What’s in My Backpack COLLEGE Edition! | Back to School 2019
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What’s in My Backpack COLLEGE Edition! | Back to School 2019

(upbeat pop music) – It’s like a must have,
at school I feel like. The highest sought commodity
in the school building. – [Brooklyn] Of all time. – Now we’re gonna introduce
our bonus giveaway gift. – [Both] Hey guys, it’s
Brooklyn and Bailey. – And, ah! – Astrid! – He wanted to come join
us for today’s intro. – He wanted to join us for today’s video. – So today’s gonna be a video that we do every single year, and it is a: – [Both] ‘what’s in my backpack’ – video, so we’re gonna go
ahead and get onto that, but before we do that, do
not forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking
the button down below that says to subscribe. Astrid wants you to subscribe, we want you to subscribe so
you should totally do it. – And don’t forget to stick
around ’til the end of the video to see our bonus giveaway
item, so you guys wait until the end of
the video to see that. Now, let’s get on video. Okay guys, so here are our
backpacks for this year. – (singing) Ta da! – They are so beautiful.
– Super cute. So we went and personally go this stitched on the top of my backpack. There used to be a flap here,
but now it says ‘hello’. – So I kept my flap on,
obviously it’s the green flap, but we went and got this little like, puff ball tassel-y thing stitched on. – Just to pizazz it up.
– Yeah. You know we always pizazz
– Make it more exciting. – our backpacks up, so
that’s kinda how that goes. And then, two keychains
on the side of mine, which are super cute.
– The tag is still on mine. – Oh, she’s gonna pull her tag off. – Got it.
– Yeah, oh there we go. Okay, now it’s time to show the contents of the inside of our backpacks. – You can like, zip and
unzip this flap off. – Yeah, you can see that mine’s unzipped. I took mine off.
– If you don’t want. – Because I want you to
see the adorable stitching. Okay. – Oh also, so on my backpack
I have this keychain, and it’s a little Volkswagon bus, and it says ‘enjoy the ride’,
– [Bailey] How cute is that! – with all these cute little
beads. it’s super adorable. – Since we’re going to college, it’s kinda like enjoy the ride,
like enjoy your time there. It’s a new phase of life. So it kinda makes a lot of sense. Number one, you gotta
always have your earbuds. This is like a must have
at school I feel like. I mean, I use my earbuds every single day. – It’s true. – So this is like here you go,
– It’s true. – We got this for ya. – Obviously hand sanitizer
because school is a grody place. Also it’s like, we got
the scented ones so that, if you are like,
– (singing) Alleluia. – walking from campus to campus, and you are feeling sweaty and stinky, this will help with that as well. – There’s just nothing better
than putting on hand sanitizer that a) cleans your hands,
and b) makes them smell good. – [Brooklyn] That’s so
true, that’s so true. – You know, bonus bonus. – Chapstick. I don’t know about y’all,
but I feel like I put this on like ten times a day, and
it’s just so, I don’t know. It’s just nice to have. – Well it’s just nice because at school, you’re like oh crap, like
I forgot my chapstick. And then you’re like wait, actually. Brooklyn and Bailey got my back. – But I always, I don’t know about y’all, but I bite my lips when I’m
focused on studying and stuff. – That is true. – And that can make them chapped. So this is really good for that. – That is very true – That’s all I have in my front pocket. – Kay, I have these, which are some super super
super cute paperclips. They’ve got these little colorful
puff ball tassel-y things. – Textbook holders, place holders. – But they also help if you
place to mark in your notebook where a certain section
starts or something, these also help and they’re adorable, so there’s that for y’all. I think that’s it. – Yeah, the next thing I have, is this. It’s a USB battery bank, but
it’s a rose gold pineapple. So you charge it up
against a wall at night, and then you can use it as something to charge your phone during the day. You can see my pineapple.
– I have a watermelon. So it’s basically the same
thing, it’s just a charger. A portable charger.
– The nice part is it can hook onto your backpack, so it’s like a little, – Keychain? – A little clip thing, so you
can hook it like a keychain. – [Bailey] And it totally
comes with a wire to charge it. – That’s nice and fancy. – That is nice and convenient, cause at school you never know
when your phone’s gonna die, and then it’s like frantic,
because you can’t charge it. – Sticky notes are always a
consistent use during school. But I found these super cool
ones, and they’re roller notes. So it’s like, you just
roll the note, write it, and then tear it off when you’re finished. So then you don’t waste
paper by not using it all or whatever it is.
