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100 thoughts on “When to Eat + Sleep + Study in College | Calendar Blocking for Students

  1. Great video, and I know you selected one person to block for, however, the entire time I was an undergrad I was also working 25 hours a week to pay for all those classes as well as my car insurance and other expenses. My typical semester was 15 credits and 25-30 hours of work a week. I look back at my college days now and I seriously don’t know how I did it. My parents offered me free room and board while attending college but gave me NOTHING in the way of financial help because they simply did not have it to give. My brother was handicap so his expenses trumped my college education. Somehow I graduated with a 3.9 GPA and only $9,000 in loans after attending a private university.

  2. I love your videos Amy, thanks for being so valuable! What I struggle most with prioritizing is actually coming up with the steps. Do you have tips about reverse engineering your success?

  3. To ALL students, if you can master Amy's time management tips and Ana Mascara's studying tips, you'll be unstopable! Great video Amy, cheers from Spain! <3

  4. Great video as always, I have been doing my Calendar Blocking for a year and it has helped me a lot in college! But I still feel there's so much difference on how it works for the US compared to my country, I think it's because most people don't count the traveling from home to school and ride, in my case it's two hours from home to college and another 2 in the way back so that takes 4 hours out of my time, and I have much more blocking time of classes and activities now. I guess I struggle prioritizing which homework or deadline works should I work on first before everything else.

    Thank you as always Amy!

  5. Thank yoy so much Amy. I'm a student and I find it hard to juggle everytjjng. I have a lot of anxiety and stress. Im definatly going to impliment these tools into m schedule. 🎓

  6. I’m a sophomore at KSU and calendar blocking has absolutely saved my life! Mine looks a little wild because I work 2 jobs but this helps me plan my workouts, studying, morning routines, meals, etc. My friends think I’m a little crazy for doing it but I couldn’t survive without it!!

  7. dear Amy, I hope you see this comment. first of all, let me say I love this new set up! I am a university student and another youtuber mentioned you in a video maybe 2 years ago and since then I am subscribed here too. I found this video really helpful and I got so excited about it because you never do anything about young people/ students. thank you for this!!! <3

  8. This surely helped me a lot. This is my last year in University, I've decided to step up my game this year and try having a schedule throughout the week that will help be productive and not fall on study. So this video came up in the right moment.
    Thanks a lot🤩🤩🤩

  9. I'm in college (in France) and I wish my schedule could be that empty (I have classes from 9 to 5 sometimes 9 to 6) but thank you SO MUCH for making a video for college students !!

  10. I will be candid here. I screwed my life currently having 10 backlogs and 6 subjects this semester and I have 4 months for my exams. Need to eliminate 5 of the old ones and finish the current 6.
    problem is I also want to upload videos Cause I love makiing them i am not a confident guy maybe a 1 on 1 might help. amy? wanna help a poor soul?

  11. Oh Amy, I've been waiting this video for so long. Thank you girl <3. Could you do something similar for students who work and study?

  12. This was a particularly cool video. Like seeing some real life application with a someone's schedulr, even if you're not a student lol. Love it and you! You're awesome!

  13. Wow Amy thanks a bunch for this video..the tips were really helpful! I will probably still be struggling with 30 hours of classes each week but at least i can shoot for the right direction as much as possible! 💖

  14. I have been making such schedules since I started following you. But my struggle is that sometimes a task takes longer than the block I assign for it. This delays my sleep, meals, and everything.

  15. 5 daughters 11 and under… I wish I could run on a time block, but with SO much always changing and being dependent on them and my spouse who teaches… thing never stay the way I block… and I am not the best adjuster when I have a plan… so, I tend to not plan (and get less done) because of the stress it causes when I do… 🤷‍♀️
    But I still love to watch these videos… 😁

  16. My dad had me calendar block everything as young as middle school to help with my really bad anxiety, and when I went back to college I found your videos and was reminded of how wonderful this system is! Used it as a person who both worked full time and went to school full time, and I firmly believe that is why I was able to a) graduate in the first place and b) get good enough grades to graduate with honors. To any students currently reading this, even if you're still in high school or younger, please don't underestimate the amount of relief you'll get in your day to day life after a little bit of planning!

