What’s in My Backpack | Back to School 2019
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What’s in My Backpack | Back to School 2019

– All right guys, I am
back and today filming another back-to-school
video and this is one that I do every single year because you guys watch
it and you guys love it. So, I am doing what is
in my backpack 2019? Yeah, that’s the year, right? (upbeat music) So this is my senior year. This is my backpack this year. I wanted to go with, I don’t
remember how to say this. How do you say it, Rylan? Fashali? – [Rylan] Fjallraven Kanken. – Fjall, yeah, whatever she just said. Yeah, so I decided to go
for one of these backpacks because I wanted something
that I could also take with me to the office
or something like that because I do have a lot
more off periods this year, so I won’t be just at school. So I wanted something that looks a little bit more casual too, and I did not know that this
company carried backpacks with different patterns on it. I don’t know, maybe it’s
just me but I thought that they were just solid colors. So, I really like this one, but I wanted some more color in it, so I decided to add a
little bit of embroidery. So now it’s super cute,
and actually you guys can win an exact copy of what I go through with this entire backpack, literally everything in it. Plus a bonus item that’s inside, and you can find all that information in the description box. There’s a link in there, so go ahead and click that and you guys will see how to win one. All right so, first things first, obviously you have the backpack, so yes. And then on the side, this
is one of the nice ones because it does have
a water bottle pocket. Yeah, so my backpack last
year did not have one and it was a lot more complicated ’cause I literally had to carry
my water bottle everywhere. So I do like that this one has a pocket, and the water bottle I picked
out this year is this one. It’s pretty simple, a little bit smaller, but it’s pretty sturdy, so yeah. And it’s a nice color. So the theme I was trying to
go for this year was pastel. Honestly, this isn’t pastel, but on the inside you’d
be surprised how hard it is to shop for all pastel school supplies,
like literally so difficult. So, it’s half pastel
I guess you could say. Plus then I found notebooks that were just too good,
I couldn’t not buy them. All right, the front pocket. So, the first thing we have
in here is some pencils. I am a big fan of mechanical pencils. I don’t really know anybody who still uses wood pencils. Does anyone here use wood pencils? You do, really? Wow. Shocking, no I’m not strictly mechanical, but I do like mechanical
over the wood ones. (dog barking)
And this one’s nice. There’s a dog barking, but this one’s nice because it gives you a
little lead thing too. I don’t really know. So just in case you run
out of lead, there you go. And this one is pastel, so I did find some that match the theme, the original theme. So yeah, those are your pencils. And then continuing in this pocket we have a nice eraser, it just says oops. So yeah, there’s a lot of schools going through this movement
where for security reasons you do have to wear lanyards. So, comment down below if you
guys do have to wear lanyards or click the poll right
here if you do or not. I don’t have to yet,
but my school has talked a little bit about doing
something similar to that, but I do carry my keys on
a lanyard just like this. So, that is nice to have
just a little lanyard. You can put really anything on it. Now, the inside pocket. I believe this one has a
little pocket in the back too, the backpack or something. What is it, like a laptop? So this is the inside of
the backpack, a few items. So the first things that
you have are some folders. So I have three of them. Okay, there literally are
no pastel folders out there, so don’t judge me that these are purple and blue, close enough. But I did get a white one too, that way they can kind of match. But these are the nice folders, so last year I got ones
similar material as this, and they lasted all year. And if you remember, Bella and I even tried to rip them and it was very difficult. Ready? (groaning) (laughing) You need these folders! These are the sturdy kind which is nice. The paper ones last me a week, so. Okay and then I’m actually super excited about these notebooks. I feel like everybody always needs some big, multiple
subject notebooks. I guess this is one, but it looks like a lot bigger than one. So, I don’t know. But what I did like about
these is A, they were pastel. I guess this one isn’t,
but this one is pastel. And B, it had this cool
pocket thing in the front. I don’t know why, but I
thought this was so cool. It’s like a little another photo, so if you have a specific class, you can keep some of your papers in here which I thought was super nice, and then just the pages were very big because I took a class last
year, AP World History, and at the beginning of
the year I had a notebook that was this big and
literally it filled up so fast. So, I did like the size of these and I loved the folder on the front. So, then I went on Redbubble
and found some more notebooks, and I just literally, I
couldn’t not buy them. So the first one that I got,
