What’s Trenda’ing? Computer Science Education Week
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What’s Trenda’ing? Computer Science Education Week

Computer Science Education Week is all
about demystifying computer science and coding for K-12 students and really getting
them engaged early. So, organizations across the world will hold events called
“Hour of Code” to help drum up interest as well as help those K-12 students
understand that computer science and coding can be both easy and fun. Our children are going to have jobs
that never even existed in prior generations, so Rasmussen College is
dedicated to preparing that next generation of programmers so that they
can hold a bright future in the new digital economy. For Computer Science Education Week, Rasmussen College developed a fun maze game for kids. So to play our game and
to just participate in Hour of Code with the kids in your life,
check out the link in this post. And that’s … What’s Trending!

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