  17. Hi Amy this is an awesome video! thank you 🙏 About the question, I'm a 3D animator recent graduate, looking for a job and having a part time job on weekends (till I find something on my expertise). I use the blocking schedule technique since I saw the video you made about it AND I LOVE IT. I'm just having a problem every week. I do have prioritized and schedule what I have to do, literally every day of the entirely week is plan, I'm looking for a job so I schedule A LOT of working time on my demo reel hours. I wake up at 7 am have a morning ritual, I start working at 9 am and finish my day almost at 11 pm with 1 hour brake of lunch and dinner . That's a every day thing, except of weekends that I work 20 hours. here is my struggle: Even having all of my days full and plan, sometimes I get sooo tired and find losing almost a day at the week of doing nothing, I know I should have a "brake time" schedule, but I feel I'm losing time if I'm not working on my portfolio or looking for a job. How do you manage your brakes?
    Thanks again for your videos! you are awesome 😎
    Cheers – Paola

  18. Amy, in which video did you talk about the 4 quadrant to do list method? I’ve been trying to start doing it but I’m still not sure what should go in which quadrant…

  19. My biggest struggle when prioritizingis when i went to Do something in order to be ahead and end up not wanting to do it bc I know that everyone else isn't doing either I end up thinking to my self "I don't have to practice.." no One else does…

  20. It would have been sooo much fun to see this video with a class schedule from a latinamerican university. In Chile if you have all the classes you’re supposed to take at one semester you have between 6 and 8 different classes. If you add up transport time you have sometimes 5 to 6 hours a day, ending up with a schedule that starts at 5-5:30 am to get to you first class at 8am, then have class until 1pm for lunch and then continue classes from 2:30pm to 5:30pm sometimes 6pm or later so if you don’t stay at your university studying or doing something related to that you get home at 8pm aprox 😅 and it’s similar from monday to friday. Anyway, we somehow finish our majors with many ups and downs. It would be very interesting to see what Amy would suggest in those scenarios

  21. My biggest priority challenge is getting to the gym. Because then I’m have to worry about showering, and doing my make up, or messing up my hair etc. I’ve tried to become a morning exercise person but as a night owl I’ve never been able to make it work. I also hate going after work when everybody and their dog is at the gym…hence the struggle.

  22. Love this! Love love love this! 💕 Did I mention how much I love this. Blazing new intro aside, how helpful is this calendar blocking- life having- sleep-eat -+ morning routine schedule!? I love this idea so much… even though I wonder how much could apply in my case. When i first saw this video in my feed, I ignored it, even though Amy is Awesome.🥰 BC I figure college kids hahah that’s not me.

    Tonight after 5 hours of studying Neuroscience and Research Methodology and Statistics (whee fun!) and 2 class hours- wait a sec- I’m in grad school maybe this would help me!?

    So okay, next up Amy, calendar blocking for moms in PhD programs, who have approx 4 kids, approx appointments and activities per week, who also are working on growing a side hustle (YouTube) and yes who still are desperate to get enough sleep, eat, exercise, meditation and morning routine done. And oh yeah- gotta keep the whole house clean, laundry, dishes sheets on the bed, etc. Sooo. Any tips on that? 😂

    I tried using Google calendar for time blocking but I had to move so many things around each week that it kinda made me cry. 🥺

    But I welcome your suggestions! 💕💕

  23. My time blocking for school is similar to yours. I love the confirmation about my schedule being healthy and balanced. I am still learning how to create my weekly schedule into a more productive and accurate schedule for each of my days. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this video, I wasn't expecting it.

  24. My biggest problem: my schedule has double the amout of classes. 17 credits? You have to be joking United States. I mean, in Hungary, studying law, I spend 31 hrs at school, and that is just in classes! I also have a weekly 2 hr project I am in and another class that is a block seminaire (however you write this word), and will be overlapping some couerses for two weeks. I do have a two gym classes included, but those really are classes for me. Total credits: 33. All you in the US freaking out on not having time, pls chill. See this post as something to be thankful for that you don't have this many classes. I do deal with it though, xx

  25. I’m in Melbourne and probably 95% of uni students have part time jobs- around 12-20 hours probably. I don’t understand how you can possibly fill in a job with this kind of uni and how is this chicka actually living ?

  26. Absolutely love this! I'm a junior and college and I'm always looking for more tips and tricks. I would love to see more college related videos!