these are a little bit smaller. This one is a cactus, obviously cacti. So it’s just a little
notebook, it looks like this. It has some more paper in it. I don’t know, you can use it for whatever. But yeah, just a little cactus one. Okay, these are the
ones that I really love. So we have Dwight Schrute
and it says assistant to the regional manager and a whole bunch of his classic items
around him like the Jell-O, his phone, his little bobble
head, and all of his stuff. And I just thought this was so funny. And plus in these notebooks they do have little folder thing again so you can keep whatever you need in them. This one I love. If you guys have ever seen New Girl, it’s like this is the best notebook ever. It’s Nick Miller and it’s
all of his funny quotes. Whenever I see this, I just laugh. So this is a good thing to have at school. If you have not seen that show,
I definitely recommend it. It’s so funny, but yeah. Literally there’s all of his funny quotes. And then getting down more
to the supplies, supplies, I was trying to find some highlighters, and I actually saw a girl in
one of my classes last year had these highlighters and they were so much better than mine, so I just had to get them this year. They’re called Stabilo. I probably just ruined that name, but these are pastel
colors, so we got that. And they work very well, so I was excited about these. They’re a bit thicker which is guess is nice, but
yeah, some highlighters. So I saw these on Amazon. I thought it was a good ad especially because there was a lot of concern for the environment right now, so these are actually
recyclable, not recycled, they’re recycled colored
pencils made from old newspapers which I thought was super cool. There’s a lot of ’em in here actually, 24. But they’re all made from old newspaper which I thought was very interesting. So, you can see. Oh and it says on the
back of these pencils that they’re non-toxic, but I thought that these were super cool just ’cause they’re environment-friendly especially with the whole
save the turtles movement going on right now. I’m kind of continuing
with that same thing. I wanted something that was
very environment-friendly, so I found these pens
and I love this company, I use their pans all the time and didn’t know that
they had an eco-friendly type of pen but I found them on Amazon and they actually are made from
recycled materials, I guess. I read it somewhere. There you go, eco Zebra. But yeah, these pens are very nice too. So I thought that was super cool. So then just to hold all your supplies, you have a nice handy dandy pencil holder. This one is a good size. Mine last year was a little bit hard to keep everything in, so I do like how many
pockets this one has. Just your eraser, your
pens, everything like that. And now for your big, final item, the giant surprise item. You guys, I am giving y’all,
for whoever wins this backpack, a pair of AirPods. (laughs) So actually, AirPods are
super nice to have at school because you don’t have to
worry about all the cords and they always get
tangled in my backpack, so AirPods are very nice to have and they’re coming with this little case. I have one very similar to this. The color does not look
accurate on this box, I just wanna say that. It’s like a little yellow, a little pastel yellow. This is the case for your
AirPods which is nice to have. It’s like a little hook
thing, like a hanging thing. So you can clip it on your key chain or do whatever like that, but yeah, AirPods is your big item
and I’m super excited to be giving it to one of you. So yeah, this is technically
my last backpack. I guess you do have a
backpack in college too, but I’ve heard it’s not the same, whatever that means. But, this is my last, oh. There’s a ukulele there, I just hit it. But this is my last high school backpack which isn’t very sad to me, but yeah. I do love shopping for
school supplies though. I don’t know why, maybe that’s just a
weird thing that I have. But this year I was specifically going for things that pertained to my classes and my load this year is very weird. Psychology, physics, anatomy. Dual credit math, dual credit English, off period, soccer. Why can I not think of this last class? No, anatomy and physiology. That’s what it is! U.S. History, you got it. So yeah, that’s technically
a junior course. I do have to take that one. U.S. History, there you go. Very easy load this
year I’m excited about, some fun senior year events happening. Yeah, so this is the
backpack and this is the one that you could win too. You can click that link
in the description box, it’ll take you, actually, to
Instagram where the giveaway is hosted, so don’t be afraid if it switches platforms on you, that is where the giveaway is hosted. But hopefully you enjoyed
everything that was in this and hopefully you want to win it so you guys can go enter the giveaway. I’m super excited about
this year’s backpack. It’s a little bit more simple, a little bit more lifestyle
which I like and, yeah, make sure you guys comment down below and hit that subscribe button, and I will see you guys next week, bye. (uptempo music)

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