WHAT’S iN MY BACKPACK (School’s Out Edition) 2017 | Brooklyn and Bailey
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WHAT’S iN MY BACKPACK (School’s Out Edition) 2017 | Brooklyn and Bailey

– Time to open up. – And see what’s in it. (hip hop music) – Ew. ♫ Easy – I forgot I had that in there! It’s got blond hair in it. I’m not a blond, gross. ♫ Good to go – Okay you guys will crack up at this this is so relatable. Are you ready? (hip hop music) – [In Unison] Hey guys. – It’s Brooklyn and Bailey. And today we are going to be filming the highly requested What’s in our Backpacks end of the school year edition. – I just, ew, I don’t even want to know. – I don’t want to know either. – What gross things or garbage that I’ve stuffed in there forever ago. (gagging) Speaking of backpacks did
you guys know there are girls all over the world that don’t even get an education much less a backpack? – So we have some super exciting news. We are the newest champions of Girl Up with United Nations Foundation. Basically their goal is to empower girls all over the world and because I mean girls are stronger when you’re together. – We’re powerful.
– And work together. – We’re awesome.
– Powerful, yeah. And I think it’s important that all girls get an equal education and a chance to be healthy and safe. So that they can grow up
and change their community. – Mm-hmm. – Girl Up is by girls for
girls which is a movement run by girls like you and like me all over the world in clubs in high school and in university. Girl Up can raise awareness
and funds to support girls programs and places where
it’s hardest to be a girl. – Girl Up leaders stand
up, speak up, and rise up all around the world using
their voices to empower each other and transform
their communities. – Mm-hmm.
– Girl Up is also a borderless movement
so they have 1,400 clubs registered in 92 countries with over half a million people. That’s a lot of people. – That’s a lot of people. – That means if you join
you can meet and connect with other girls all
around the world that are just like you.
– Right. – That want to advocate gender
equality and equal rights. Girl Up supporters
advocates to their lawmakers that women get to choose if they want to get education, when they get married, and that they can use their
voice in their community. – Yes so one of our favorite
initiatives that Girl Up does it’s called School Cycle and you guys will hear us
talking about this later in other videos.
– It’s super cool. But basically like all of
us like think about bicycles as just like childhood toy. Like we all got a bike like. (crosstalk) – And you get a new bike every year. – But do you guys know that
like in other countries girls have to travel
forever to get to school it can be an hour and
multiple hours or traveling to get to school. And it can be dangerous, it can be unsafe or just a difficult journey. And just simply getting a bicycle can make a difference between
their getting an education or having to stay home and get
forced into a child marriage. – Yeah we are excited
to be joining Girl Up at their Leadership Summit this summer. And we will also be taking off a Girl Up initiative this fall. – I know that was a ton of information so you can check out
GirlUp.org School Cycle or how you can start a Girl
Up Club at your school. – We are super proud to be part of this Girl Power Movement. And we want you and your
friends and family members to join us as well so
that we can show the world the true strength and
power of being a girl. – [In Unison] Now.
– On to the video. (laughs) Let’s go. – All right time to
bring in the contestants. (groans) (crash)
– All right. – It weighs 3,000. – I can barely carry this up. – I started the year with like 20 pins. And I have ended the year with two. – Mine okay first of
all I have to point off I had patches on my backpack
and then they started falling off.
– Oh yeah, I had patches too. – There used to be patches on this. And then also I always
somehow have a stain on and at the end of year on my backpack. This here’s a highlighter stain, don’t know you can see it
but I had a highlighter incident.
– Clearly. – And then it leaked and it’s just this bright pink spot. – Time to open up the pocket. (screaming) – I bought these at the
beginning of the year I think for our backpack. It’s an apply thing and it’s
like all these little animals and their erasers. – Guys.
– And I never used them. – Progress. I have two pencils this year. This one has no eraser
and so I’ve used this eraser because this one has no lead. And legit there was like the only pencils. – Like okay I technically speaking I have three pencils. This one has no lead. This one has no lead. This one has no eraser. So I had to borrow a pencil today. – Nice. We’ve got a whole collection.
– Going. A whole collection of makeup going makeup over here guys. Anybody want some lipstick
we’ve got it all all shades. (laughing) Oh my gosh this is like a hotel card. – I have a boarding pass! – That was a good trip! We’re so ready. Here is all my patches. Look again, there’s more. Wait look here’s more. I think there’s more even, yep. Look here’s more. All the patches, I don’t know if I oh wait there’s one more. Oh wait I have one, there might be another nope, that’s it. – And here’s mine. – A sad eraser. I could have used this. – I have like so many gum wrappers. I chew way.
– Hey look. – Our extra key.
– Spare key. That’s where it went. This, that would have been
nice to know a long time ago. All this is gum wrappers in this pocket I don’t even want to pull that out. – Hey. Moolah. It’s five bucks. This can take you places in high school – And I have my cute little Polaroid of my boyfriend. (laughs) – Wow.