– Plus it’s like, you would feel cool using that. I would feel cool,
– Yeah. And it would look cool, and like, I don’t know, it’s fancy schmancy. – The next things in my backpack, and I think Brooklyn has these too, is these two types of pencils. So we got cute ones
because we’re like duh, you have to have cute pencils. But then we realized
they didn’t have erasers. And so that’s when we came in with the practical mechanical pencils, so that you had a mixture of both and we had a mixture of both.
– But this is cute. It says like, ‘write one’ in silver, and like all of these,
‘serious business women’, and ‘going places’.
– Super cute sayings on them. – Yeah, super cute – So we have two packages of
pencils for our backpacks here. And then we also have, I have gel pens. And I just think this packaging, just tell me that this
packaging isn’t adorable. I mean, look at how cute this is. And I love the saying on
it that says ‘gel yeah’, like a super cute play on words. I just like, think this is
so cute, so there’s that. – I have these fancy
schmancy ballpoint pens, that have metal bodies,
and the rose gold tips, and it’s super nice because
I’m always looking for pens which are nice, that I
can keep, and not lose. – So true, nothing makes you feel fancier, – And doesn’t run out of ink – than when you use a really good pen. – True.
– You feel so intelligent. – So these are my textbook place holders. They have colorful tassels,
Bailey has colorful puff balls. – [Bailey] I have little puff balls. – [Brooklyn] And I have
the tassels, obviously. So that’s super cute. And they match, the colors match. – We kinda coordinate, it’s kinda cute. – It’s kinda fun. But they’re not hard to miss, because they’re so bright.
– Yeah. So they’d be good for just
marking your notebook. – Yeah, exactly. – Then I have scissors
that match the aesthetic of the rest of my notebooks
which we’ll see in a second. But mine are just these cute baby blue, – And mine are these metal rose gold ones, which are super, they’re
super nice and fancy scissors, like the DIY scissors that
can cut through anything. – Yeah, I don’t really know why I feel the need to have cute scissors, ’cause it’s not like you really notice throughout the school year.
– But it’s because they match. – But it just has to be cute.
– You know what I mean? More satisfying. – It’s just one of those
things you have to have. – Okay, well I have these highlighters that say like ‘hot spot’,
they’re super cute, they’re super fun highlighters. They have super fun lids and stuff. I love them because they’re
still a really cute pattern, and the tops kind of are color blocking, and just a lot of fun stuff going on, but they’re not your
traditional highlighters, which is super nice.
– Yes. And then I have this
adorable clear pencil case, which also is holding some things, so I’ll show you guys what’s inside of it but just so you guys can
see, the clear pencil case. – I have a marble pencil
case for my pencils. – Which is so cute.
– Which, Bailey and I are super into marble right now, I’m not sure why, we just are. – My phone case is marble. – All of my other things
in here are marble themed. – Yes.
– So, it’s kind of got like the gold accent with the white
marble, which I really like. – Okay, so inside my pencil
case I have these llama erasers. So yes, I’m aware we’re
going into college, and I should probably
have like serious erasers, but that just brings the fun out of life. – So true.
– What is the fun in having boring erasers
when you can have fun ones. Plus, I mentioned before, that the mechanical pencils
that we got didn’t have erasers. So these are my backup plan.
– The more, the better. – Yes, the fun erasers. And then I also have these sticker, they’re almost like sticky notes, but they can stick at the
top of your notebooks, or your folders, and you can
kind of write which section it should be, and that
kinda marks it as a tab. – We each have different color schemes. I have gray and blue,
she has pink and green. I can’t tell what color that was. – Pink and green and bluish. – These are just basically tabs. – Yes. – But you can write
notes and stuff on them. – Yes. So there’s that. – I also have a little notepad, which Bailey has as well.
– I have a notepad! – That is just easy for you
to put in the footnotes, or on the sidebar of your
textbook, or a notebook, or on your computer or fridge.
