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100 thoughts on “Where is Bailey’s Boyfriend Going to COLLEGE? *surprise prank*

  1. I knew it!! hahahhaa i was looking at Bailey…orrr Brooklyn and I was like heck their hair is different, the band aid was different, and at the end of the video, they just proved my existence was one of a kind. 😂😍

  2. I had no idea! Cause im so focused on what Asa was saying 😂 Now I’m playing it again and totally noticed 😢😂

  3. Also you guys are so inspiring to me and to a lot of people in the world keep up the good work and keep inspiring millions of people. I am subscribed and I have my notifications on on both of the channels. Love You Guys So Much

  4. do you guys see that brooklyn and bailey swicthed places and thwey tried ti cover it up by having brooklyn act like bailey

  5. Wheni saw the video for the first time i couldn't make out the switch and so i watched it again. The Switches
    1)Before Liberty University
    2)Before Harding University
    (notice the strands of hair on either side, Bailey's is thick and Brooklyn's is thin)
    There is a small bandage on bailey's hand

  6. The Differences :-
    1)Bandage on Bailey's hand
    2)The strands of hair on either side near the ears-bailey's is thick and brooklyn's is thin
    Thank me later

  7. At first I had no idea and then I was like bailey looks like Brooklyn. Your eyes look different . So I was like wait that is Brooklyn. Lol

  8. I can't believe asa is related to the duck dynasty family…omg I love watching duck dynasty they are so cool and funny

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