– How long has that been in there? – And I just have a bunch of gum wrappers like ew, nastiness. And some highlighters. And then I think that’s
it in this pocket for me. (gasping) – I forgot I had this in there! (crosstalk) – This is Parker’s note to you. Why is that still in there? – I probably just stuffed it in there after class because we had a pep rally. At the pep rally there was this huge sign. – It was so cute.
– And then he handed me this teapot, a blue teapot. this uses it wait Oliver is And he put in there will you be the Pam to my Jim at homecoming? – Main pocket time. – How is this even folded? – Let’s start with the trash, shall we? Tissues. Probably for all the tears
I shed over junior year. This.
– Junior year’s hard. – Yeah it’s a feak out. – Pre gala. More lipstick anybody surprised? No. – I’m a little confused as
to how this is full of it. We’re just gonna stuff that back in. – Just a ball of notebooks. These are my nemesis. – These are so ugly. – I can never actually
get them off of the paper so they just come in
like little like chunks and I guess I just shoved
them in my backpack at once upon a time. This is the remainder of it here whoo-hoo. – I love to be prepared for things. Like I have a flashlight. – Hmmm why would you need that at school? I don’t know.
– I don’t know. You can tell it’s been
in there for a while because like the outer
edges of it are like dark rubbed on material. And I also have a poncho. – She’s ready for an Apocalypse guys. – Anybody need a poncho. I mean because it rains so much in Texas. I can see why I don’t
know why I was carrying the pillow, but a poncho. – Here’s my pencil pouch
which actually has no pencils. (gasps) It actually does
have a pencil in it. (crosstalk) It’s forever ago. – Yeah that’s the only one. – And then some scissors. And then she got a pen.
– Two pens. I have my bag I have everything in it, tissues, Band-aids. I got my wallet. Gotta have that with all my IDs from like the past, it’s funny to pull those out sometimes.
– Yeah. Colored pencils these are so, this is the one thing that have stayed where they are supposed to go. Like they’re just so organized and wonderful. – Mine are are all
literally untouched because. – You never color in high school. I used to get those like
coloring books to school when I had time.
– They’re so pretty. Like color in class. This is like my pen case. I have cute Sharpies and pens and highlighters in here. – I’ve got my keys, my car keys. (crosstalk) I am ready. To go. Okay you I will crack up at this this is so relatable. Are you ready? This is my pre-cal folder. It’s not even folder anymore. – I’ll take one hand, you take. Wait. It’s like.
– Where does it end? – It’s ripped. Can you guys see, this is tragic. We do not need all those papers. So.
– This and this. It’s such a mess. – Oh my gosh. – All of my work from pre-cal and. – This is my pre-cal folder. It’s not much better. But it still has a back. This is my physics folder. (gagging) There’s so much stuff in there. But this can fit in tight
because it’s a binder. – This science whoo. (hip hop music) – I have two notebooks. I don’t think there is one page in this thing that isn’t
full of like drawing and doing notes and stuff in history notes and papers and assignments and. – Ew. (air whooshing) (crash) – And now we’re to the
bottom of the backpack. Oh the last thing I have in here a book because I love reading. – Animal crackers because I love food. Actually they’re like so old I’m pretty sure they’ll just
like crumble in here now. I probably threw them in there for like some test or something and it’s just like. Now we move on to the dance bag. – Wait I have one last thing (record scratch) Um. – Can we just take a moment to realize that Bailey has a
toothbrush in her backpack. – I don’t know why I have a toothbrush. Maybe I just like having
clean teeth, okay? – Some people like do
actually go to the bathroom and brush their teeth lunch. – It’s like all dirty. Obviously not used. – I don’t feel like you’re
the type of person that goes and brushes their teeth after lunch. – I don’t really.
– That’s so weird that’s so random. Moving on the majestic bags. To be fair the only thing I cleaned out of here this today was like I had four outfits in here because I didn’t know what I wanted
to wear this morning. – So she took clothes out of it. – I just pulled those out
but the rest of this is literally just been here for I don’t even want to know how long. – All righty then, let’s get started. – I don’t think I’ve even washed this bag. – Okay, pull out your first item. – It’s got blond hair in it. I’m not a blond.
– Gross. – But it’s been in my bag for awhile now. And it’s like handmade
somebody painted this. – Nuh uh.
– On their own. – Another hotel card. I am just wow. I guess I should start a
collection of hotel cards. – I have perfume, warm vanilla perfume. I have Smashbox photo
finish foundation primer. Color correcting and adjust. Oh I think I have at least 15 socks. – Deodorant. It’s actually full. Probably because I wasn’t using it. – Super Smile blue ribbon award. – Oooooooh gold star win. (bell ring) – ‘Cause I am a super smiler. – Super smiler. I have a deodorant topper. (gagging) (dramatic music) – I have a.
