really opens those opportunities for children that they may not think are necessarily available to them. …and that’s the end.

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43 thoughts on “Why these multilingual school kids want to learn more languages

  1. The one Czech girl said "Já jsem hlad", which translates to "I am hunger". One would say "(Já) mám hlad" (I have hunger) 😉

  2. I’m 14 I speak English Somali Swedish Arabic and Spanish fluently however my school has given me a year and half to learn French in my GCSE’s it horrible

  3. That's incredible. It's high time we encourage learning other languages and cultures in schools.I was thrilled after several attempts of enrolling my ward here she finally made it through.Thanks to Lucy for bringing me to such a day light through such innovative ideas.https://goo.gl/uJrfqS

  4. These are some RICH kids. Or atleast that kid that goes to different countries… I am sooo fucken jealous.

  5. That ain’t nothing
    I speak the following
    New Zealanden
    South African
    Cayman Islanden
    Cook Islanden

  6. Salam / Hallo / Oi! / Hola! Nice video. Thanks for sharing. Warm regards from Mexico. / Laila saida min Mexico.

  7. I had the same vision for my school and it's really amazing seeing it already exist somewhere!❤❤

  8. I’m American and I’m fluent in English, I’m at a conversational level of speaking in Russian, and I know a little bit of Spanish.

  9. See! This is why you should just teach second languages YOUNG! Not in blooming high school when it's just impossible yes I'm salty.

    Also this is really random but Lucian reminds me of Ryan from This Room Does Not Exist

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