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What’s in Our Backpacks 2014 | Back-to-School Supplies

[MUSIC PLAYING] -Hi, guys, it’s
Brooklyn and Bailey. And we are doing a back
to school giveaway. Yay! And because you guys gave
us such good feedback from last year’s
giveaway, we are doing it basically the same way. So we have a Brooklyn backpack
and a Bailey backpack. And these are the same backpacks
that we’ll be using personally for ourselves during the
school year, so you guys– -So you guys will match us. – –basically match us. -Yes, we’ll have
the same backpack. The rules for this giveraway–
we are using Rafflecopter. And there’s a link below if
you want to click on them. All of the rules are
down there in that link. There is one required
thing that you must do in order to
win this giveaway. And once you do
that required thing, it will unlock a
bunch of options. You don’t have to
do those options, but if you do do some of them,
you will get extra entries. So you will have a
bigger chance of winning one of these backpacks. There are two
Rafflecopters, which means there are two links
below– one for my backpack and one for hers. You are allowed to
enter both of them and do all of the
required things for that. I’m not going to explain what
those required things are because it will explain
itself if you click on one of those links below–
one of those Rafflecopter links. This is an international thing. So you must be 18
years or older, or have your parent
enter for you. -You can start entering
the giveaway now. And then the giveaway will
end August 19, Tuesday, 11:59 PM Central
Time– Texas time, whatever that’s
called– our time. I don’t know. Whatever. -We will in no way, shape,
or form be ending this early. So if you get an email from
someone saying that you won or something before the
giveaway is actually over, know that you are being spammed. And if they’re asking for credit
card information or something that we completely
don’t need, do not fall for it whatever
you do, because you are being spammed by
those crazy people out there who like to spam
you and like to fake you out. Do not fall for it. Just know that we
will be ending it August 19, that day, that time. And you will get an
email personally from us when it’s over if you’ve won. So other than that, do not
fall for anything else. And I think those
are all of the rules. -We are going to describe what’s
on the inside of our backpacks. But first let’s explain what
our backpacks look like. -So this is my backpack. I got it from Aeropostale. It’s black. And it’s got this brown leather
and this Hamsa Indian design all over it. -It’s really cute. -And it’s really cute. It’s really big and roomy. So it’s got a lot
of room to hold all of those school supplies. -And mine is O’neill
brand backpack, but I found it at Tilly’s. It’s white. And it’s got this cute
green and pink floral on it. And it’s really spacious. It’s got a lot of pockets. I don’t know. I just love it. So now let’s show
you guys what’s on the inside of
these backpacks. So to start off, we
have a basic binder, because everyone needs
a binder for school. It’s a one-inch. And it’s got two
pockets on the inside. And it’s got these clip things,
so you can hold paper in it. And it’s really nice
and handy dandy. -Just plain white. -And then we also have folders
that you can put on the inside so it decorates the plain,
white, boring binder. Or you could just
use them as a folder, whatever you want to do. Next we have–
let’s do this one. -Got to find that. Oh, here it is. -We found these super,
duper, duper cute kind of matching pencil
holders at Target. And so we got them for you. They’re really big. And they hold a lot of stuff. -Yes, they’re big. And they clip into
your binder too, so if you just want to
clip them into your binder. -We also have these– -Contigo water bottles, because
I am always needing water at school, and I never
have a water bottle. -School is exhausting. -And so we finally got
a school water bottle. And it has this little
clippy button thing. And if you clip, it flips
open so you can drink it. -And it has this
thing, which I assume means you can clip it
on to your backpack. I assume that’s what it’s for. It says carry loop. Oh, I was right. Yeah, so you have a
clip thing and you can clip it onto your backpack. -How did you undo that? -You pull it off. There. -Oh. Got it. -So you can clip it
onto your backpack. Nifty difty. And, yeah, there’s
your water bottle. -It’s a very nice water bottle. -Let’s do these. -Oh, OK, the fun ones. These are called rock,
paper, scissors erasers. And they have the rock and
the paper and the scissors. -Basically they’re just
fun, cool looking erasers. But if you get
super bored, you can play rock, paper,
scissors with them if you want during school,
which I assume would be fun. -Yes. I thought they were
cute, so we got them. -They have little
eyes and smilies. So if you want to play
rock, paper, scissors in the boring history
class or whatever, there you go– entertainment. Next we have this cute
little cupcake because– -Because we love cupcakes. -When we first saw this,
I was like, oh my gosh, it’s a little cupcake. I thought it was a little
cupcake you could actually eat, but it’s not. It’s a pencil sharpener. -You thought you could eat this? -Well, I thought it was– -Wait, OK– -Maybe if you’re hungry– -I can’t tell for sure, but I
think it pops the frosting off. And there’s the sharpener– -The sharpener is in there. – –you can sharpen a pencil in. I can’t, because I
