Why the Electoral College is Terrible
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Why the Electoral College is Terrible

Hi! I am Mr. Beat and I come from the small state of Kansas. t only has around 3 million people, which is still more people than were living in the United States when it first became a country. But yeah, by today’s standards, it’s still small. I’ll come back to that later. This video is about how the Electoral College works. Ok, you know what? Scratch that. This video is about how the Electoral College is horrible. So yeah, this is one of my rare opinion videos and long-time viewers of the channel already know how much I hate the Electoral College but here, finally, is my epic video making the case that the Electoral College should be abolished, or, at the very least, reformed. I’ve been wanting to make this video for a long time. Last summer, I happened to come across CGP Grey. Ok, so I was stalking him. CGP Grey has several fantastic videos about the Electoral College, one completely trashing it, and I excitedly told him I was making a video also trashing the Electoral College. And he seemed genuinely happy that I was making it. I hope that he actually gets to see this but if he doesn’t this video is really intended for the 30 percent of Americans who still think the Electoral College is the best method we have to elect the President and Vice President. Hopefully I change your mind. Hopefully I change your mind. So first, what is the Electoral College? It’s the system of electing the President and Vice President every four years in the United States. It’s described in Section 2, Article 1 and the 12th Amendment of the Constitution. First, in general, the political parties in each state pick these people called electors. They often choose these electors based on their service to the party, and typically these electors are elected state officials, state party leaders, or even people who have connections to their party’s Presidential candidate. These electors can’t be in the United States Congress, but otherwise each state is fairly loose with their requirements. In the 2016 election, the youngest elector was 19 and the oldest 93. There are a total of 538 electors in the entire country, which is a random number the Founding Fathers pulled out of their- alright… I guess there’s a good reason why there’s 538. The 538 number is based off of 100 Senators plus 435 representatives plus 3 for the District of Columbia because heaven forbid we forget them. So it’s partially based on an equal vote for every state, and also based on population. Kansas currently has six electors because it has 2 Senators plus 4 representatives representing 4 districts in the House of Representatives. Together, these 538 electors make up the Electoral College. On Election Day, tens of millions of Americans go to a voting booth and cast their ballots for President and Vice President, except that they are not really casting their ballots for President and Vice President. What counts in the Electoral College are the votes of the 538 electors. Now, these electors usually look at who the majority of their state voted for and vote with them, but still, they COULD vote for whoever they want. When this happens, they are called faithless electors, meaning they cast their vote for someone other than who the majority of their state voted for. This has happened 167 times in American history, and 10 times in the 2016 election. In these states, you can get punished (usually it’s just a fine) for being a faithless elector. However, it’s rarely been enforced, and there are no laws whatsoever forcing electors to vote for who they were supposed to vote for in the other states. Whichever presidential candidate gets the majority of electoral votes wins, so the magic number is 270 out of the 538. In each state, it’s winner takes all. The candidate who wins the electoral votes only has to win the plurality of the vote, not the majority. So the most votes, even if it’s far from 50%. So, hypothetically, let’s say there are 10 candidates on the ballot running for President, and their support is fairly evenly distributed. The winning candidate could squeak by with 11 percent of the popular vote and win the state. Say this is in California, which has nearly 40 million people. That’s 4.4 million people getting representation and 35.6 million people not. Maine and Nebraska have what’s known as the Congressional District Method, which is a proportional representation for the electoral votes. Each district has one elector who votes on behalf of their district. That’s why in 2016 Maine’s map looked like this. So already, just by giving you the definition of the Electoral College, I’m hoping you already realize how terrible it is but in case you haven’t, let me elaborate. First of all, it’s undemocratic. Puppet: But we live in a republic. not a democracy. Crowder clip: Every four years, we hear the words Electoral College over and over again. but we never talk about what a ridiculous and, frankly, undemocratic system it really is. Oh ok. Undemocratic. This is the crux of the argument against the Electoral College, alright? “It’s undemocratic.” Yes. Like they fooled…no that’s by design. The United States has never been a democracy. “The United States has never been a democracy.” He’s so bold with that statement, but I cringe every time I hear it. It’s so utterly wrong. Yes, we have democracy. It’s called voting. Americans do it every two years. Ok, so if you claim we don’t have democracy, then why bother having elections? What is the point? Puppet: We live in a republic. Yeah, but can you even define what a republic is? Puppet: Uh, uh…oh no, you’re not pulling out the dreaded Dictionary again, are you? Why yes I am. A republic is a type of government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives