What’s In My Backpack + GIVEAWAY! Huge Back To School Supplies Haul 2017!
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What’s In My Backpack + GIVEAWAY! Huge Back To School Supplies Haul 2017!

What’s up guys, I’m Sarah. Welcome back to my channel Today I am back with a week of videos, because I asked you guys if you wanted to see another five days of back to school videos because I did it like two weeks ago and you guys were like yea duh, so if you guys haven’t been subscribed to my channel for very long that is basically when I post five days of videos for like Days straight, so yeah, I upload every single day, so that’s what I’m doing this week But I thought it would kick it off with a what’s in my backpack slash Giveaway so i’ve already got one on my channel at the moment I am gonna be giving away to one of you guys. So just stick around to the end of the video so you guys can see how to enter and like it’s super super easy to enter search chances off you guys are already entered and You didn’t even know it yet get into your a thumbs up if you’re excited for tons and tons of videos this week and also if don’t forget to subscribe to my Channel so you can see a video. Today, tomorrow, the next day, the next day and the next day also before we get Intermediary leave me comments down below letting me know what Dei is go back to school Superior’s or like if you guys don’t know dishes not gonna line up some kind of negativity I like to block out of my life I don’t like to think about what day I’m going back to school But if you guys do know let me know down in the comments, and if you don’t save school sucks But hopefully guys left me here. Let’s get into it. Sorry all the stuff that I’m about to show you guys He’s obviously like brand new because like I’m not going to give you guys like a two year old notebook That’s got like a bunch of different bits and pieces written in it well I’m going to show you guys is basically what I keep in my backpack plus like some extras because like I love you guys Fasting fast I got this backpack I am super super jealous with these facts facts figures like I’ve been seeing this all over like Instagram and pinterest recently and it’s basically the cutest thing ever I actually don’t really know how to say that the name of the brand of this I’m going to infect it Please don’t laugh angele Raven Kenkon that is 100% wrong But I know this backpack because like I just couldn’t resist is the cutest thing ever If you guys watch my back to school supply pole Giveaway in situation I said I want to do a second giveaway just so I could give away this backpack because searching and This backpack was created specifically for school books and binders to fit in here So you guys can fit all the schoolbooks and all of your binders even when a given school time? I always seem to carry around Great books I don’t know how to do like a random drink But I have by oil house when I write books a vinified dart write anything in them at a nerd But I thought I cook you guys up. We can take our books or I’ve got these true like dividing up One’s this one’s eyes. They’re burning traffic. Which is sort freaking turn out It actually says nobody’s perfect, and I’m super super super tiny it does except for me I’ll be I was just trying to be like all Inspirational with like the Nobody’s perfect thing and then it had to be super obnoxious down the world and then we’ve also got this one Has a dreamcatcher on it, and I also got to like smaller ones, so this one actually is a notebook It’s like a planner for 2017 2018 it’s got the straps and my favorite all-time favorite color if you have to be subscribed for like at least two weeks And you’re probably know if this is my favorite colors we talked about it in every video And then I’ve also got this tiny like small under book is also divided up into the five sections for all your different subjects But this one says 50% goals and fifty cents listen I didn’t even know what weird to be honest, but I got you guys visionary books the next thing I always keep in my backpack. We have to be headphones and 100% the headphones. I know bleach in my backpack I just like tangled up like fluorine headphones when I saw these on asos. I couldn’t resist felt like Rose gold around the like around the head Fern is there like very cold on those basic words on your head, but I’m a nerd. What did I hold on let me think about it. What is this code? Office of debate canines I’ve decided that the shepherd’s are vertical, and then like a little bit bigger than it is marble Look, we’re really bad at explaining stuff. Sorry sir, okay guys. I hate blue Ribbon almond the next one is it like an essential that I have in my life all the time? But I have like an obsession with pins and patches at the moment Sorry in case you guys want to put pins on your backpack. I got you go ahead I just got these from Cotton Ellen by the super-g this one’s like Fast-food kind of food and this one’s like pastels Tennessee’s I got ya computer and as well as I’ve always got a pencil page in my backpack this one’s holographic It’s from toddler in case you got a winner and it said kill you one of a kind It’s like written really weird, so like obviously my brain didn’t push this up And then of course I’m going to fill it up with some school supplies like stationery items Or I always have what again. I say that I’ve always got pins in my backpack the first day of school I have pins and pencils in my backpack the second day. I’ve got like half that second week. I got none I know yeah sometimes these ones like old college and stuff so you can color great but then I was like also like a blue one in the end next to Ol sorry some of these really cute colored pencils because Like pastel colors and a favorites when displayed couldn’t resist and then I got some mechanical Pencils because I’m super messy so I can take that energy is a super messy like me comment down below if you guys are super Messy but I am sorry messy And I make so many mistakes that like the chemical pencils are basically my life because people think I’m writing pens But I’m really not and I got highlighters because I feel like highlighting is probably my favorite bit about school This next thing. I don’t really keep in my bags for like school, but like it’s normally my bag every other moment All my life and not use a polaroid camera because I love giving these away I feel like that’s very special like I know that’s always really cool about being able to hike your arteries But you can like print out instantly. Sorry, okay