– Yeah, honestly. – Or whatever it is. – I don’t know how you
guys, but I like to work in my notebook or in my
textbook, and sometimes they don’t allow you to
write in your textbook. – True that. – And so these are when,
these notepads specifically, would come in handy,
’cause then you can just write on the notepad.
– Make lists. – And then stick it in the textbook. – I feel like this is kind of a list, and then you can check things off. – If you’re a list person. – I am a list person. – And then I also have my highlighters which are these mini ones
because I don’t use highlighters enough to get the giant ones
that take up a bunch of space. When you have a little pack like this, this is super helpful
when you do need them. Because when you do need
them, it’s vital that you have many colors, so that’s
why I got this pack here. – [Brooklyn] Okay, I have a planner. Also, it’s like a notes,
like you have space for notes and planners, these are all your notes. And then your calendar here. Which, I know everybody
says ‘we use our phones now, we don’t need planners’.
– Who needs a planner? – But writing things down can
help you remember them a lot. – Helps me! – And especially if you’re in class, sometimes they won’t let
you pull out your phone, so you have to jot down whatever they say really quickly into your planner. And then this keeps track of
everything you have to do. – Plus it kind of makes
you feel organized. Like I don’t know, just for
some reason having a planner and using it actually
makes me feel organized. – It’s true. – So this is my planner. It says ‘two thousand and eighteen’. So at first when I first
saw it, I thought it said, ‘two, thou, sand, eigh, teen’,
like I didn’t put it together that it was 2018.
– Oh my gosh. – I was like, two, thou, sand, what? That doesn’t make any sense. But don’t worry guys, I connected it. And yes, it makes sense.
– My planner comes with a little ruler and some
sticky little stickers inside as well.
– Cute! – So if you want to use those. – Cute!
– Super fancy. – So those are our planners,
and all of these match with the themes of our
backpack which is even cuter. – Next we just have little
notebooks for note taking. They’re smaller than big notebooks, because you just wanna be
able to carry these around, jot down whatever you
want while you’re studying or whatever it is, so mine is just this, kind of cardboard-y material on the front, so that it’s not as easily
breakable or bendable. And then it’s just a little
brown to match my theme. – And this is I think
one of my favorite items in the whole backpack. This is my marble notebook, and it matches my marble phone case.
– Her marble phone case. – And I got a computer case
that looks like this too so I’m obviously obsessed
with this print right now. So I was so excited to find
out they had a notebook with almost the identical,
an identical print. So this is my notebook that I would use. – And it feels really cool.
– It’s a bit flimsier, it’s really flexible.
– But it has a, yeah. – It’s got little marker. – It has a marker which is nice. – It’s like, it’s small, it
doesn’t take up a lot of space. Just, adorable. Like all around adorable. – Of course, everybody
needs a normal notebook. So I just have my giant, again, gold with marble theme goin’ on here. So we each have one of these. Just everybody uses
these for normal classes. You can use it for whatever you want. – [Bailey] Yeah, look it
even says notes on it. I mean, you could do notes,
or you could do doodles, or you could do, I mean. – Paper airplanes.
Depends on what kind of student you are. You can do whatever you
want in this notebook. – And then of course, handy
dandy, big giant notebook. I don’t know about y’all, but
I always end up going through like 50 notebooks throughout the year because I write so much stuff down. So these are nice
because they’re separated by different folders on the inside, which can help you keep your
notes organized by class, or whatever it is that you’re doing. And it gives you a lot of paper, so you won’t run out any time soon. – The next things in my bag is, personally for me, if I don’t
have folders for each subject, my papers end up in one
folder and it’s a disaster. So I have these organizational folders. I don’t know what you would call them. We used to call them a
docket when I was little, but I don’t know if that’s
what they call them anymore. Are they dockets? – [Brooklyn] Oh yeah they are dockets! – [Bailey] They’re like cute dockets. So you pop it open.
– Oh my gosh! – And they got these little
folders slot for you. And then you can just label them with your little tab sticky note things, and that is an organizer for you. So I don’t know what
they’re called right now, but I called it a docket
when I was younger, so this is my organization
folder for my backpack, and it’s really useful when
you have a lot of subjects and a lot of paper. – [Brooklyn] I don’t have
any folders in my backpack but I do have this binder
which is super, it actually feels really cool.
