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White Student Union (Documentary)

going to get anywhere in America waving a swastika
banner. That’s just a simple fact. JONATHAN MUNSHAW: Matt explained
to us that they wanted to start patrolling
campus to try to protect against crime. Because Matt was convinced that
there was black on white crime occurring in Towson. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: I’ve
been spit on. So that was fun. Everyone can acknowledge the
fact that there is definitely, especially black male,
crime problem. We think all crime
is a problem. But over 90% of all
the cases that we found were black males. -Simply indicating that there
is an issue, or complaining about there being an issue is
not going to induce progress. Action will. JOHN T. BULLOCK: The concept
of a White Student Union really makes some people
laugh at Towson. Because most of the students
here are white. IGNACIO EVANS: How do you
feel about a racial war? Because that’s what
this looks like. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Demanding
equality for white people on campus apparently isn’t
very popular. -He’s ignorant. And all he wants is attention. And he does it to
get attention. And he’s winning. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: I’d just like
to pray to the Lord that we are successful tonight in
finding no crime, that there’s peace upon Towson and her
community, that all of its members are safe, and that
united we’ll be able to awake to a new dawn of righteousness
and of justice. Lord, in your name we pray. Amen. Look, you white piece
of trash. I want you to watch
your fucking back. Because you’re going to be
dead before April 25th. I promise you. Hey asshole. Fuck you. Why don’t you hitch up the wagon
and head back to 1865? I have got 50 of these
hate messages. So I can do this all day. And that’s just on
my Facebook. There is something very
special about the European people. It doesn’t make us better
than anyone else. But our culture and customs
are unique. And all of that together is what
creates Identitarianism. It isn’t just being white. Because there’s plenty of
communists who are white. So Identitarianism is
a positive ideology. We’re working towards
a concrete goal. And we have clear principles. We stand for positive love of
our people, but respect for everyone else. It’s the idea that there’s
something about our worldview, our faith, and our people, that
all comes together to create an ideology that wishes
to protect our culture in the face an onslaught of opponents
trying to destroy it. JONATHAN MUNSHAW: At the
beginning of this year, Matt Heimbach started up this
White Student Union. But since they couldn’t find
an advisor, they’re not technically a student
group on campus. They are just a group who
chooses to associate in the Towson area. And it just so happens that they
have several students who go to Towson University. And Matt says that the majority
of people who commit crime in the Towson
area are black. When I spoke to him for the
first story that I did on this, he has never said anything
to say that he dislikes a certain
demographic, or anything like that. So it’s really hard to say
that I’ve heard him say anything racist, or anything
like that. Because he doesn’t say
that publicly. No one knows if that’s actually
how he feels. Because he never says it. JOHN T. BULLOCK: So if you look
at a place like Towson, which is traditionally a white
institution, although it is now integrated and is now
multicultural, what we know is that those groups like, for
instance the Black Student Union, existed because there
were smaller numbers of African Americans who were
institutionally locked out of certain opportunities. That’s a totally different
model. And so the idea that there
would be a separate organization that exists for
that purpose really doesn’t make a lot of sense. Now, if you talk about Hispanic
students, Asian students, Muslims students,
again, these are smaller subsets of the population. And again, we know– and this is
something the president of university even said– that
historically the incidents on this campus a bias have been
toward minority groups, not the majority group. JONATHAN MUNSHAW: It’s very hard
to say how many students are involved. I know of Matt, and that’s
honestly it. We’ve never come across a
student who we know is a student that is part
of this group. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Ask if
they need any help. If they do, let’s call them a
cab, or get the paramedics, whatever we need. Shayne, I know you know you’re
our first aid guy on this op. So if there’s anyone who’s in
need of treatment, then you’re going to be the guy to provide
first responder until the paramedics arrive. So does that sound good
to everybody? ADDY: We just want to be able to
be proud of our race, like anyone else is. I really don’t think
that’s a crime. If I was any other race, I could
go out in the middle of the street, and say I’m
a proud black woman. I’m a proud Asian woman. I’m a proud Hispanic
woman, whatever. But to go out and say that
I’m a proud white woman is frowned upon. And I think I should be able
to have that same right. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Paddy, we’ve
changed all the batteries in the flashlights, right? MATTHEW HEIMBACH: If we
want to do a second round, we can do that. If not, then I’m sure it’s
happy hour somewhere. I think we’re going to
have a good night. PADDY: Matthew’s a very
upstanding guy. He’s got strong conviction. He’s very staunch
in his beliefs. He’s not just a Facebook
revolutionary. He actually gets up off
his tail, and he’s willing to go forward. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Tell them
I’m good looking, too. PADDY: He’s a very
good looking guy. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: So basically
our big thing is just helping the community. It’s not about playing Rambo,
not about going and tackling some criminal. If we see a crime, we’ve
got to report it. But at the very least we can be
an eyes and ears for those who are being stepped over
in the gutter, part of the Towson community. We’re going to make sure they
get home all right. Everybody got their
seat belts on? PADDY: Any time there is a
discussion or debate on race, it’s more often than not– every
time that I’ve noticed, every time that we’ve always
noticed, in our experiences, in our lives– its always the
left yelling at us, and telling us how horrible and how
racist we are, instead of opening it up for debate,
opening the issue up for honest, logical debate
