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100 thoughts on “Who Is Kim Jong Un? His Former Teacher Speaks Out | TODAY

  1. People in North Korea, don’t know what is You Tube , they don’t have internet. And western people, don’t care about their leader. So please stop your fake and stupid propaganda.

  2. Lol why on Earth do you expect Trump to be afraid of Kim. Kim is nothing not even a speck of dirt in Trump's eyes. He's merely a tool who thinks he has control over his Country. He doesn't though. Idk why people are so scared that Trump is facing our enemies. We're the most powerful county in the world lol

  3. Tough to be in Kim's shoes. Deep inside, he just wants to wear his Nike kicks, and go to a NBA game. Maybe even have friends.

  4. This is so crazy to me. I always thought he was just a fat, psychotic, Korean guy who dictated the people of North Korea, and while he is that, I never would’ve thought he was a seemingly, cool teen. He actually had a life outside North Korea and had friends i Europe, now he has people kneeling at his feet and raised an army in the millions. Mind blowing.

  5. My dad worked for the Swiss gov and he told me that he went to a school here in Switzerland in Bern. My dad has been to North Korea once and when North Korean diplomats came to Switzerland he would have meetings with them and show them our country.

  6. If Kim Jong Un was told everything he probably wouldn’t be a willing puppet head . The governors of every totalitarian government keep truth from the population and their leaders putting everyone in a situation of blame . The leaders of this control choose who to blame

  7. This video is so weird lol

    Its as if they expect thier audience area bunchof morons who know noyting at all about the world

    Shocking a dictator sent his son to a swiss boarding school! Lol

    Yes everyone knows the value of a great education

  8. so basically someone who grew western turned out to be a monster. It just shows that anyone can be a monster if you give the them the tools to be one

  9. So he wore chains and basketball sneakers ,was a baller and called himself "UnPAC" after 2PAC. My mans a G ever since .

  10. I think the reason he became a dictator was because his coach said he was not good enough at basketball, just like when the art teacher for hitler said he was not good at art

  11. Lol what I find so funny is that Koreans look so much alike that they need an expert analysis of his picture to find out if that’s him when he was a teenager. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. so basically he first learned german and then learned how to dictate? Hmmm…

    (Just kidding don't get offended pls)

  13. Hahahah people in North Korea believes that he is God and Extraordinary Man and the smartest person in the world.

  14. I feel like kim has his own basketball league in North Korea and he plays on a team and if anyone blocks his shot they die

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