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What’s in My Backpack? – College Info Geek

Some of you guys have
asked me to do a video about the stuff
that’s in my backpack. And my answer to
that is, “Okay.” (percussion music) So let’s talk about
the bag first, before I get into
what’s inside of it. This is the Minaal Carry-On. I actually backed it on
Kickstarter a little while ago. And for traveling the
world and going places, I think this is a fantastic bag. I’m able to fit
everything that I need to carry with me inside of it. It opens up in a clamshell
fashion, I absolutely love it. That being said, now it
retails for around 300 bucks, and for daily campus use,
it’s probably overkill. For comparison, this is the bag that I used for most of college. It’s the Synergy, I think
it’s called, from Swiss Gear. I got it from Best Buy
for about 60 bucks, and it’s a quality backpack. It hasn’t fallen
apart in six years, and I think that’s a thing
that you should keep in mind when you’re buying a backpack. But also it’s not overkill, it doesn’t cost
hundreds of dollars, and it has enough pockets
to hold all your stuff. All right, let’s
dig into this thing. First up is my MacBook Air. This is probably the
thing in my backpack I use the most because
I’m always writing and going to coffee shops
and working on stuff. I love the Air, absolutely
amazing computer. If you’re looking for
a Windows computer that’s very comparable, the Dell XPS 13 is
an awesome option. Beyond that, I am
not a laptop expert, but I can link to some
laptop recommendations in the blog post for this video. Also got an iPad Mini. This is the first edition,
so no retina screen, but I mainly just use
this for reading books. It’s an upgrade from my Kindle and I always keep it in the bag. I also usually have a print book because I like books, I guess. And right now I’m reading a
book called “Think Smart”. It’s “A Neuroscientist’s
Prescription for “Improving Your
Brain’s Performance”. I’m hoping to learn some
cool stuff from this book that I can build
into new videos. So keep an eye out
for that kinda stuff. Also got a couple
of paper notebooks. This is my main
one, nothing fancy. It’s an Environotes
Recycled Paper Notebook, I think it costs about 65 cents. But if you watch my video on
my task organization system, you’ll know that a lot
of what I do is on paper. And this thing is my catch-all. When I’m taking notes
from an online course, they all go in here. When I’m doing my daily
or weekly task lists, they go in here. Or when I’m creating
B-roll lists for the graphics and animations I wanna put in my
videos, they go in here. Everything’s in here,
it’s not very organized. It’s probably not the best
way to organize your notes if you’re a student and
have lots of classes, but it works for me. I’ve also got a cheap
sketchbook in here for when I wanna create drawings or illustrations for my videos. And if you’ve seen my video
on how to ace your finals, you probably remember
this drawing. So keeping it in my bag
at all times is a good way for me to be able to draw
things when I get inspiration, if I don’t happen to
be here by my desk. Lastly, I’ve got a
single purple folder. It’s my catch-all for things
like airline ticket stubs and anything else that
needs to be put in a folder, that’s made of paper. If you’re a student and
you have a lot of classes, I actually recommend those
accordion binder-devices with the flap that
can snap shut. It works better than a trapper, it works better than
stuffing lots of folders into your backpack. But these days, I
don’t really have a whole lot of papers
that I need to keep, so one folder carries
them all pretty well. Moving on to the small stuff. I’ve got a Logitech
presentation remote, because occasionally
I go speak at schools. Adapters for the MacBook,
I’ve got the VGA one for the same reason I’ve
got the presentation remote, to hook up to projectors when
I wanna do a presentation. And also the Ethernet one,
just in case there’s no WiFi, but there is for some
reason, an Ethernet cord. Business cards, I
always recommend having at least a few of
these in your backpack, just in case you meet somebody and you wanna leave them
your contact information and also leave a
good impression. And if you wanna get them,
I recommend using MOO. I’ve been using them since