responsible to them and governing according to law In other words, a government run by representatives who have to follow the law. How do these representatives get into office? Citizens VOTE FOR THEM. It’s indirect democracy, sure. But still freaking democracy. Puppet: But the Founder Fathers hated democracy. Well of course the Founding Fathers were not a fan of democracy. I mean, Several Founding Fathers also thought slavery was ok. And they thought that only white, property-owning males, should be the ones to vote. As much of a fan that I am of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, they were not perfect. And yeah, the United States didn’t become that democratic until years later. When Andrew Jackson became the first President of the “common man” in 1828, a big reason why was because men didn’t have to own property anymore to vote. The 15th Amendment, passed not until 1870, said that men could vote no matter what their skin color is and regardless if they used to be a slave or not. The 17th Amendment gave people the right to vote for Senators. The 19th Amendment, passed in 1920, finally gave women the right to vote. After whites kept finding ways to suppress the black vote throughout the South, the 24th Amendment ended taxes having to be paid to vote in 1964. The next year, Congress passed the Voting Rights Act. to further protections for voting rights. In 1971, the 26th Amendment lowered the voting age from 21 to 18. So throughout American history, laws that were stupid have been changed. And we can change laws that suck right now through new amendments. Remember that a little later. The Electoral College also gives more power to states with less people in them. Puppet: Well duh. Of course it does. The Founders wanted it that way. I don’t care if they did. It’s wrong. Crowder clip: If your state has less people, you have more power. Yeah So yeah, Crowder’s ok with one person’s vote being worth more than another person’s vote. But everyone’s vote should count equally. I am not better than you and my vote should not be worth more than yours. But currently, if you live in Texas, like Steven Crowder, my vote is worth more than yours, because I live in Kansas. Kansas has 6 electoral votes, or 1 for every 500,000 people. Texas has 38 electoral votes, or 1 for every 763,000 people. Or as CGP Grey puts it in his classic video destroying the electoral college: CGP Grey: One Vermonters vote is equal to three Texans votes. and one Wyomingite’s vote is worth four Californians. Puppet: But without the Electoral College, candidates would just ignore the small states They already do. Well, but we’re a republic. Now there’s a common argument that candidates would only campaign in big cities. Candidates would be campaigning in the big…Republicans would go to Tarrant County, Texas Fort Worth, and the suburbs of Houston and Orange County California, and Democrats would go to San Francisco and New York. and a big part of the country would be overlooked. A big reason for this is, you can’t just have candidates pandering to a few big cities. Uh, let’s stop by New York, D.C. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit in the fifties promise them a bunch of stuff, wrap this up and go home. So let’s add all the places they mentioned up, just to be generous. That totals 25.8 million people. The U.S. has 326 million people. Why would candidates only focus on 1/13 of the country? And besides, under the Electoral College, they only focus on swing states, or states that are too close to predict who will win there based on polls. Sure, swing states can change, but Americans who don’t live in a swing state often feel like their voice is not heard. Crowder: Wyoming, they can’t have their vote drowned out by people who are corralled into the big cities. “Wyoming can’t have their vote drowned out by people who are corralled into the big cities?” First of all, people are not corralled into the big cities. They choose to live there for various reasons. Second, votes are not “drowned out.” Votes are counted the same in Wyoming as they are in Los Angeles. There’s just A LOT MORE votes in Los Angeles. Say candidates only focused their campaigns to the top 100 most populated metro areas in the country. Well those cities all have media companies that broadcast to the surrounding rural areas. They would not be ignored. The Electoral College makes it so candidates who represent the minority often get elected. As CGP Grey pointed out, a candidate who gets just 22% of the popular vote can be elected President in the Electoral College system. Puppet: But without the Electoral College you’d still have candidates who don’t get a majority of the popular vote but get elected President. Hey, you actually made a good point there. Puppet: Heh heh heh…hey thanks Cavuto clip: We’ve had 14 Presidents who’ve been elected with a plurality of the vote. That is to say they didn’t get 50%. If we were to go to popular vote only, how long would it be before we had runoffs? I mean, Bill Clinton was elected twice. Never got more than 50% of the vote. Woodrow Wilson elected twice, never got more than 50% of the vote. Abraham Lincoln got elected with 40 some odd percent of the vote. Right. However, ranked choice voting would solve that problem. Also called Alternative Choice Voting, CGP Grey has a great video explaining that which I’ll link here. Oh, and Abraham Lincoln turned out to be a great President, so I think you’re hurting your argument there, bud. Some Electoral College supporters say that it protects our two party system. Without the Electoral College, we’d have too many choices for President? Too many choices for President! Wow, that would be horrifying. I hate choices. I’d rather just have two crappy candidates. Puppet: But people can’t handle more than 2 candidates. They’d