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What’s In the Box Challenge – XOXO Friends

(upbeat electronic music) – [Both] Hey, everybody. – Take a moment right now
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a special challenge today of Maya versus Addy, but
before we get into that, we wanna tell you
something really super cool that we have coming up. – [Both] We have a meet and greet! – That’s right, everybody,
we have a meet and greet coming up on August 24th, from
11 o’clock to one o’clock, at the Walmart on Mallory
Lane in Franklin, Tennessee and we really wanna see you there. We’re gonna be signing autographs, we’re gonna have a giant, like, photo wall to take photos of us. It’s going to be super fun. Plus, you can check out all
of our new Tic Tac Toy line of toys that are going to be
there for you to check out, for you to purchase, for
us to autograph for you. It’s going to be super fun. – Pretty please come. – And a quick reminder, you
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if you haven’t already. – It’s game time now. – The game that we’re gonna play today involves our new line of toys. Specifically our XOXO Friends today. Here they all are, aren’t they adorable? I’m gonna, real quickly,
introduce you to all 24 that you can collect. We’ve got Maya X, Button, Bops, Addy X, Koko, Sutton, Clair, and Pop. Pearly, Blair, Silver, Luna,
Bella, Lolli, Kiki, and Star. Ginger, Addy O, Stella, Button, Hops, Swirly, Maya O, and Pepper. So, we’re gonna be playing
a What’s in the Box game using our XOXO Friends. Addy, how do our What’s in
the Box games usually work? – So, you usually turn it over this way. You put a mystery item inside the box. – [Lucy] Right inside there. – And you have to put your hands in and try to guess what the object is. – That’s right, so they’re
going to have to try to guess what the object is
without using their eyes, only using their sense of touch, and the object that’s
gonna be inside the box are going to be XOXO Friends. And we actually have our wall up here where we have all of our
character’s names on it, as well. That way as the girls are
feeling inside trying to guess who it is, they can look
over here and be like, hmm, that feels like a unicorn horn, so maybe it could be Star. Or maybe they’ll feel that
there are little hints that will lead them to guess what character is inside the box. We’re gonna play five rounds, and the first three rounds are
going to be where Addy picks what Maya’s guessing and Maya
picks what Addy’s guessing. And the last two rounds are
going to be where I pick it and we see which one of
them can guess it correctly. And if you haven’t noticed,
we’re actually down here filming and playing the game in the
actual studio that we used to film our Toy Makers XOXO series where the girls and I
actually made, designed, created all these toys. Here was our board that
we used for brainstorming and that’s gonna be where
we keep score today. Who wants to pick the first item to hide? – Me, me, me. – [Lucy] You, okay, so then, Addy, you’re gonna leave the
room for a quick second. – All right, I’ll go to the Toy Cafe. – Okay. All right, Maya, so Addy is gone. She’s gonna pick one of our XOXO Friends that we’re gonna put inside the box that we’re gonna see if Addy can feel it and guess it correctly. – Since there’s a character of Addy, I think I’m gonna choose Addy. What if she has to guess
if it’s Addy O or Addy X? – All right, Maya just asked
a very important question. In our XOXO Friends, there
are two of every animal, two Addys and two Os. So, the way we’re gonna do it, Maya, is if you correctly guess
one of the two, for example, here we have Bella and Luna,
and if Maya chose Bella but Addy guessed Luna,
we’ll still give her a point because they are the same shape, they feel exactly the same way. But if she actually correctly
guesses the exact one, we’ll give them two points. Which one, girly? – Addy O. – So she’s choosing Addy O, but if Addy guesses Addy O or Addy X, then she’ll get one point. If she correctly guesses Addy
O, she’ll get two points. All right, go ahead and grab it, Maya. Okay, shut the door. So, if you haven’t checked
out our XOXO Friends, what makes them super extra special is that they all have swappable wings. So, for example, this is Stella and these were the wings
that were on Addy O. We can actually swap the wings and now Stella has the
wings that were on Addy O. All right, Addy, you ready? – Yep.