I was a college student and they make really
good, high-quality cards. Pens and pencils,
not that interesting. I don’t use anything crazy,
I just use what works. But I will say that I do keep two pens in my
backpack at all times just in case I’m out somewhere and someone needs
to borrow a pen, I can be the cool person
that lends one out. And actually, at VidCon, I made
a new friend by doing this. So, thumbs up for friendship? Umbrella, this is actually
a really cool thing to keep in your backpack. I always have one on-hand
because you don’t know when you’re gonna get
caught in a rainstorm. And this has come
in handy for me more times than I can count. So this thing is
staying in my bag. And it makes for kind of
a cool backdrop too, hmm. A really thin
hoodie to deal with crazy air conditioning
in coffee shops. Laptop charger, because
I don’t like sadness. iPhone charging cable
because, same reason. Mico USB and Mini USB cords. I used to have legit
reasons for keeping these, camera and Pocket WiFi, I think, but now I just keep them in here because people
with Android phones always forget their
phone chargers, and then they’re very happy
when I happen to have one. USB Battery, I actually
picked this up in Japan, came really in handy
when I was out all day, my phone would tend to die. I don’t use it too much
here, in the States, when I’m just going
about my business, but it keeps a spot
in the backpack because it can come in handy. And of course, headphones. And lastly, a canteen
for tea and water because this thing doesn’t
do so well in a backpack. Now that’s generally what I keep in my backpack on a
daily basis, today. But since I’m not
a student anymore and there are other things
I used to keep in the bag, I wanted to show you
a few other items you might find useful. First up is actually
a plug strip. I don’t keep this in my
bag on a daily basis, but whenever I travel, I
do make sure to keep it along with this little two-prong
to three-prong converter. This basically makes it so
that even if all the outlets are taken in a coffee shop
or an airport or a hostel, I can make more outlets and
that’s always a good thing. When I lived on campus, I always
kept a skate tool in my bag because my main way of
getting around campus was a skateboard. Book flags, these come in
handy for marking your place in books that you
don’t wanna highlight. I always kept my
clicker in my bag because I had classes
that required it. Now if you go to a school
that requires this thing, yes, you should keep it
in your bag all the time, but I think that schools
are actually starting to move to smartphone
clicker apps, which would be pretty cool. But either way, this
thing always had a spot in my bag, as
much as I don’t like it. A Pick Four notebook. Now this is actually a pretty
cool goal-tracking device. Basically, it has you commit
to doing daily practice on four different goals
for a six-week period, and every single
day you write down your progress on
each of your goals. I’ve used several of
these in the past, and they’ve helped me
make progress on goals like learning Japanese,
building my own iPhone app, and lots of other things. And lastly, my trusty graphing
calculator for math classes. So that ends this
tour of my backpack. Hopefully you enjoyed
it, and if you did, you can leave a like to
support this channel. Now, I actually
wanna know what kinda cool stuff you keep
in your backpack. So let me know down
in the comments below. That’s all I got, so
thanks so much for watching and I will see you next week. (upbeat music) Hey there, guys, thanks
for watching this video. Now if you enjoyed it and
you wanna get new videos on being a more effective
student every single week, you can click that big red
subscribe button, right there. I also wrote a book on
how to earn better grades and it’s absolutely free,
so if you wanna get a copy, click the picture of the
book and I’ll get one to you. You can find more detail and
links to some of the things I mentioned in this video
at the companion blog post. You can find that by clicking
the orange logo, right there. In last week’s video, I
covered 20 different websites that I think are really
useful for students, so check it out if
you haven’t seen it. And if you wanna connect
with me or ask questions, I’m TomFrankly on Twitter or
you can leave a comment below. Thanks for watching!