guys this color in camera I wrote it in a white because this look it would be really cool to have a white wine mystery or in this case the Case isn’t like an essential to the camera, but my camera I actually dropped on the ground during like little limbs things popped off the other day And I was like why don’t I have a case sorry for that reason okay? Guys case and then I also got you guys some food because I love different laughing here. It was 100% B Really needed me to give away camera with no room. You just get it and be like well great Thanks, Sarah the next thing that I always have is a water bottle bit from peppers like a little patent all over It’s very nice my favorite blue color again, and then I got a hat in case you’re ever having a bad hair day You can just like cover up put this on and then I like you consider. It’s okay Everyone can see the gray spring I feel like some schools probably wouldn’t allow you to wear hot but like I’ve never had an issue So if you can’t wear a hat this weather is like on the weekend. I slept with the a little sn 2 kids no line I have this backup guy from basel boyars And then we’ve got a Mascara if I think have one makeup thing it would have to be eyebrows, oldest guy I haven’t decided but I got the scar because that makes you look a lot Comment down below where your number one makeup this destiny would be to give me how one makeup on what would it be? I’m harry down to come in and then a because I am a lot of the oily skin squad I go at A Translucent Tada I’ve always got some sort of like powder on him so that I can just like pull it away, all my oils And then it’s the early lipstick that I wear I feel like it’s like pretty neutral like if you’re going to wear makeup at school We could probably get away with wearing this one. Sorry. It’s the one I wear all the time I have it on right now It is by mangling and it’s in the shade daringly mood So appropriate and then I also get a brow Mascara. This is the one I use by using medium Brown I got a little neutral eyeshadow palette It’s the natural is that the same natural twice the natural Shadow Palette by nyx Nyx. Yes I know if I said that out loud before I just got like super at neutral Shades So you guys can pull it away with wearing this at school. If you guys are like my makeup and of course I always have a wallet even guys could use any like my buff paw fortran card under some kind of situation like that I always have a wallet so I can have some simply. I love this one. It’s it goes from Collette I always felt like really small little ones. It’s pretty much exactly the same as mine except they didn’t sell mine anymore This one is actually cute, and I was showing you earlier. I’m obsessed with rings I’ve always met rings and all fall into the bottom of my bag So I know it’s like only right that I give you guys ring So it will just get lost in the bottom of your bag as well And then it’s like other things that I would keep in my pencil case I have some little clips I don’t normally this cute and only just the black ones But these ones have like cats and paws and like super cute stuff on them, and I don’t know he raises I again normally just have the basic ones, but like for you guys How do you get the cute ones? And I got another a regular because this one is like an eraser, and then on the other end sicut erat now Multi-purpose, so functional and then I put together another little survival kit. I normally have something like this in my bag It’s normally not as interesting as this it normally has like band-Aids and like Tamplin it is open I thought but I made it fun way more interesting also you guys may be thinking that’s like the third pencil case in this video But I like to keep my backpack more organized I’m just having everything in there so like 10 to face and makeup bags can truly make things more organized So we got some tissues this one says oh, oh And I got some other ones it said you had me at coffee after it to my left And then I’ve got some chapstick because having cap loops Literally is the worst feeling ever I feel like we’ve all experienced that moment where I listed being 3 chap that you’re like almost actually About to bleed right now just to make sure that that never happens I got you, and then I’ve got this little sanitizer some Boston buddy work. It says the flavor of mad about you I don’t know what that smells like and then lastly some mints just in case you have sad breasts I only want a calculator because Sometimes I’ll have a calculator in my bagon like sometimes I weren’t so what that it’s maybe so it doesn’t take out piece of room And a little keychain that is a doughnut You can either put your keys on it Or if you could totally just put on the outside of your backpacks like make it super Kick. Sorry I gotta say before everything that is in my giveaway slash like what I would Typically keep in my backpack plus a couple of cute esters in guys these want to enter the giveaway It’s super easy, but it is going to be opened up for my subscribers So if you guys aren’t subscribed make sure to hit the subscribe button But or you guys have to do in just color like and follow me on my instagram account My handle is up Sarah doing that this is what my instagram feed looks like so it is come over and follow me And then it’s definitely I have to do it usually the comments down below on this video I think absolutely anything you can literally tell me what one is my backpack essentials are where you guys from? What time is literally you can take absolutely anything if you guys do want a bonus entry you guys can come over and follow me On my Twitter account this is what my handle is at best with a double f, but if you guys don’t heart order It’s all good used to be entered. If you just follow me on Instagram and comment down below It’s going to be urban wall wire so no matter where you’re from in the world yarn could entice Or I’ll have my information down below in case you have a computer, and you’re like what the heck? Did you just say? so that is it’s loaded city or incorrectly guys like it give it a thumbs up if you did and if you’re excited about Five days of videos on my channel this week. I’m very excited you guys are super bloated right now I have on back-to-school playlist linked in the Delta and also if you guys haven’t hit the subscribe button already make sure to subscribe So you guys don’t be shocked on seeing me Tomorrow and they say and they say annex a lot of the eyes have it an ultimate customer

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