Why parents choose Algorithmics?
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Why parents choose Algorithmics?

Why Algorithmics? Our customers speak… When the door opened, and I have seen the classroom for the first time, I’m like “Oh my God, this classroom looks so amazing and so nice. I mean it’s better than all our business school classrooms and stuff. So I’m sure he enjoys himself being here. He’s been enjoying it and he hasn’t given me a choice, he has very adamantly said he wants to go to the next level, and so yeah. Like I said, I definitely think we do. You know there is so much dependence on the machines and programming. It’s important for children to at least understand the basics of how programs work and how does this or that, you know, how the flow chart works and stuff.
Although programs keep changing – we also studied different programs at that time the logic behind getting a task done is still remains the same.

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