based on pure facts. SHAYNE: Second Chronicles,
Chapter 7, verse 14. If my people, who are called by
my name, humble themselves and pray, and seek my face,
and turn from their wicked ways, then I would heal them
from heaven, and will be merciful to their sins. And I will heal their lame. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: All right,
ladies and gentlemen. We’ve done this before. But I think that verse
really spells it out. There’s no question that the
Occident right now is sick, both through our own sins, and
a neglect of our homeland and of our people. We’re called to a higher mission
than ourselves, or even our families, but to our
people and to our nation. So I say we head out, head
to West Village. And just star the
normal rounds. JOHN T. BULLOCK: Clearly
there’s not some black crime wave. But it does hearken back
to how this was talked about in the past. So that’s been a mantra that
existed even from the time of post slavery reconstruction,
and was actually used as a method, or at least a
justification for a lynch mob of violence perpetrated
amongst blacks. -Especially just being a student
here, you can just tell that Towson is
a safe campus. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: As soon as I
leave the state of Maryland, where it’s legal, I have my
permit from the state of Utah. I can carry my pistol in
32 different states. So I always carry it with me. And that’s just not only for
my own personal protection, but I’m trained. I’m a good shot. If ever I could do something
to help save someone from being robbed or raped, I would
want to do my best to be able to try and help protect
the innocent. Let’s all remember today is
the 148th anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination. Maybe, like golf clap? Slow clap. This is a 1980s montage. Slow clap. JARED TAYLOR: The words racial
conflict, racial tension, racial discrimination, all of
those terms crop up very frequently in language in
the United States today. Because diversity is a problem, rather than a strength. It’s a source of tension,
conflict, and dissension. Now if diversity were inherently
good, inherently valuable, inherently wonderful,
things that are inherently good, to enjoy them
or to make the most of them, you don’t need a consultant. You don’t need a consultant to
make the most out of good tasting food, beautiful
weather, the affection of your friends. Those are inherently
good things. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: I would say
there’s obviously different groups that are more intelligent
than the others. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: You look in
terms of IQ tests, that Jews on average, generally
have the highest IQ, generally about 110. The Japanese and Southeast
Asians generally have an IQ of 105 to 108. Whites usually come in
between 100 and 105. And then Hispanics and blacks
are generally lower than that. Let’s go say hi to the
Black Student Union. The White Student Union
should be able to converse with our brothers. Hi, guys. We just wanted to know–
because we’re the White Student Union– we’re actually
doing a night patrol. We wanted to invite anybody who
wanted to come with us, if you guys were interested. [INTERPOSING VOICES] MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Got
to finish a paper? OK. Well, just wanted to invite you
guys to see if you were interested in coming and help
make campus a better place. But maybe next time. Rain check, right? Have a great day, guys. God bless. So we have the Black Student
Development, Latino Student Development, Gay Student
Development, Student Success Programs for those who can’t
make it, and things for women. So one day white people are
going to be on there. We’ll be treated equally
with every other single group, hopefully. But demanding equality for
white people on campus apparently isn’t very popular. That’s OK. -Everyone should have
the same rights. I completely agree. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: OK, then join
the White Student Union. -But they’re going about
it the wrong way. And maybe they should try
a different approach. Because they are failing. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Maybe you
could join us, then, and show us the right way. Advocate for your heritage. ADDY: We’re going about it the
same way the African American Student Union is. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Maybe? It’s OK. ADDY: Thank you. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Everyone
knows who I am. I apologize for being the most
recognizable person in the world on this campus. But I’ve been spit on. So that was fun. That’s happened more
than once. It’s just part of the game. Where they believe in tolerance,
so they won’t tolerate me, or my opinion,
or my people. That’s what it is. IGNACIO EVANS: I feel like I
am trapped, and trapping everyone else that way. Because that’s how it feels to
be stifled in the classroom with a person who you know
hates your existence. It’s one of those things where
you say, how do you do that? It’s like asking Jews to be in
a classroom with Hitler. You wouldn’t do that. Matthew inspired this video of
me on YouTube, which has a collection my tattoo on my
back, a picture of me at Harvard University in the
bathroom, as well as claims of me being a gang banger. I was like, wow, gang bangers
go to college now? That’s what we do? KILLACOMMIEFORMOMMIE: I’m
going to show you some interesting pictures I found of
Ignacio Evans on Facebook. Check it out. How would you like to walk
into a public bathroom and see this guy? And here’s another one. He’s got a nice tattoo
on the back of his neck that says loyalty. Loyalty to what? If that doesn’t scream
gang tattoo, I don’t know what does. So let me ask you, out of these
two gentlemen, which one would invoke feelings of fear
if they were approaching you on a city street? IGNACIO EVANS: One day he was
coming into the Union. And I’m sitting outside
the BSU meeting, minding my own business. And he says, hi. Let me talk to you. And I reached out. And I touch him. Come here. Why do you do this. He was like, well, I think
that this campus is ripe. Why not? Apathy is rampant here. Do whatever you want. When he said that to me
I was like, oh, word. I OK. And then he leans over to
me, like we’re allies. And goes, don’t you do
whatever you want? Whenever you feel like the
administration is wrong, don’t you just pull the race card? My turn. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Well, the
the Black Student Union rallied with members of the