have to research the candidates. Sounds good to me. When people buy a new car, they do their research before. It’s not like you just go to the dealership and say “I only want two choices, either a Geo Metro or a Chrysler PT Cruiser.” Right now, Americans often don’t feel like they have a voice due to the Electoral College. The Electoral College actually is responsible for lower voter turnout in states that lean either solidly Democratic Party or solidly Republican Party. It seems that I’ve already changed Crowder’s mind Crowder: It’s a representative republic. We should have terms. We should be changing these politicians regularly. Exactly! It’s called voting. It’s called democracy! Let’s get out that dictionary again and look up the definition of “democracy.” a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. elected Other arguments fans of the Electoral College often bring up…. That’s how the Founding Fathers designed it. They feared a democracy and wanted a safeguard. Actually, no. Several of the Founders wanted direct elections. The Electoral College was a compromise to make those folks happy. And, again…even if they did design it that way, much of the other stuff they designed has since been changed. It forces a presidential candidate to have appeal across different regions This Slate article says “No region (South, Northeast, etc.) has enough electoral votes to elect a president.” I’m assuming this is based on the fear of a candidate like Abraham Lincoln getting 40% and still winning, completely neglecting the south. Again, ranked choice voting helps solve this issue. That Slate article also argued “a large state gets more attention from presidential candidates in a campaign than a small state does.” But that argument is weak, because large states would get more attention without the Electoral College as well. The Founders could not have foreseen the changes their country would go through in 250 years. The country has become more nationalized culturally. The internet and other mass communications has united the country in unforeseeable ways. The divide today remains rural and urban. But today, less than 15% of Americans live in rural areas. No offense to those living in rural areas, but should you have THAT much leverage over everyone else? What’s one of the real reasons why the Electoral College exists? Well the Founders knew that if the popular vote elected the President, then Northerners would dominate elections and the institution of slavery would be threatened. Why do Americans either really defend or really hate the Electoral College? There’s no way to no for sure, but there is one giant clue. Look at the political leanings of those who support it. They tend to be folks who like Republicans. The ones who usually hate it? Those who tend to like Democrats. Ain’t no George W. Bush supporter in 2000 saying he hates the Electoral College, and there ain’t no Al Gore supporter in 2000 saying he loves it. The same goes with 2016. The most vocal supporters of the Electoral College were Trump supporters, and the most vocal opponents were Clinton supporters. But here’s another example of how the minority actually has the power in the country. Poll after poll reveals that only 30% are ok with the Electoral College. 70% are against it. And they’ve been against for decades. 81% were against it in 1968. Oh, and Andrew Jackson was strongly against it. President Trump is against it. Well he used to be. Why must the minority continue to keep the status quo that the majority hates? Puppet: Minority? Better than a majority. What about mob rule? Well the minority can be just as corrupt as the mob. Anyway, more than 700 proposals have been introduced in Congress to reform or get rid of the Electoral College. There have been more proposals for Constitutional amendments on changing it than any other subject. A big reason why I am making this video now is because we are just about as far from a Presidential election as we can get here in the States. This should not be a partisan issue. This is a common sense issue. The Electoral College is horrible. Puppet: You would say that you Democrat What did you call me? You take that back man. That was really low. Puppet: I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. Well I forgive you. Thanks for listening to my argument by the way. Puppet: What? I wasn’t really listening. Have I ever told you that we live in a republic? Anyway, remember how I told you Kansas has 3 million people? In the last presidential election, the candidate who won the election had 3 million less votes than the candidate who won the popular vote. Let’s introduce democracy to the United States. Let’s end minority rule. Let’s fix the horrible Electoral College. So what do YOU think? I did leave some arguments out for the sake of time. But feel free to add arguments from both sides in the comments below. One thing that I think the majority of us can agree on is that there needs to be reform. Oops. I said “majority.” If you want to keep the Electoral College you don’t give a crap about what the majority thinks. Ha! You like that sick burn? Anyway, thanks for putting up with another opinion video. I knew many of you already knew my stance on the Electoral College after watching my Presidential Elections in American History series, but I figured I would elaborate in a ridiculously long video, so thank you so much for watching. Oops I forgot some stuff. Thanks to Paul and the Felt Show for helping me make this video. Puppets just make everything better. Be sure to check out The Felt Show on YouTube. I’ve suggested a video to watch by them in the description. Also, thanks to Fernando from the YouTube channel E Pluribus Unum for looking over my script for this one. And finally, and feel free to send this video to Steven Crowder. I’ll see you soon.