– Ewwww! – It’s like exploded. – Ew, it haas like fuzz balls on it. – It’s an applesauce. To be fair I remember
putting this in my bag because we had to camp over. And I put one in there in
case I wanted to eat it and then I never did and it
never came out of my bag. (air whooshing) – What? Okay um so that is interesting. – All of our jewelry. – That is interesting. – It’s all been gone for like the past. – I really probably
could have used jewelry. – Oh my gosh. Except for the fact
that I didn’t remember. – All our jewelry is in this pile. – That is nice. I really that where all, that’s
where that necklace was. – I have contact or glasses case. And then in here I have
contacts and more glasses. – They’re should fit in
this teeny tiny bag too. – Numero Uno pair of socks. I’m pretty sure I have like five in there. – Whoops. – Urban Decay makeup setting spray. – Nuh uh. (mumbling) – I have a secret Vava Vanilla deodorant. An endless supply of rubberbands and anklets. Like I have summer camp I wear anklets like all summer and then I had to take them off because they won’t let you wear anklets. – That’s a very cute anklet.
– I know. – I found a comb. I could actually use this. I’ve been looking for a comb. – I have one of those IRL shavers. – For unibrows. Another pencil! – I don’t even have tweezers this is literally just all I
have is this eyebrow shaver. Wet Wipes that look really sketchy. Like something leaked on them and they just kind of like died
except for a second there. – A sports bra. – I have more like regular ones. – This is nice. – Oh, you’re not the only one with jewelry.
– Jewelry. Okay so grab all of my jewelry. So I did find.
– Oh look there’s a hairnet too.
– I was looking for one of those. I just have literally like a thousand. – This is a well to be fair I do get
dressed at the school so if I have a bunch of jewelry in my bag it’s because then I have options to match when I get school. – More socks! More socks! – I I don’t remember putting this in my bag. – I have a book too. – This is a place I
wouldn’t even need a book. I don’t read in dance class. Oh I borrowed this from
someone that’s why. I was like why is this in my dress bag and not my backpack? I love, this is a good book (crosstalk)
– I read books every week. – Okay these shoes are, these are Nikes. And I’ve had them since I was like 11. And me and my dad ran our first five K and he got me these shoes for that five K. – Oh man, that was a long time ago. – And I’ve never had a new pair like I’ve had the same
pair since I was like 11. (mumbling) – They’re actually like
in pretty decent shape for being worn so often but they’re starting to
fall apart a little bit. – Nike and Converse. – Ooh la la. – Ooh la la.
– For contrast. Spandex. Because I always need spandex. And a sports bra. – More makeup in the bottom of my bag. – Oh oh oh. (gasps) – Found our socks. – Because I wear (mumbling)
to school but then I practice in tennis shoes
so then I take my socks off and my mother.
– It’s funny because we have socks in forever and
now we know where they’re all going. – There’s about six pairs right here. – Next time I’m just
gonna check Brooklyn’s bag and be like, all our socks are gone? They’re probably in your bag. Perfume. – I put these like little
laundry things in my bag to make it smell good so
that everything smells like (mumbling) – A makeup brush. And hair. – Deodorant and deodorant. This is the third deodorant I find my bag and they’re both empty. – Deodorant. – You can see the little criss cross. And whatever’s at the
bottom of the deodorants. – What else? A bra strap? Question mark. What on Earth? Hey I have one bra pad.
– What? – Only one. I have a eye shadow palette. – I have another makeup brush. – Together we can do eyeshadow. – We ca do everything together. – There we go. This bag these bags people we could lioff of these bags. – Why would I only have one? – Is that a sole?
– Yes. What?
– Yes. – Why?
I don’t know. I don’t remember it beeing there. Confused. – Okay confused. – (gasps) I have Bella’s
eighth grade school ID in my bag.
– What? – I’m pretty sure open
about her the other day hey Bella I found your school ID. I don’t know why it’s in
my bag, but it’s in my bag. – Come get us if you need it! – Why? – It was with Brooklyn all along. If your school ID is
missing, it’s probably Brooklyn who has it buried in her bag. – I have a tape measure. – I have some Bobby pins. – My mom was measuring us the other day to see how tall we were and maybe she set this on my bed and maybe it just fell in. – Maybe it just fell into your bag. – Yeah. – I’m out of stuff. That’s my bag. That’s it all. Then I just got tissues and then some rubberbands. Yeah and Bobby pins and stuff. – And another rubberband. – That was quite the adventure. – Wow. – Thank you guys so much
for watching the video. I hope you enjoyed seeing
some of the really random stuff that were in there. – I don’t understand.
– Don’t understand half of it.
– It’s tragic. It’s tragic.
– It’s just collected over time.
– Yes. – Now comment below on
what the weirdest thing you found in your backpack this year is. And if you haven’t
subscribed to our Channel click the button right over here and if you want to
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what are our lyric video of Simple Things click right up here. Now we’ll see you all next week. – But before we go don’t forget to keep your eye out for our music video for Simple Things coming up next week. – We’ll see you all later. Bye guys.
(blow kisses) (upbeat music)

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