haven’t unwrapped it. But I can see little
hingey things. -So you can set this at
the top of your desk, and everyone can be
jealous because you have the little
cupcake sharpener. If only it was real, and
you could lick the frosting while you sharpen your pencil. -That’d be so cool. -All right, let’s do these. -All righty. -Post-it Notes! -But they’re colorful and neon. So when you need to– -Post that note. – –post that note,
it’s flashy, cute, and not boring
Post-it Note things. I don’t even know– -Yeah, because Post-its
are pretty boring. -When you need
annotate that book, you’ve got flashy note cards. -Annotations, oh my. Ugh. -How about– oh, yes. -Pencils. -And there’s– -Except for these ones sparkle. – –a lot. -These ones are sparkly. -Yeah, they’re sparkly. And there’s 26 of them, which
is very nice considering– everyone goes to the first day
of school with 500 pencils. And then the next day, you
have one half-broken pencil. -And you’re digging on the
floor, looking for an eraser. -You go in your desk,
and you find one. You’re like, pencil, yes! -It’s so true. I do it all of the time. -So there are 26 of these, so
you will have a lot of pencils. -And they sparkle. -And they sparkle. They’re sparkly. And they’re cute colors too. So you get the sparkly
cute colored pencils with nice erasers,
which is always great. -Ooh, yeah, they do
have nice erasers. -Yes. So cool, wonderful
mechanical pencils. All righty. -Pens! -Because basically
everyone knows you have to have
pens for school. It’s just a thing. -Yeah, so this is a little
pack of 10 black pens. I mean, there’s nothing
really special about them except for you usually
use them a lot at school, so we got you guys a pack. -Hm, let’s do these. -Oh, yeah. So we found these handy
dandy little miniature ICE BREAKERS packages. And they’re– what
flavor are these? They’re– -They smell good. -Ooh, they smell really good. It’s the Ultimate Mouth
Freshening Winter Green. -What flavor? Oh, Winter Green. -ICE BREAKERS. And there’s– how many in there? There’s four little packages. -One, two, three, four. -And I think the little
mints are probably teeny, considering they’re in these
little, teeny packages. -No, they look regular. -Are they regular-sized? I don’t even know. I think it’s just the
package that’s mini. -But they’re really handy. They fit perfectly well
in your little pockets of your backpack,
so there you go. -Okie dokie. -When you’re talking to that
cute guy, put one of those in. Yeah. Ooh, note cards. -Index cards. -Yes, you will be
prepared with these. I always have those teachers
who are like, everyone, bring those index cards. And nobody ever has them. -It’s true. -But you will have them because
they are here– right here. And we got them for you. And they are a
package of 100, so you will have them for a while. -100– what is that in Spanish? -I don’t know. -Throwback to the Spanish days. Diez? No, that’s 10. Wait, uno, dos, tres, cuatro,
cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez. Diez is 10. -All you Spanish
speakers out there– -I can’t remember what 100 is. Cien. Cien. Boo-ya! -Woo! -Spanish remembering– -[INAUDIBLE] – –from way back. -This is what
school’s for, guys. -Refresh my memory on Spanish. It’s a little scary. -We have the basic erasers, too,
even though I like the rock, papers, scissors ones better– -Yes, but I always– – –than the basic ones. -I always use the big ones
because the ones on my pencils always run out. So then I always have to
carry around the big ones so that I can erase
my many big mistakes. Yes. -All right, tissues
for cold days. -Or allergies like me,
because springtime is coming. And I’m always that person
who’s like– [SNIFFING]. -[COUGHING] –in class. And you cough one
too many times. And you’re like, OK,
I’m pretty sure I’m annoying everyone in
this classroom right now. -Yes. -But that’s what these are for–
to blow out your nose, to cough in, to sneeze in, to whatever
you want to do– cry. Don’t cry on these. That’d be sad. -Don’t use these for crying. That’s not– no. -Baby Lips because you
just want your lips to be– -And I think we have
different flavors– – –moisturized at school. -What’s yours? Oh, hers is– -Wait, mine is Beam of Blush. -And mine is Crystal Kiss. So crystallize that
kiss with Crystal Kiss. -With Baby Lips. -Baby Lips. -Baby Lips. -Oh, let’s do these. This is my favorite part, guys. -No, let’s save these for last. Let’s save these for last. -Oh, OK. OK. -Do these ones instead. -Oh. -Oh. -Oh. [LAUGHTER] -Scissors. -They match the pencil holders. -Yes. And mine is these
green and blue ones. And hers are the pink and gray. And they just match
the whole theme of mine, which is more
of a greenish theme. And hers is more of a pinkish. And they are super cute. And you can use them– -It’s weird. – –to cutely cut up your paper. -I know that you need
scissors for school, but no one ever has
scissors at school. -It’s true. You always end up
using the teacher’s. And then I’m always
that student who awkwardly breaks the
teacher’s scissors. -How do you break scissors? -No, it’s usually the stapler. The stapler’s the one
that’s always breaking. And then you’re
like, I didn’t do it. I promise. -OK. Gum, because gum
works with everything. And you need your breath– -Who doesn’t need gum? – –to smell good. -We got you three packs
so that you’re not the person who’s like,
hey, do you have gum? I need gum. Do you ever have that person? -Don’t pull these out at school. You will get mobbed, I swear. I pull out my pack