– So shiny, you can probably see
lights reflecting back. Like hello, that’s so cute.
– The inside has folders, spots, and it’s super cute, and it’s super easy for organization, again you can just use some
tabs to separate your papers. Makes things easy.
– Yes. – Makes life easy. So Bailey showed you her llama erasers – I’m obsessed with these.
– Well I have these knot tied pretzel erasers, because I need a lot of erasers. – Well also, I get bored in class. Sometimes I’m just fidgety. And so these are things you can play with. – Handy for that.
– That are also useful. – And colorful and fun, and
not like a boring eraser. – Yeah. Now time for the most important
item of all time for school. Gum! – I cannot live without gum. – We all know, gum is like
the highest sought commodity in the school building, of all time. – I always start out with a lot of gum at the beginning of the year, and then I’m scrounging for
some at the end of the year. But, it is something that, like people say that if you chew gum it helps you study, it helps you memorize.
– Yeah. – It makes your breath
smell better for your crush. It’s like all of those things. – So we got you guys gum, we got ourselves gum, that is
just a must have for school. – Don’t worry ’bout it. – And then the very last
item I have in my bag, is that it for you too? – Mmhmm. – This is the very last item. Is. (drumroll) – [Both] Water bottles! – This one I thought was so
cute when I saw it in the store. It’s not shaped like
a normal water bottle, it’s shaped like a canteen.
– Cute! – But it has this fun little grippy thing, and it’s just like, don’t you
wanna take a drink out of it. It’s so cool.
– It just looks so cute. – And it has this little
handle you can clip anywhere, and it’s just super
cute and easy to carry. – And mine is a water bottle too, it has a lid that twists off,
and you can fill it with ice and it will hold the cold or the hot. – It has a built in straw. – It has a built in straw
that doesn’t come out. So this is really really cute, and I love this saying on it which says, ‘forever busy’, which is a) totally me, and b) totally relatable.
– Totally accurate. – And so I thought it was just
all around useful and cute. So this is the water bottle
that I got for this backpack. – And that’s all we have
in our backpacks, guys. We have lots of stuff this
year, which is super awesome. – Now we’re gonna introduce
our bonus giveaway gift. (upbeat pop music) – Okay, so this years’
bonus gift giveaway item is: – An iPad Pro, obviously
you can tell, we have one. We have one for each backpack obviously, that we’re giving away,
which is super exciting. – So basically you guys
know the gist of this, but to run through the
rules of the giveaway, there’s only one requirement, and that requirement to enter is, to do some kind of act of
service for somebody else. – [Brooklyn] Whether that’s
helping your mom with the dishes – [Bailey] or getting your
neighbors cat out of the tree. – [Brooklyn] I swear we use
the same examples every time. – [Bailey] I swear we do. Well anyway, beside the point. After you do that one required entry, bonus entries, tons of them will open up, and you can do any of
those to get bonus entries to possibly win this iPad. – And this giveaway is
open internationally, so anyone out there in the world watching can win this iPad pro and our backpacks. So all of y’all out there.
– All our friends in Japan, Europe, all you people, Africa, wherever you are from, it can
possibly be you who wins it. – So the giveaway starts
right this very second, and it will end September 26th
at 11:59, central time, PM. – And you do have to be eighteen or older or have your parents permission
to enter this giveaway. – Yes. – And it is for our loyal subscribers. So make sure that you are a subscriber. – Subscribed to our channel! Now you guys can find more
information about this giveaway by clicking the link in
the description box below, or the information box right up there, now you guys be sure to
subscribe to our channel by hitting that button down there. Be sure to check out more of our videos by clicking the box over there. – Go enter the giveaway! – And, go enter the giveaway. We love you guys. Bye! – [Both] Muah!

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  8. Hi Brooklyn and bailey ! I am 18 ! And I have helped out my neighbour in mowing his lawn and his whole backyard ! I really love you guys ! Hope I win this giveaway !

  9. Hi Brooklyn and bailey ! I am 18 ! And I have helped out my neighbour in mowing his lawn and his whole backyard ! I really love you guys ! Hope I win this giveaway !

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