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100 thoughts on “Why the Electoral College is Terrible

  1. If your state has less people it has more power than a larger state. Utter bullshit moron. If this were true, than Washington DC would have 55 electoral votes and California would have 3. California, the largest state in the union, also has the largest presence in the electoral college… gee who woulda thunk it.
    I agree, it should be altered. Majority of the states, not people. The candidate who wins 25 states plus Washington DC, or 26 states, wins the presidency. The college should have 101 votes, and whoever wins 51 votes wins the presidency.
    Our founding fathers wanted a federal republic, not a democracy, becuase they feared the failure of democracy. Rome lasted centuries as a republic. It wouldn't have lasted one day as a democracy. Indirect democracy is not democracy, its indirect democracy, go figure. Direct democracy, which you appear to be advocating here, is mob rule. That is what it literally means in Greek. So you want California and New York telling the rest of the country what's what? Cut it with the strawman arguments, it proves your unintelligent.

  2. Actually, for an alternative, I might like the possibility of something similar* of what I believe Nebraska and Maine do. 1 EC vote for the winner of each congressional district. Followed by the final 2 going to the state winner.

    *don't know exactly how they divvy things up.

  3. If it wasnt then it wouldnt still exist. But since we can usethe media to manipulate everyone and facebook and youtube and force everyone to like MR BEAT… we can manipulate people into being or supporting HILLARY CLINTON. Because we knew that she would win by the numbers without a doubt. A democratic democrat democracy is designed to be lead by rich leadership supporting those who they want to have become leaders. A republic is a form of government that the people choose their leaders… not the most royal and democratic richest people.

  4. If we get rid of the electorial college then we need to come up with a way to make sure only American citizens vote. Too many non citizens vote and that is not right.

  5. That’s the point. The US isn’t one monolithic government like the UK, it’s a series of governments with their own interests, and the electoral college allows each state to elect a candidate that best represents their interests. America is made up of small societies (states) that each have their own goals, morals and interests, and the electoral college levels the field, slightly evening out the power so rural farmers can have their views represented. If the electoral college is bad, then the senate must also be bad, since it downgrades the power of the most populous states and gives too much power to the least populated states, therefore it’s unrepresentative and not a direct or representative democracy, but why aren’t people advocating for that?

  6. The one thing I don't understand is that whenever we need to vote on anything(no matter what it is) we all go by the popular vote except for the vote of the presidential election, why is that always falls back on electoral votes instead of popular vote, if we all want to make our voices heard right, then either get rid of the electoral votes or make it so that our votes actually count for something instead of leaving it up to someone else who could care less on who's the next president gonna be.

  7. It’s not a democracy. Republic is essentially a country where people vote for their leaders to represent them.

    Electoral college is meant to avoid mob rule. California would rule the elections. You want a president to represent the whole country, not just one or two states.

    Also this bring into the question what you would accommodate for cheating in some states.

    Instead of one state screwing up their state election, you get a whole nation screwed by a minority of cheaters.

    This also kind of disrespect state rights. Each state is like a miniature nation. You got democracy and a republic within the states.