– Okay. Gonna reach in there. I think this is gonna be super tricky because they’re all the same
exact size, same height. They’re very similar in shape, so I wouldn’t be surprised
if we go the whole game and no one guesses right. – I know this is either me or Maya. – [Lucy] Oh. Don’t give any hints, Maya. – Okay, I know it’s me. – [Lucy] You get one guess. What’s your final guess, girl? – Addy X. – [Lucy] Is it Addy X? – No. – [Lucy] No. – [Addy] Is it Addy O? – [Lucy] It’s Addy O. – I thought you guys would choose Addy X ’cause it would be more bright
and cheerful on the camera. – So, she did correctly guess
it was one of the Addys, so she still gets one point. Round one we get one point for Addy. Wanna put it on there, Maya? All right, Maya, your turn
to head to the Toy Cafe. And, Addy, it’s your turn to pick someone. – [Addy] I’m choosing this one. – Okay. She chose Pop. Okay. All right, Maya. – [Addy] One, go. (playful music) – Ooh, I know. Hmm, okay. This is either… I think this is Lolli. – [Lucy] Okay, look at the board. Is Lolli your final answer? – Wait, let me look. Let me look. It’s Pop. – Is that your final answer?
– Are you sure? – Pop?
– Yeah. – [Lucy] All right, let’s check. – [Addy] It is Pop! – [Lucy] How did you know? – I just felt it and I saw Addy’s face, I’m like, nope, this isn’t. And so I’m like, it’s Pop. – [Lucy] So, two points for Maya. – Yeah.
– She’s ahead of me. She’s ahead of me, I have to catch up. – [Lucy] Addy, back to the Toy Cafe, girl. Maya, it’s time to choose. – I know, I know, I know, I know, I know. – Okay, what one? What one, what one? Okay, shh, let’s see who it is. Ooh, do you know this is Bella. So Maya chose Bella, who
is one of our Kitties. So, if Addy correctly guesses
Bella, she’ll get two points but if she correctly guesses Luna, which is one of our rare
collectables over here, she’ll still get one point because it’s still the kitty
with the same body shape. She just guessed the wrong color. Put it in, Maya, and let’s shut the doors till she gets in here. So Maya has a lead, two to one. Let’s see if Addy can
redeem herself and catch up. – [Maya] Ready, let’s go. – Okay. I know it’s either Bella or Luna. – [Lucy] Okay. – It kind of feels like it
could be Pearly or Swirly. – [Lucy] Those are the pigs. We have Pearly here and
Swirly, where’s Swirly? There’s Swirly. – Make up your mind. – Okay, I feel the mouth
is definitely not a pig. – [Lucy] Final answer. – I’m gonna choose…
– Will you get three? Or will you get two, three or two? – Luna. – [Lucy] Luna, let’s see, Maya. You wanna pull it out
and show her who it is? – Dang it. I always guess the right animal, but I– – The wrong color. So, that was round two,
so one point for Addy. So, now you’re tied. These girls are doing a lot better than I thought they would. I honestly thought there might be a chance where nobody would have
guessed any of them right. – I know our characters– – Our XOXO Friends?