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100 thoughts on “What’s in My Backpack? – College Info Geek

  1. I keep Two MacBook Pro in my bag in case someone needs a computer, 6 Paper folder, 1 Anker Power bank, 2 Lighting Cable, 2 USB-C cables for my MacBook, 2TB Hardrive, A lot of adapters for my computer, a Organizer Board to keep my bag clean, an iPad Pro for notes, a Apple Pencil for Writing Stuf, BeatsX, Solo3, and a boss Speaker.

  2. I keep sun glasses, hand sanitizer, hand wipes, first aid stuff, a pair of boxers and socks in a ziplock bag, and enough money in change in case I need to catch a bus. Randomly I also have duct tape and zip strips (the strips have come in handy more than once so far).

  3. Well other than a knife, a tactical pen, and your occasional condoms(with a side of birth control pills); nothing that special.

  4. See now this is good editing. I hate to see this school supply videos that have long intros that don't do anything to help the video and the person is explaining away about their life for 5-6 minutes before the dang supplies ever show up. Keep up the good work!

  5. I always like having a water bottle in my backpack, as well as hair bands and hair brush just in case something happens. I also like to have a dictionary handy, since in language classes such as english and french, they don't let you use your phone.

  6. yeah, I definitely need an umbrella for daily life in Los Angeles. LOL i dont even own an umbrella, it rains so rarely

  7. I was at the part where you put out your umbrella and I was like that's lame and now there is a huge rainstorm … Karma I guess …

  8. I sometimes keep my throwing knife there (mainly when I'm carrying more money)
    at times I also keep some basic lock picks (basically because they take up no space and I have some friends that often forget their keys and ask me to pick their locks so they wouldn't need to call a locksmith)
    nothing else that's too interesting

  9. I have a big shoulder bag, easier to carry in crowded places. I keep; a tiny pencil case that includes pens and pencils, a small notebook that i take every note of the classes, the folders of current classes (handouts), wallet, umbrella, some medicine (seriously it is handy), a bottle of water, blank A4 sheets (in case i need to take bigger notes or i also took notes behind handouts), Bible (yes, literally, because I studied it and it was fine to carry around), makeup items (because I had to wear makeup for more than ten hours a day). Except for these, some exams required dictionaries (book type, no electronic) so I ended up carrying 3 encyclopaedic sized dictionaries for a few exams in 3 buses with the distance of 50 km… I think that was it…

  10. I'm really thankful of you for sharing these nice & useful stuff with us. I really appreciate that. Thanks! <3

  11. Casio class wiz calculator
    My lenovo ideapad 110 [celeron 3060]
    Sony wireless headphones
    Camera Sony cybershot
    Powerbank 5200mah
    Some anti allergic tablets
    128GB USB 3.0
    Some ballpoints of Uniball

  12. Lol, it's kids and people with iPhones who forget their chargers all the time and I'm like wtf, my Samsung is at 95% how????

  13. I keep a potato and a couple of japanese turtle for good luck.. sometimes u may also find Chinese bamboo in there

  14. I hope someone at class also brings extra chargers because they actually cared. Ur soul is beautiful dude.😢🌹

  15. first video i see of you,took 1:25 to subscribe, i love the way you honestly said here : im not a laptop expert, but i can link you stuff. Love the honest here man, well done !

  16. Sorry guys, my English is not very good I didn't understood the name of that goals notebook he showed in 5:21 …. Can you please tell me it's name?

  17. Everyone’s asking you why you carry a clicker in your bag but I’m curious as to why you’re not carrying a phone

  18. In my Herschel independent backpack, I keep the following in the front pocket:
    -10ft lightning cable
    -Android charger for my android homies
    -Portable charger for on the go charging
    -Logitech wireless mouse
    -beats solo 2
    On the left side pocket
    -Bluetooth speaker
    On the right side pocket
    -thermos water canister
    In my big pocket
    -MacBook Pro for school work
    -Pencil box with pencils, pencils etc
    -Multi folder for class papers
    -5 section notebook for notes not able to be done on my MacBook
    -iPad Pro for drawing and reading

  19. What I carry
    1.iPhone Charger
    3.3 Pencil
    4. Sharpener with eraser
    6. Nintendo Switch
    7.Portable Charger
    8.Spiral Notebook
    9.Daily Planner Mini
    10. Folder
    11. Headache Pills

  20. Tissue hoodie sweats I can throw on top of what ever I’m wearing because seminary (institute) and a lot of uvu has crazy temperature fluctuations and there a some classes where I’m over heating in a tank and sweats and some where I’m freezing wearing a hoodie and sweats

  21. I have my MacBook Pro, folder for paper, and my text book and my MacBook charger and an extra pen and pencil and my planner

  22. You would probably really enjoy upgrading your notepad to an iPad Pro. I love having all my notes in the same place, whilst being organised. And it’s just an amazing piece of tech 🙂

  23. I don’t even bother with name brand backpacks, I just have a Kmart bag which is perfect for what I need. I’m a skater and I chose it because it have straps that are perfect for a board, and on top of that I can keep more than what I need in it

  24. I did not ever think of putting an extension cord in my bag. Thanks for the idea 🙏😄. I did think of putting an umbrella in my bag, which helped me as well on several occasions; I find it funny when it unexpectedly rains and people are amazed that I somehow predicted the weather when in actuality, I just always have an umbrella in my bag.
    On another note, I did not know you like One Piece 😁.

  25. You should do a video, if you haven't already, about packing for college. I've seen your college supply list and I'm just wondering how you got it to college and what you brought in your dorm at first etc. Dorms are so small with little storage areas sometimes so it can be tough. What's your advice?

  26. Subbed!! I just got a new backpack for going back to college this Autumn, so I'm doing the rounds of these types of videos – this was by far one of my favourites, thanks!!

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