  8. 51% of the population shouldn’t be able to tell 49% of the population what to do. We’ve never been a democracy, we are a republic.

  9. There is no good answer. Without the electoral college, 10 states can decide the election. With the electoral college, individuals are not perfectly represented. Currently, Presidents can be elected without the popular vote, but they have to pay mind to the fly over states. Without the EC, candidates will not spend time with the fly over states. Those states grow a large % of our domestic grains and raise cattle. The million dollar question is "how do we fix the election process with causing more damage"? So that the rural farmers, as well as every individual from the most populated areas both have adequate representation.

  10. I'm from South Africa and the democratic process is shit. The only developed areas are the cities. Back home you're screwed, no road and water because the politicians don't have to campaign to those people in the low dense areas

  11. Oh and I’m about to watch your “ why Kansas and Missouri hate each other “ So before I learn why I hate you, I thought I’d tell you I love you clips. I follow so many channels on YouTube, I wonder how many Other channels I’ve forgotten about that I’d rather be watching.. I didn’t mean you, I don’t know why you popped back up in my feed today, but I’m glad you did. Mr. beats rocks! Now I’m off to learn why I hate you.

  12. Yeah you’re right. We should let NY and CA pick the president every year because they have middle America’s best interest at heart. They’re smarter and of better class too. Everyone who doesn’t live on a coast is a dope…. fucking moronic. We have a representative democracy. Stop watching msnbc

  13. Wow, just looking at the like/dislike bar, it is nice to see the majority of people stand on the right side of the debate, but also quite sad to know that over 5000 are committed to being wrong

  14. I was subscribed until this post. If you really had a democracy you run the possibility of mob. Just like socialism, there has never been an successful democracy in the history of the world. You pretty stupid to think that just because you have a voting process that makes it a democracy, how about Russia, Iran. Are those democracy?

  15. In terms of the history of political ideas, the idea that “the US is a republic, not a democracy” may not technically be the worst, but is probably the stupidest one that people will still admit to saying publicly

  16. I think what conservatives mean when they say "republic" is "federal republic". Only 21 countries do government this way. The vast majority of countries are simply republics, or "unitary republics", for contrast. Here the top government holds all the power, and then delegates power down as it sees fit. In a federal republic, each state or district is granted a certain level of autonomy from the get-go. Kind like countries within a country. That way, their population should be less important in national elections, because they are by law an equal member, with a guaranteed say. The US is unique in its diverse states and its level of freedom for each state. You don't like the tax burden? Move to another state. You don't like strict alcohol laws? Move away from Utah. Taking away the electoral college would nullify much of the sentiment of states' rights. We've already seen SCOTUS chip away at the latter in Roe v Wade and Obergefell v Hodges. None of these had any legal merit, and was a result of mob rule.

  17. Using an example of 10 people running for president! That is an awful way to make an argument! We need the electoral college.

  18. This explains the difference between a republic and democracy in the best way possible. https://youtu.be/sQ0wNXzcZls

  19. I remember that the election in the United States is not to elect the president together, but to choose the federal president each state wants. Then we can see which President gets more state supporters to win. You have more people, but it doesn't mean that you win more states. You just because there are more people in this state, and Hillary still allows illegal immigrants to vote, and they don't even pay taxes.

  20. DEBATE CROWDER! Your millennial ignorance really came out in this video. Democracy is bullshit because the average voter is a fucking retard. People just vote themselves money from the treasury and you end up with a giant welfare state. Just admit that Trump won fair and square, because that's what this is really about.

  21. Ruling by mob is never a good idea. That is why we have democratic processes supporting a Constitutional Republic. Like most things, the founders had it right, and I would definitely count your vote as worth at least twenty of the welfare voting snowflakes ruining California.

  22. Look what happened in California, they tried passing a law that would
    of kept Donald Trump off the ballot if he didn't release his taxes, so large
    States like California can maneuver systems and make up their own laws
    if they don't like a candidate, and drown out about 20 lower populated States.
    The case was dismissed but you never know in this day and age where our court
    system is so politicized a judge could of upheld that law.
    Any large populated State can pull these shenanigans and thus pushing
    aside smaller States. Leave Trump off the ballot in California and he loses 3 million votes.
    You say we don't live in a Republic but a Democracy, lets say we vote in a President
    that wants to bring back slavery and the majority of Americans want to bring back slavery
    well if we live in a Democracy slavery will come back but because we live in a Republic
    we have a Congress and a court system that can go against the will of the majority
    and rule it unconstitutional, that's what a Republic does, so majority doesn't always rule.
    There are other reasons why I support the EC but I hate typing, but I still enjoy
    your videos, even though I think your wrong on this one.