– Yeah, they’re my toys. – [Lucy] So, you’ve got them down. While Addy is deciding, I’m
gonna really quickly show you the packaging that our
XOXO Friends come inside. It’s like a tic-tac-toe board, and so you have all these different boxes, all these Xs and Os pop out
and you get to punch them open and inside all the X’s and
O’s boxes are surprises, and we’re gonna actually show you or show the the girls
unboxing them at the very end so you can see exactly how it works. – I really wanna choose a hard one so that Maya only gets one point and the next round I’ll
hopefully get two points so I’m ahead of her. The pigs would be pretty
easy ’cause of their noses and Maya would be pretty
easy ’cause of her pigtails. I’m definitely choosing this one because a lot of them have
stuff on top of their heads and it’s gonna be hard. – This is who Addy chose. Blair. You excited, Maya? – Open up the box. Now, go! – Okay, this is either Claire or Blair. I feel the crown. – Okay. Which one is it? – Blair. – [Lucy] All right, let’s check. – [Addy] You’re right. – [Lucy] She got it again! – Yeah! – [Lucy] You are on fire,
Maya, and quite lucky. – Let’s add two points to Maya. – All right, for round
two, Maya got two points. Wow, so Maya is four and Addy is two. On to round three now. All right, Miss Maya. – I’m gonna choose Button. – Okay, show us Button,
Button’s one of my favorites. Here’s Button, for those
of you that don’t know, she is darling. She’s a cute little kitty cat. Get it in there, Maya, and shut the doors. All right, Addy. – Come on in. Come on in. Come on in. – [Lucy] Okay. Let’s see, I’m gonna
show what she’s doing. – [Maya] Which one of
those two will it be? – Ooh, I know that it’s
either Sutton or Button. – [Maya] Yes. – [Lucy] Oh, Maya said yes. Comes down to a guess at this point. – Maybe Sutton? – [Lucy] All right, let’s check. – [Maya] No! – [Lucy] Aw, Addy, you
have bad luck, girl. – Hey, at least I’m
guessing the right animal. – [Lucy] You are. Addy gets one point. – On round three. – So she correctly guessed that it was one of the cute little kitty cats
with the bow on its head, but she thought it was
Sutton instead of Button, which it actually was. Addy, you’re turn to choose one. Oh, is that who you’re gonna go with? – Yep.
– Okay, good choice. So Addy went with Luna,
who is one of our rares. – Let’s go.
– Go! – I know this is either Swirly or Pearly. – Okay.
– Okay. – No, I feel their cheeks. It’s either, which one is it? Bella or… – What about Sutton and Button? They have pointy cheeks, kind of. – No, but they don’t have a bow. This one’s gonna have a bow. – Okay.
– So this one is… – Bella or Luna?
– Bella. – [Lucy] All right, let’s see. – [Addy] Luna! – No. – [Lucy] But you know what, Maya? You still get one point. – All right. – The score is currently
Addy has three points and Maya, how many points do you have? You have five points, but
we’re moving on to round four and five, which is where I’m
going to pick the characters. So the What’s Inside the Box game actually comes with a timer. You can turn this (timer buzzing)
and it gives you 10 seconds. So for my round, I’m gonna
give them only 10 seconds and they have to have the
answer in that 10 seconds. – No, that’s really hard.
– Uh-huh. So the other rules are still gonna apply, so as long as you guess
the right animal type, you’ll get one point. If you guess the exact right XOXO Friend, you get two points. And if you guess the
wrong animal, zero points. Okay, nobody has mentioned the bulldogs. They are so, so cute. So this is Silver. I’m gonna put Silver inside. I’m gonna call the girls in one at a time and we’ll see if either of them can guess that Silver is in the box. All right, girls, Maya,
you’re gonna come first and Addy, you gotta wait in here. All right. Since this one is timed, she can’t put her hands in until I say to, and once the timer’s going, I need an answer when
it dings or before that. You ready, girl?
– Yeah. – [Lucy] Okay, okay, hang
on, let me turn the timer. All right, put your hands in. Shh, be quiet, don’t let Addy know. – Luna? – [Lucy] Is that your final answer? – Yeah. All right, Maya guessed Luna. Now we’re gonna put it back. I’m not gonna tell her
whether she’s right or wrong because it’s Addy’s turn now and she’s gonna come try to guess, too. Are you ready, Addy? Okay, don’t put your hands in yet, not until I turn the timer on. – Oh, I forgot about the– – [Lucy] 10 seconds. Okay, on your mark, get set, go. (timer buzzing) – I don’t know. – [Lucy] Time’s ticking. (timer clicks)
Oh, need an answer! Do you have an answer? I think it’s too late, girl. Time passed, so your guess doesn’t count but if you had to take a guess
now, what would you guess? – Maybe Silver or Glitter. – All right, let’s see.