  27. Thank you Amy! I'm a college student majoring in English and Portuguese Literature and Language in Brazil, while being a private teacher and also in research projects, like Ashley. All of that trying to be healthy and move ma butt and spending 3 to 4 hours daily on a bus to commute. Most of my classes are at night, so I get home around 11:30 or 12:30 and it takes me around half an hour to get ready for bed.
    Even though I don't need to be up super early, I struggle to get out of bed with 8 hours of sleep because, by that time, it's already 8:30, sometimes 9 in the morning and I feel like I lost all of my morning time, and my morning time is my favorite time of the day.
    My question, and I would appreciate so much if you could answer, is: how to have a morning routine that makes me feel good about my day, even though I can't get up at the time I want because I need at least 8 hours of sleep to fuction?
    I've been watching your channel for almost 2 years now and everybody compliments me for my calendar skills. I always tell them about you. You helped me get where I am and I'm so glad <3

  28. Question / Topic Request! 🙋🏻‍♀️

    How to actually stick to the calendar blocks you make? The plan looks beautiful, but things happen / I miss something and then the whole thing gets thrown off. Or I just don’t feel like doing what is planned at that time, thus avoid / forget the calendar.

    How to manage time without feeling strained or strangling my ability to be responsive to things in the moment? Often the time comes when my energy feels better suited to something other than what I had originally planned to do in that block.

  29. My current struggle is that I work in the mornings (from 6-9) and I am in full-time grad school. I'm having a hard time finding a morning schedule routine because I can't bring myself to get up any earlier than I do.

  30. Not a student for years, still here I am for food-for-thought. Blocking out to do’s is really helpful versus just creating a list without realising how much you are realistically going to be able to do.

  31. Thank you so much for making this. I’m a college student and I always find myself saying I’m too busy or not having enough hours in the day to get things done but this really helped!

  32. My biggest struggle is starting everyday and getting back to work after breaks. So I guess breaking the inertia. It would mean the world if you made a video about this.

  33. Love this video Amy! I’m a mom of a 2 year old and I’m in school to get my esthetician’s license right now! I’m lucky enough to not have to work also but my husband works 2 jobs while I’m in school so that means I get no help at home. I want to build up my Instagram to start building my portfolio so I can build my clientele before I graduate but between moming, studying, and taking care of my house and myself I can’t seem to find the time! Any advice? @ellaelstonbeauty <- Instagram

  34. WHAT A THROWBACK TO MY COLLEGE DAYS! Ahhh! I was that calendar blocking girl, planner loving, probably-too-many-Lilly-print-community-college girl. I'm going back to school next year and I know calendar blocking is going to save me. Between school, full-time work, playing second mommy to my sibs, and adult responsibilities, I totally get why folks in their late-twenties and beyond say school is nearly impossible, but I need it for the dream job, so school it is!

  35. Hahahaah when you said "cooking," "history," I totally heard "cocaine history." I was like, "wow, electives have changed a bit since I went to school." hahahaha

  36. OMG Amy just what I needed!!!! The hardest part for me in college has been meal prep and workout, eventually hwk and study needs to be done, but the other areas of my life have been quite messy for the past few months. Hope to get back on track soon!

  37. If I use the calculation "ECTS * 2 = weekly study hours" I get over 60 hours a week for literally any semester – is that normal? 😂

  38. Man her actuall college schedule is lax AF, if I had so little classes I wouldn't have to spend so much time researching how to manage time better, lol.

  39. My issue is working a job that doesn't allow me to have a consistent sleep schedule, coupled with having to wake up early to drive kids to school. I'm so fatigued all the time, and that makes it difficult for me to successfully prioritize and stop procrastinating.

  40. Thank you for this, as a full time college student working part time and raising a toddler sometimes life gets overwhelming and hectic and mommy brain plays a big role.

  41. I wish I know at the beginning to have a master weekly to do this where it has every kind of thing you need to do each wee and them form there to can plan exactly what you need to do. Like for one of my Class each week I have to take notes, read the textbook, make study notes and work on my assignment that is due each week. Then at the end of the week, I will look at the week ahead and write down what chapter I need to read. What notes exactly I need to take. what concepts I need to put in my study notes and lastly what questions I need to answer for my assignment. Then I decided when I am going to get that done. This is how I make sure I get everything done each week.