  23. There is nothing Democratic about this Country, each State has 2 Senators
    so California has 1 Senator for every 20 million people and a State like Vermont
    or Alaska has 1 Senator for every 300 thousand people.
    The same goes for the House, the more population you have the less
    Representation per person you have, exactly the way our Founders wanted it.

  24. On your other point , we usually have more than just 2 choices
    last election there was Gary Johnson and Jill Stein as
    our other choices.

  25. Bill Clinton didn't have 50% or more of the votes because of the independent candidate taking away from him. Democrats always have the popular vote which would not be a fair election. I believe Bush's 2nd term is the only Republican yo win popular vote

  26. Your example for California with 10 candidates running is ludicrous. Across history we’ve had typically two serious contenders (the Republican and Democratic Nominees). Occasionally a third party candidate like a Ross Perot emerges that is significant but that is very rare. Your example states 10 candidates getting 9-11% of the vote. That would likely never happen. This extreme example is outlandish to cite in your claims.

  27. Your point about fear of voices being left out…You mean like the rust belt that Hillary avoided and took for granted in 2016? The rust belt states sure had a lot to say even though nobody predicted it.

  28. Electoral College is essential. In order to stop higher population areas from creating a power base, over smaller population areas, the founding fathers had to do something. When our country was first founded, the founding fathers were faced with an insurrection. So, they had to balance everything out. It prevents the establishment of a monarchy.

    We are in fact a republic. We use democracy as a form of government. Now, once socialism is voted into office, we will become a republic that uses socialism. Socialism is the opposite of a democracy. First, people will vote in a socialist. Second, the socialist will remove democracy; thus, we will no longer have elections.

    Redrawing district lines is currently used to steal votes from one side or the other. Massachusetts and Texas prevent Democrat and Republican growing districts from affecting elections.

  29. Dude, do you really want California, New York and Chicago electing the president for you? Because that is exactly what would happen you asshat

  30. Your arguments are all straw-man arguments. Unless you are just in my state, you have no say in the way we handle our electorates. That is called democracy. We vote for our rules. Each state is an experiment. We are not lemmings, all the same. What does a beach bum have n California know about surviving where your nearest neighbors are over 50 miles away. And vise-versa.

    The electoral college was brilliant, and it is proving its brilliance now, because people hate it. It is doing what it is supposed to. It is suppressing the tyranny of the majority.

    The only people I hear complaining are those that didn’t get their way. I have yet to hear anyone say the outcome was incorrect on completely factual grounds. There is always a component of “I don’t like the outcome”.
    What the electors do in other states is their business. What they do in my state is my business. As it should be.

  31. Your complaint is the reason the electoral college exist.
    We are a federal republic. The federal government should be focused on federal issues defined in the constitution, like common defense. Not on things like healthcare. I’m not against healthcare, I am against national healthcare.
    Your complaint, I believe, is found in the fact that the federal government is too powerful, and that is something the founding fathers did not want. The power should be in the states.
    Healthcare, for example. California has the resources and the right to take over the entire healthcare system in California. Why don’t they? Because the California Democrats are hypocrites. They say they want universal healthcare, they have control of the three branches, the media, and the universities. But they can’t get it done. So they look to the federal government to force it.
    The federal government should be serving the states. States should be serving its citizens.

    The federal government has proven itself to be distant and impersonal. Necessary because of its size. Which is why they have No Rights, except what the people gave through a specific list in the constitution.

  32. The problem is not the electoral college.

    We are suffering from a more dangerous problems.
    We are taught to hate. Hate each other, hate men, hate whites, hate police, hate anyone that supports immigration laws, hate free speech, hate any scientific research that has anything the LGBT community doesn’t like, hate the super rich (while ignoring that the top 1% = $40K annually), hate climate change (while causing climate change), hate intelligent conversation in favor of running to a safe space.
    In other words, fascism is a bigger problem than the electoral college.