Maya, come back in. – [Maya] Coming! – It’s Silver. It’s Silver. – [Lucy] It’s Silver. – I guessed Sutton or Button. – You guessed Luna.
– Luna. – So, neither of you got that one right. That means zero points for
both girls for round four. I can’t believe I stumped them both. Now it’s time for the
fifth and final round and it’s still really anyone’s game. Maya can win it or Addy could tie Maya, when which case we’d
have to do a tie breaker. So either girls could
pull out with a victory. Okay, let’s see. (humming) I think… I’m gonna go with Kiki. Into the box it goes. All right, Maya, you come with me first. Think you can do this one?
– Yeah. – [Lucy] 10 seconds, don’t
put your hands in yet. Are you ready?
– Mm-hmm. – [Lucy] Okay. And don’t yell anything because, remember, Addy’s in the other room, okay? All right, go. (timer buzzing) – Luna. – [Lucy] Is that your final answer? – Yes. – All right. Maya is pretty positive that it’s Luna. Go get your sister,
let’s see how Addy does. I think this 10-second timer is making it a lot more difficult. All right, Addy-Roo. Your sister made a guess. Let’s see what you’re gonna think it is. No hands in yet, you ready? – Yeah. – [Lucy] Okay, on your mark, get set, go. (timer buzzing) – Maybe, ooh, it’s either Koko or Kiki. – [Lucy] Which one? – Koko? – All right, so Addy guessed Koko before the buzzer went off, so I let her choose one even
though the timer stopped and she guessed Koko. Maya thinks it’s Luna and
Addy thinks it’s Koko. All right, let’s see who it is. – Dang it, it’s Kiki. – It’s Kiki. Which means that Maya gets zero points and Addy gets one point for round five. So what’s the final score, Maya? Addy has one, two, three, four points. Maya has two, four, five points. Maya’s our champion. – Thank you, thank you! – So, since Maya won,
she is gonna get to open one of our XOXO Friends surprise packs and show you how it works. But who are these two
cute girls on the cover? – That’s me, that’s Addy. Guess what’s really cool. – [Lucy] What? – That’s my real signature. – [Lucy] It is! Maya and Addy, that’s actually their
signatures by their pictures. So on the back we show all the characters you can collect and all the wings, too. There are 36 swappable
wings that you can collect. – And there’s me, Daddy, Mommy, and Maya. – Mm-hmm, yep. There’s the whole family
minus our sweet Collin. We’re gonna pop out all the boxes inside and then we’ll pop them
out in order so you can see what comes inside these surprise packs. This is surprise pack one. We numbered all of our
surprise packs, one through 12, so if you keep track of
which one’s you’ve bought, you will never get a duplicate and you will get the whole collection. So, for example, this is surprise box one. This is surprise pack number three. And then let’s just pull out another one, this one back here is
surprise pack number 11. And each surprise pack comes with its own unique
XOXO Friends and wings. – [Maya] Let’s go. – All right, so Maya
can pop out her first. Boxes one and two. What’s inside box number one, Maya? Blind bags. Who’d you get? – Pepper! – [Lucy] Pepper, aw, the
cute little teddy bear that has a crown on its head. And notice the heads can turn,
and we made it palm size, so they’re good sizes for collectables. Was surprise box one,
now open door number two. – Let’s see what’s in this one. (both gasp) It’s cute little wings. – Ooh, these are cool ones. I love them, go ahead
and put them on Pepper. But those are so trendy. Maya is moving on to
surprise number three. There are eight surprises
in these surprise packs. – [Maya] Let’s see what’s in here. – [Lucy] Did you get
one of your accessories? – It’s a little beach ball.
– The little beach ball. How cute. And there are actually
12 different accessories you can collect. Here they are right here. My personal favorite is the
backpack with the unicorn wings and, of course, the puppy
popping out of the package. So let’s move on and get
surprise box number four out. Oh, four and five. Let’s see what’s inside. Door number four should have
one of the XOXO Friends inside, so let’s see which one she got. – Oh my gosh. – [Lucy] Let’s see. Aw, another one of my
favorites, it’s Sutton, the cute little kitty. Now let’s see what wings we’re
gonna get to put on Sutton. That’ll be in the box right
below, box number five. – That looks so cute.