  42. It's scary to think of how crazy this schedule would look if this student had a part time job too. I feel for all the college students that have to have a part time job to make ends meet. 🙁

  43. Food is my downfall! I work Monday-Thursday and take night classes Monday-Wednesday, so I'm out of the house for the entire day and there's only about 20 minutes or an hour between clocking out at work and needing to walk over to campus. Food needs to be pretty cheap, healthy, and something that I can do without having to go home. I don't know how to fit meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal prep (for packing meals but also for eating at home) into my schedule, but I do have large blocks of time on the weekends if I could balance some of those tasks with the classwork that needs to get done.

  44. Why don't any of these videos feel relevant? What IF she did have a part-time in addition to being full-time and also wants to commit time to the gym while being part of more than just one extracurricular? I feel like there should be more scheduled rest… Research then a 2 hour study block right after, for example, just doesn't sound like it's going to happen. Same with the back-to-back class/study/class/study blocks on MWF. It's a wonderful concept but it sometimes doesn't seem so easy!

  45. I really enjoy your videos however… my life like a lot of other college students… are parents & married. I am a senior in college taking 6 classes& work 30 hours a week… however, I cook, clean, wash, put away, run house errands as well. I get it all done, but I literally have no self care. I’m up at 5:45 am every day…How would you organize a schedule juggling all four aspects in my life?

  46. My biggest struggle is that I'm on the ballroom dance team, and practice doesn't end until 11 PM!!! By the time I'm in bed it's already midnight. How do I manage this when all of my classes start at 8 AM? Dropping classes or dropping dance really isn't an option – these classes have to be taken at this time, and dance is really important to me.

  47. Amy! This is kind of a foolish question but should the time block for studying be strictly for studying or can extra assignments like papers and homework be done during this block? or should homework be in a different block?

  48. I really enjoyed the college edition video. I would really appreciate it if you posted more like this. Thank you 🤗

  49. Hrmmm I'm a uni student whom also works and as someone studying a teacher degree and working as a unaccredited teacher as well as teacher assistant to make money to afford to live that also means class preps when it comes to teaching classes. I struggle to always fit my morning routine in due to this and also struggle to always fit exercise in when it comes to busy times with work at the same time as school. I don't think I can fix this issue as purely need more hours in the day but thank you for this calendar blocking. I saved it for my Summer trimester (australian)

  50. Thank you Amy for this info! It would be interesting to also do a Graduate student's perspective! As an undergrad i did not really develop a routine, or managed my time very well, and it has carried over to graduate school, but this info helps! Thanks again!

  51. Thank you so much for this!! I’ve been overwhelmed with balancing out studying, work, meetings, life and this motivated me to manage my time better.

  52. Thank you so much for this video! I am 31 and going back to university this december and i have never been so petrified! Can you do more college/university related organisation videos that could be useful especially for older students?

  53. Omg I would have loved to see you try and have done my old schedule, biochem major, thee jobs, 45 minute commute 😭 so glad that's over! I look back and if I had just been more organized I would have done 30-50% better. I didn't figure it out till like the last couple semester.good luck to all my college students out there!

  54. I am working 3 days a week from 16:00 to 00:00 and I’m finding my self tired a lot as I go to sleep at 2 am on those days so I am tired and I get to be tired all day

  55. I have class from 8:30AM to 7:30PM (and 1 hour to lunch in the middle) from monday to friday, so it's kinda hard to put 100 hours of studying in the white spaces left 🙁

  56. Hey girl! Would you be able to do something like this but for a working adult who is in school and how to make time for the gym and all the other personal activities?

  57. College student and mom here. I find it easier to commute, then plan to study on campus. I'll calender block those times into my day–and find that the change of scenery helps my focus. The second I am home, I'm in mom mode and just have to acknowledge that. Sleep is very important, but some days the only time I have to study is when the kid is in bed. I practice reverse engineering a lot, but some times due dates sneak up on you.

    Also…. I'm an art student, so I have to block off way more time to be in the studio. Those classes are no joke when it comes to time commitments.

  58. One of my biggest struggles is that sometimes when I have planned to work or study at a certain time, I'd feel extremely tired or sleepy and then I end up wasting time not to fall asleep and I neither do the work nor rest.

  59. I got a great schedule this semester!. Tuesday-Thursday 8:00–8:50 then Tuesday and Thursday 11:30–5:15. 5 classes. 3 credits each. I also work 25 hours a week on my off days from class. Id say I got a good schedule. Last semester I had 5 classes and class 5 days a wek, but only 1 or 2 classes each day. That also worked really well

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