  33. You want to substitute the electoral college with something even worse… The people of the United States are not educated enough about our current political system, much less our representatives, to make any kind of informed decision.

  34. A pure democracy is nothing more that a sheep and two wolves voting on what's for dinner. What we have here is a constitutional republic. It's not meant to be counted as one election, but 51 individual elections. When you look at a map of the counties who voted for trump, then you'll see why we have an electoral college. A city like LA has more people than the entire state of Oregon. If a zombie subculture were to form in the cities (it's here already), then the rest of the country would be safe thanks to the electoral college. I think California should become its own country. They wouldn't last a week without federal aid. This is why I avoid paying taxes in every way I can. My money is going to deadbeats. That's why people voted for trump to begin with.

  35. Doing away with the electoral college would be a disaster. If you don't like the electoral college it most likely means your candidate didn't win in November 2016. The electoral college allows the rest of the citizen's votes to matter. My vote matters because it adds to all the rest of the votes in my state which determines the electoral college vote. Without the electoral college L.A and NYC would choose our president and everyone in between wouldn't need to vote because it wouldn't make a difference.

  36. So the framers and early leaders weren't perfect…… what makes us think our ways would be perfect? That's as good of an argument as any….. abolish it. They weren't perfect.

  37. It isn't that my vote is better than yours. If there is no electoral college the state's with large cities would win the majority every time that's why your vote on Kansas wouldn't matter

  38. This guy is using the current way of elections for his hypothetical argument. Does he not realize the way things are done now wouldn't be the same if the electoral college was abolished?

  39. The electoral college is to give every State a vote that is fair to its population so that small States can vote together to prevent themselves from being dominated and dictated to by bigger States. It has the secondary beneficial effect of allowing a wide range of views and opinions to come together instead of one view dominating everyone. If we got rid of the electoral college then three or four States (and just a few cities in them, too, like…four or so) would dictate to the entire country. That, boys and girls, is oppression. It would also mean that you're vote won't count.

  40. This was settled when they signed the constitution Federalist and anti federalists fought hard on this. Allowing Texas and California and New York dictate to everyone else is just silly and ignorant.

  41. Your thinking sounds good but it is extremist. You may be an idiot.
    The founding fathers wisely protected our nation from the tyranny of the majority. Your thoughts on this will protect the change agents and not our valued institutions. Lose the EC and America will cease to exist in a short time. Oddly, this subject is only a 'subject' during those seasons when the leftist/[progressives are out of power. During the eight years of Obama we were never deluged with versions of your harangue.
    As neither a repubican't nor a democrap, I say less coercive intrusion by any party is a worthy goal. Returning to a sound monetary standard is a worthy goal. You cannot have any capitalism when you cannot have any capital. Quitting the fiat paper funding of wars and bringing our young people home is a worthy goal. Feeding our people is a worthy goal. Dealing effectively with homlessness and lack of jobs is a worthy goal. Paying attention to the reality that the paper money deficit is about 221 trillion is a worthy goal.
    So,,,,,,, remember this……In the '60's it was the population bomb and the silent spring….then it was nuclear winter…. when we were all going to freeze… then it was the 'acid rain' out to destroy all of the trees and biomes…..then it's CO2 and Global Warming……and then it becomes climate change wherein most of the humans have to go and the sea levels are going up 400 feet next year. And after all this, here comes YOU…. another change agent who wants to spout 'Wisdom', to be an "Influencer" (new speak ? ), someone who would tear apart something wonderful that you couldn't have been smart enough to build, something that created a haven for more people, for more reasons, with more opportunities, that created more prosperity than the world has ever seen.
    Here's a thought : take some time, about 10 yrs, learn a real trade, and go out into the world and actually build something…..
    What I mean is, a of people can play a Steinway piano, Not a whole lot of people can Make a Steinway piano. Do that for 40-50 years and then see if you still want to get rid of the EC…….best wishes & Truly, you may be an idiot……….

  42. To me the 'best' argument is that the EC represents a partial balance component (national interest), against the population component (Congressional Representation), against the state component (Senate Representation) all of which comprises a partial balance of power within the Legislative Branch of Gov't. Of course lobbyists have changed all this. Money here, money there…..