– Oh, the black ones. – I think that actually
goes really well on Sutton. – [Lucy] I think so, too, the
black against the white fur. – [Maya] They’re flying together. – [Lucy] Two cute XOXO Friends. Here are just some of the cool
wings that you can collect. There are 36 of them. Time for box number six now. What is that? – I think this may be the other wings or maybe the putty or putty cutter. – Each surprise pack comes
with two XOXO Friends, three sets of wings, an accessory, some putty and a putty cutter, so you can use it to cut
out cute little accessories for your XOXO Friend. – It’s the new wings.
– Wings. – [Lucy] Let’s see what the wing is. – It looks like it’s purple.
– Ooh, it’s purple! – Ooh, cute.
– Like butterfly wings. – I love those. – Those are fun.
– Let’s swap the wings. – [Lucy] Okay, who are
you gonna swap it with? – Okay, how about we’re
gonna swap Pepper’s. We’re gonna put matching– – Ooh, so you’re gonna match, I like that. Pepper is purple, so you’re gonna put the
purple wings on Pepper. All right, two boxes left. On to number seven. And while Maya’s opening box number seven, I want to remind you that these toys are now available in Targets and Walmarts across the United States. We are also coming to the U.K. and we’re gonna be at Smyth’s in October, but I think that you
can actually go online and pre-order on their website. And if you’re here in the US, you can also go Walmart.com and Target.com and order online, as well. You got putty, you
think, is that the putty? – Yeah, it feels like putty. – [Lucy] Okay, let’s see what color it is. – It looks like I got the hot pink putty. – [Lucy] Hot pink putty. – That means that the next
one’s gonna be a putty cutter. Let’s see which one I get. – [Lucy] There are six
different colors of putty and 12 different putty
cutters that you can collect. Maya, what shape are you gonna get? – [Maya] Cupcake! – [Lucy] A cupcake, oh, so fun. – One of my favorite desserts. – [Lucy] Oh, me too, girly. Cupcake putty cutter. – Flatten it out some.
– Let’s get the cupcake on. Let’s take away all of it, now open it. – So fun.
– Cupcake. So if you got a cupcake in
this one and the next one you get a crown, you could
use the crown in this one. – [Lucy] You’re right, you
can kind of mix and match them all, can’t you?
– Mm-hmm. – And real quickly, Addy’s
gonna tell you about what else we have over here. These are our XOXO Surprise Boxes. Addy, what’s inside those? – So in here, we have one XOXO Friend, one set of wings, and one bracelet. – [Lucy] That’s right, we got wristbands. And then these giant boxes,
what are these, Addy? These are big ones. – These are XOXO Hugs– – [Lucy] Which are our plush. – Yes, and you can tell
by this little thing– – [Lucy] A little sneak peek of the fur. So, if you flip it over–
– You can turn it around. You’re either gonna get Luna or Izzy. – Right, because we have that fuchsia fur, we know it’s either Luna or Izzy. And on the packages, again, we have all these fun boxes
that you can pop open. There are six surprises inside, so you get your XOXO Hug plush. What else do you get,
Addy, do you remember? – You also get one set of swappable wings. – [Lucy] That’s right,
we have swappable wings on these guys, too. – And you also get an accessory set which are in these boxes. You can either get princess,
a chef, and a pop star. – Right, you don’t know what
accessory kit you’re gonna get. So those are our new toys
which are out in stores now. We are so pumped about them,
we’re excited about them. We love them and we really hope
that you guys love them too. Now, if you haven’t done so already, please make sure you’ve
given this video a thumbs up and that you’ve subscribed
to Tic Tac Toy Family and to Tic Tac Toy, and we
will see you guys next time. – [Both] XOXO. – Bye!
(Lucy laughing) (cheerful music)

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