of gum, and it’s like 30 people are
suddenly my best friend. Hi, can I have gum? You know me, right? -And then if you give someone
gum, you got to be like, you didn’t get it from me. Shh, it’s not from me. -Keep quiet. -Seriously, like an
undercover gum person. -It’s black market gum. -Let’s see. -OK, now let’s do– no,
no, now let’s do these. -No, these ones. -Oh. Oh, right, right, right. OK. -Hand sanitizer. -I don’t know where my hand–
I don’t have my hand sanitizer. -Oh. Well, I will get that. -Well, her sanitizer is pink. -But I don’t have it
in here right now. -It looks just like mine, but
it’s a little pink bottle. And you need that hand sanitizer
for when that kid sneezes on you, and you’re like,
ew, no, hand sanitizer. -Achooaphobia. Achooaphobia! -You’re dumping it on your head. You’re like, hand
sanitizer, please. This is what it’s for, guys. -Please, hand sanitizer. -I can’t smell it. -But teachers usually
have hand sanitizer. -I don’t know. It probably smells really
good– that I know of. Just when you need to sanitize. -OK, now let’s do these. -Then we have these notebooks. This one’s a cute little
rock and roll notebook and it’s a cute, little design. And then we have
these design notebooks that we actually
just made a video on. And it will be
going up next week. -And we will show you
how to make all of these. -But for now, we made
these personally. For anyone who wins
these backpacks, you get a handmade notebook
from us, the twins. -Congratulations. -Congrats. -But we thought they
were super cute, so I hope you guys like them. -OK, best for last. -Not yet. There’s still two more things. -There’s still– wait, where? -This is the cutest for last. -Oh, OK, cutest for last. -This thing– watch. It’s a little
pineapple, by the way. If you can’t see it,
it’s a little keychain. -It’s a pineapple, guys. -And the cutest
thing ever happens. Watch its eyeballs. -It pops out. -They pop out. They’re like [FANFARE]. Their little eyes pop out. -Do you want to see mine? So you all know that I’m
obsessed with “Tangled,” right? So we found Pascal. And his tongue pops out
when you squeeze him. -His tongue is like [INAUDIBLE]
when you squeeze him. -I mean, how cute is that? -So these are just
cute little keychains– -And his eyes pop out too, if
you squeeze him hard enough. – –for your backpack,
If you want them. -Ooh. There we go. -His eyes pop out too, see? My pineapple and her Pascal. Pascal. It’s not “Pa-SCAL”
it’s “PA-scal.” -Pascal. -Anyways, OK, one very
last special item that is [FANFARE] amazing. -We got you guys Beats! -And as you can see,
mine is the green pair and hers is the purple. And I love Beats. These are the Beats Solo HDs,
which are really awesome. I have a pair of
green ones myself that I use all of the time. -They actually come
in handy at school when you want to
listen to your music. I know that sometimes they
ask you to do assignments on the computer. -Well, yes, and I took
a technology editing class last year. And I used my Beats
all of the time. -They’re really good with sound. -Yes, they’re
really good hearing all of those little editing
things that you need to know. -And they keep sound out. -For anyone who edits, you know. You get me. You know what I’m talking
about with the headphone thing. -I get it. Capisce. -Yeah, so these
are really awesome. And even just for fun,
like if you listen to music while studying or whatever,
they come in handy. They’re really awesome to have. So we got you guys a pair. Hers are purple. Mine are green. -Mine’s purple. -They’re cute. -Fancy too. -Okie dokie, I think that is
all we have for you guys today. -What exactly do we want
you to do in order to win? We want you to click
on both of the links– the Rafflecopter links below. And it will give you the
list of what you need to do. And you need to complete the one
required and then some options if you want extra entries. There are two down there,
so you can enter for mine or enter for hers. And we just want to
let you guys know that we have no hand
in picking the winners. Rafflecopter does it all. -Rafflecopter picks the winners. -It picks the winners. -It’s in Rafflecopter’s hands. -So just enter as many
times as possible. Do all of the options if
you really need entries, and then you can win. If Rafflecopter picks
you, then you win. [FANFARE]/ And we can be
twins with our backpacks. -Twinning. #TwinningTwinners. -Yes, twinning, twinning. -With our backpacks. -Because you guys will have the
same backpacks as us this year. So be sure to do all
of that entry stuff. And enter as many
times as possible, and you just might win. -We will be announcing all
of the winners on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, all of
those social media sites, so that you guys can see
them and know who won. And if it’s you,
yay, then you won! And we will be sending you an
email about all of the details. But other than that,
I think we are done. -Yeah, once again,
it starts now and it ends August 19, 11:59
PM Central Texas Time. -Yeah, so I think that
is all for our giveaway. Good luck to all of
you who are entering. We definitely hope that you
win if you really want to win. That is all, I believe. -And so– -So we will see
you guys next week. -Bye! [MUSIC PLAYING] -Does my breath smell minty? Hi, Bailey. Hello. Does it smell good? -You need a breath mint. Hello, Brooklyn. Hello, Brooklyn. -Achoo! -Where’s that hand
sanitizer when you need it?

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