Why a DNP from Wayne State University’s College of Nursing
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Why a DNP from Wayne State University’s College of Nursing

Hello, I’m Dr. Leann Nantais-Smith and I am the director of advanced practice nursing programs in the College of
Nursing at Wayne State University. My name is Amie Kremer. I am pursuing a
doctorate of nursing practice here at the College of Nursing. My specialty is neonatal nurse practitioner. The doctor of nursing
practice prepares advanced practice nurses to provide quality, value-based
care to the communities that we serve, who have very different needs and
challenges. We were the first accredited DNP program in Michigan and we’ve
achieved high national ranking which I think has everything to do with the
quality of the DNP program and the faculty that are involved in teaching
and the DNP program. We offer about eight different clinical specialties and the
student in the DNP program, as part of their education, chooses a clinical
specialty. I chose to pursue a DNP over an MSN for a neonatal nurse practitioner
because I think that the DNP equips me to be a leader and make a bigger change
in my field. I think all of the core courses that we have to go through at
the beginning of our program really give us all the tools that we need to really
bring that evidence that we have to the bedside. And not just in our own practice
but on a grander scale within the larger institutions. We are currently the only
College of Nursing in the state of Michigan that offers the neonatal nurse
practitioner specialty. And in fact, that is the reason I came to Wayne State
University. I knew that Wayne State was the right place for my DNP, just on the
different interactions that I’ve had with faculty. But I think I have the
privilege of having Dr. Nantais-Smith as my advisor. And I think just going to her
and having someone that is assigned to me and knows my program and all of what my core competencies are, and then just her encouraging, me was
what I needed. Especially when I’ve heard from other students in other programs
they don’t have their own advisors. They’re just kind of all lumped in a
group. And to have someone who knows me and where I’m going and what my goals are, that really sealed the deal for me. As far as why Wayne State, I think
that’s one of the strengths of our programs. Once a student is
here we provide guidance and support to that student. So each student has an
academic adviser. They meet with them regularly. The adviser works with the
student to build a plan of work at a pace that is reasonable, in the context
of what their life responsibilities are. So that it’s a
meaningful experience, It’s not rushed. They’re able to incorporate what they’re
learning and have the time to truly be successful.

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