community and the Student Government Association against
the White Student Union. [CHANTING] MATTHEW HEIMBACH: So they walked
through campus, singing “We Will Overcome,” and
pretending that it was 1950, and like Bull Connor was in
charge of Towson University. It was almost to the
point of sad. I didn’t get angry. It was ludicrous. -You must ask yourself, how
is the world a better place with me in it? We all breathe the same air
and bleed the same blood. And when we die, the same
ditch gets dug. When you strip life down
to terms that are that simplistic, it helps
you realize that we all truly are equals. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] MATTHEW HEIMBACH: I guess what
we’re seeing is the left wing groups, and the so-called
diversity groups on campus who are coming together to protest
against European American students advocating for our own
best interests, and asking for the same racial equality
treatment that all these groups get. The banner I saw, said it said,
WSU GTFO, and had a swastika crossed out. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Get
The Fuck Out. It’s not going to stop us from
standing up for our European American heritage, and the best
interests of our people. I think they’re having
a good time. And I think they’re good
spirited folks. But they’re just wrong. I simply believe that European
Americans should be able to organize, and act for our
own best interest. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Really? Have we? Really? Have we? MATTHEW HEIMBACH:
question for you. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Where in
modern day America is there an organizations like NAACP
for white people? Where is the United
by the people. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Elected
by the people. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Really? MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Black
people can’t become lawyers and judges? MATTHEW HEIMBACH: White people, that’s what I’m saying. White people are not allowed
to organize. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Really? So black people aren’t allowed
to be in the Boy Scouts. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: So because an
organization is created by white people– MATTHEW HEIMBACH: That’s not
advocating for white people. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: No, they’re
not advocating for white people. -Would you like a band? MATTHEW HEIMBACH: I
would love a band. -Be the change. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: I am trying
to be the change, to be able to advocate for the best
interest of the white student body. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Did we now? MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Really? MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Did we? MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Do you
understand how racist that is? MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Really? MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Myself, when
I was born in 1991– MATTHEW HEIMBACH: So you’re
saying that I’m guilty of the sins potentially of
my ancestors? MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Really? MATTHEW HEIMBACH: What racism? MATTHEW HEIMBACH: We’ve never
advocated for white supremacy. MATTHEW HEIMBACH:
No, we’re not. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Trying to
advocate for the best interests of white Americans. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: I have seen
“Birth of a Nation.” -Refusal to accept the values
of another is the ignorance that keeps us from calling
each other brother. So certain customs and cultures
lack appreciation, or the shade of a person’s skin
is enough evaluation. You see, we generalize and
victimize, because we can’t learn to unify, preventing our
progression [INAUDIBLE] until you decide to treat others
as equals, nothing more, nothing less. Object and just act to
show your respect. Prejudice will not be completely
dismissed, but we’re closer to making
the world coexist. PADDY: America as an idea is
hardly existing anymore. The original idea is not what
it’s supposed to be now, what we’re living in. The last couple of generations
that have been around, we’re essentially heading towards
the dissolution of the United States. But in a sense, that could
be for the better. Because that may lead to a white
ethnostate, which is ultimately what we want. We want a strong nation state
that’s well defended, but that’s at peace with
the rest of world. The criteria of citizenship,
it be based– I’m going to say it bluntly–
it would be based on race. It would be based on white. Absolutely, 100%. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: I think that,
especially the black community, will find areas in
the South, areas like Detroit, where they can have their
own homelands. We don’t have to be antagonistic
towards them. And if you want to sell yourself
and your children down the river of multiculturalism, you can do that. But we deserve the right to
exist, deserve the right to defend our culture, and deserve
the right to have a future for our children. IGNACIO EVANS: White
supremacists don’t have to be loud. You show up with a hooded
robe, I’m scared. I’m sorry. I’m pretty sure the people in
the hoods would say white pride is good. The difference would be that I
think Matthew truly believes that there’s a victimization
attached to whiteness, and how it might disappear
in 50 years. I think that’s the functional
difference. Other than that, I think that
Matthew is just politically correct, and they’re not. MATTHEW HEIMBACH: Chocolate
brownie without the walnuts? OK, awesome. Then I will get that. ADDY: And can I do mozzarella
sticks? MATTHEW HEIMBACH: We just need
to take care of ourselves. So I think that’s the
key difference. It’s respect. And also, what I see is the
Biblical principle of love. Where, you’re supposed to love
everyone and treat them as you want to be treated. And that will get us a lot
farther in my mind then ever yelling racial epithets
into a bullhorn. I have a cherry. See, the big bad racists
can’t be that bad. We eat ice cream, just
like everybody else. In America there are plenty of
quote, unquote skinhead groups who think that beating up one
immigrant is going to advance the cause, and is going
to help things. I generally think that violence
doesn’t solve a lot in that sort of manner. But there are times where the
Bible justifies force. And when you fight,
you fight to win.

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