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“Why learn Spanish” by Christian a.k.a. CoreanoVlogs from Korea – EF Guest Vlog

Hello. I’d like to welcome you to
Seoul, the capital of South Korea. My name’s Chris. I’m what you could call a Korean
Spanish-speaking vlogger. I make YouTube videos about
my daily life in Spanish. It’s springtime here in Korea. It’s also
a Sunday. Look at all those flowers! I’m here as a guest vlogger for EF. In this video, I’m going to share how Spanish
has affected my life and why I love Spanish. I hope I can put it in such a
way that is interesting for you. I started making YouTube videos
about a year and a half ago. Since I started my channel, a lot of Spanish
speakers have started watching my videos. A lot of things have happened. There was this time
I had a fan meeting and 850 people came. I was also able to make friends there. I guess I might have also done other cool stuff. Those are the ways I’ve been able to
apply my Spanish and put it to use, I guess. I know it’s going to be different for every
person, like how they apply their Spanish. I just so happen to use my Spanish
skills to make YouTube videos and share a little bit about my life. I feel like I should show you
that side instead because it looks nicer. That’s it. Those are some of the things that knowing
how to speak Spanish has allowed me to do. I feel like every person has a different reason
for learning Spanish, and I’m sure that if you’re watching this video, you probably
have an interest in learning a new language. With Spanish, you open up yourself
to this new little part of the world that’s outside the community of English speakers. There are, I think, 20 countries that speak
Spanish and have it as their official language. There’s even one in Africa. That goes for whatever you’re into,
like making YouTube videos, making new friends, traveling, business perhaps. I really recommend Spanish.
I just really like Spanish. That’s what this video is about –
me talking about my love for Spanish. I hope you enjoyed it.
I hope you got something out of it. If perhaps you have the chance
to learn Spanish, that’s good. If you have the chance to learn Spanish in a
country that speaks Spanish, even better, I think. You can get in touch with the culture. I’ll see you around, I guess!

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