Why K-12 Ed-Tech Companies’ Pitches Fall Flat
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Why K-12 Ed-Tech Companies’ Pitches Fall Flat

– I’m Sean Cavanagh, and I’m a Senior Editor
for Edweek Market Brief. I attended the iNACOL Symposium, which is one of the
biggest Edtech conferences in the country. It draws the educators, as well as company officials
trying to sell their products. I heard some horror
stories at the conference about vendors sitting across the desk from district administrators, and basically trying to
tell the district official look, this is what you
need and here’s why. – Probably the most
disappointing or frustrating part of the process is when people are trying
to sell us a product rather than come to us as a partnership. – They don’t offer us the ability to make that product our own. – We always find that when there’s educators on the team, the development team, the tools are usually
the most user friendly. – Just a list of promises that are made, that are not really even possible, so just keep it practical, keep it real, tell us what we really need and what we really have to have in place to interact with your company, and then we can have
a better conversation.

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