  43. I like most of your videos, but this just wasn't convincing. I am trying to be open and objective, but after watching this I still want the Electoral College to stay. I think the "Republic" argument and the "Ignore the small state" arguments are sound. Trump didn't ignore the small states and he won. "They already do" ignore the small states seems like a weak argument. Stop ignoring them! Our founding fathers were MOSTLY right!

  44. When most people talk about cities in that manner I believe they generally mean the metropolitan area, in which case The NE Megalopolis, LA, and the Bay Area, Seattle, plus Chicago are 94 million people, or 28.8% of the vote that fairly consistently vote one way, not enough to win an election. Proportional representation would be a better move. Or even just using a more accurate districting system and getting rid of the Winner Take All nature of the system

  45. The electoral system of the US is a laughing stock, even our democracy with its occasional bribery and corruption is better. If the 2000 and 2016 elections were held under our system, this would've been the results:

    Gore – 51 million votes
    Bush – 50.5 million votes
    Al Gore wins the election.

    Clinton – 65.9 million votes
    Trump – 63 million votes
    Hillary Clinton wins the election.

  46. Not saying it's perfect, but you're side arguments are terrible. You leave out other facts, to push your agenda. The reason everyone's vote shouldn't be equal, is because on population hotspots. None of your farmers or most blue collar workers would even count to votes. Which isnt fair to them

  47. the argument that supports the electoral collage that will blow all your arguments away.
    The founders purposely made it like this because they hated true democracy. Benjamin Franklin once said "true democracy is the 51% taking what the 41% has" and Alexander Hamilton said "Real liberty is neither found in despotism, nor in the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.” if we get rid of the electoral college than the cost of the U.S would literally run the country.

  48. Sounds like another Demonrat crying about the 2016 election. Ha, ha, you lost, get over it. You will need to learn how because he's going to win in 2020!

  49. The Congress is the people's power, the electoral college balances the spread of the land (house of senators) vs the spread of the people (house of Congress) although I agree no point in electors (& faithless(aristocrats)) vote, I do agree with spreading the vote over the land for the executive branch. Which could also be reformed to include an alternate vote system.

  50. The best argument for the electoral college is that it prevents majority rule, which is it's intended purpose.

  51. I find it maddening that the ceo of apple or microsoft or amazon and all these other secret lords of the caste system=electors are appointed to intercept and overturn the will of the people of the land. No matter how you dress it up, it's still the same system of big lords and little serfs. This crap was imported along with the rebel separatist puritans who said they are committing all their atrocities in order to steer humanity away from this very thing that they ingrained into the rebel nation they founded.

  52. Cringe all you want , a republic a few control the stupid many , there's that White word , the w word , typical blame thrower, you sling amendments around like a Lucy listless, we a republic

  53. What about the power of the States? We have a federal government so where do the states get their power from? They already cant choose their own Senators.

  54. One of the reasons we have the electoral college is because the Democrats tend to have allot of dead people voting in their districts lol. Also you cannot have highly populated states dictate an election. Another big issue is some states do not require voter ID to vote, such as New York. This allows people (Democrats) to manipulate the popular vote in many ways. Everytime the Democrats lose an election they blame the electoral college. The electoral college eliminates voter fraud get over it.

  55. Democracies always fail that's why they made us a Republic ruled by laws made by our elected reps. NOT Democracy mass rule by fools

  56. learn some thing opinions are like A$$hole everyone has one ~ and mean nothing ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6s7jB6-GoU


  57. I'd rather Mr. Beat debunk the quotes from the founders Crowder puts up than Crowder himself. Argue why the founders fears are no longer relevant rather than start with the premise that the electoral college is terrible.

  58. So Democrats created the electoral college to keep their slaves and Republicans want to keep it now to supress votes. Got it.

  59. you are stupid a if we were a democracy CA and New York would control the other 48 states
    two wolves and a sheep asking what's for dinner buy your logic if you want to run for president just go to CA and New York and ignore the rest of the states

  60. I am in personal opposition to liberal democracy, and feel as if I disagree on the democratic critiques you’ve made in the video.

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