WHAT’S IN MY BACKPACK 2018 🎒 Back To School Supplies Haul
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WHAT’S IN MY BACKPACK 2018 🎒 Back To School Supplies Haul

everyone it’s super excited cuz you know
back to school is right around the corner and next time you know it’s back
to school comment down below if you got your backpack and your school supplies
let’s go see what’s in my backpack here I decided to go for a push and backpack
I just really loved who chic it was in a different color so I thought that was
really cool I was gonna get so like gray one I just found this one on my hanging
on my first pocket is hand sanitizer and I got don’t quit your day dream and it’s
just perfect so when you singles some bells follow your rainbow it’s just like
my doodling book for like when I’m waiting for something or when I’m done
my project I can just do it all so the next thing that’s in my backpack is
these tiny little index cards look like your study for your test and you want
someone to review it with you all you have to do is write down what the
question is and maybe on the other side you write with the answers so these are
perfect for practicing for like a task or for what you need to learn the first
thing that’s in here is for like lunch money and sometimes we have book first
just in case or if I have like a card or something this is the essentials bag and
I really love this and it says left stick together first thing that’s in
here is my brush so when I have missing hair one day maybe a bad hair day
everybody has those days it’s tiny and hair like it’s in the middle of the day
or the start of day I’m like all sweaty everybody has like your hands are like
not more if they’re dry then you can just put some of this and it’s almond
milk and honey I really love this kind and if you have your breath smells bad
or something just funny saying best to be honest I also got some juicy fruit
star bus starburst sorry strawberry flavor and these are like my favorite
kinds of gum I love absolutely love this this is my body spray and it’s warm and
cozy and it’s really nice I miss spray it mmm that’s one of my favorite scents
I got at Victoria’s Secret when they’re not moist and I actually
had that on right now when you’re after these are just stop playing hair ties
and if someone needs them I can just give them these and I’ve get thin ones
and sick ones and then I have this compact mirror and it says the unicorn
spark goin has a unicorns the sparkles on it so I can use this compact mirror
to see if I of any food stuck in my teeth like after lunch no I don’t and
the last thing is some moisturizer it’s also up huh face gets dry food today so
I always put this on so I hope that gives you an idea like what you need to
put in your essentials bag so the first thing that’s in my huge pocket the main
pocket it’s just a nice little bag to keep my headphones oh so these are just
some marble rose gold headphones I really like them they’re just simple and
I you can also turn these which I really like about that
the next thing I have is my pencil pouch has a lot of stuff in here I really love
this house like a mermaid color and it’s those so I just got to get one this year
so I got some sharpies in here really love these colors the protractor this
time fell off and actually flexible which I really like about it and this is
also a compass this is really cool because this ruler folds up that’s some
tape because you never know when you need to because uh in my class we use a
lot of tape so I’m gonna be heating this so and everybody’s pass it around the
tape eyes can go look done and then I got some whiteout pink it’s pink too and
the last thing in here is some scissors it has a cool pattern and matches my
pencil pouch this is my pencil pouch and it stores all my pencils so I don’t have
to keep digging around in here too sometimes when I was old when I was
little I used to put my pencils in here so it’s kind of hard to find so now I
got this and it’s way easier now so in this big pocket it has all my
stuff when mister from this pocket it has two pens a blue one and a purple one
and some extra lead for my mechanical pencils and – I love these there’s so
squishy you just put them around your pencil and you can squish away cuz
sometimes you might get blisters if you’re writing like really hard or you
write too long so I just like these the time so I want to try these out I
got regular number-two pencils yeah you always need them it’s a long
is has eyes right here it has pea-sized that’s super cute and it’s a pen these
are the gel pens I use for my plan and I will be showing that letter soon last
but not least is my highlighters I got a green orange and pink oh and then here’s
some sticky notes and it’s pink and I just love hot pink so the next thing
that’s in my backpack is this cute pusheen station is that like once I saw
this I like I really love the case pusheen eraser this is the pencil
sharpener pen and a pencil and then this one’s really cute and it says eat sleep
eat sleep eat repeat I told you that I was gonna be my bag what is my planner
and I love this planner and then these aren’t like the most cute stickers ever
they’re like the best and you can also get them at Barnes & Nobles that’s where
I got mine and they’re just really fun there’s a lot of them and then this is
from Victoria Secret pain and it says pink pink pink all over oh I love this
just simple like a white one and what’s really fun about this I got this and
they each have a theme I really love these I’ve never seen them actually
these are the erasable color pencils markers there was a 50 pack I’m pretty
sure but I don’t think I need you up lecture markers so I just got the 20
pack I got a composition notebook a pretty mermaid one and I really love
that one I just love this like it’s glitter it’s beautiful and I got pink
one of them then a white on and a black sparking one and actually the glare does
it come off when you wipe it and it sweet and it has my favorite colors
inside I had to get the matching folder of this file this backpack file so you
don’t have to put in all your binders so if you have like newsletters if you want
to give them to your parents and you don’t have to rummage through your
binders whose sometimes my gears can be pretty full by like mid semester so
that’s why you need this also like my eyes can see yeah so this is the
watermelon that I’m going to be putting in the side of my fishing backpack and
it’s just really cute and it’s from Victoria’s Secret pink and has good back
in it and when you open it completely won’t come out
you guys comment down below what’s your must-haves in your bag a must-have in my
backpack is probably my planner because if I forget it it’s like my day is a
mess so that planner keeps me very organized
it’s after school I have lots of programs I’ve cried I piano and swimming
I’m math advanced and I have a Girl Scout if I forget this it’s my youtube
videos or else you guys won’t be seeing my videos for more back to school videos
ah I in the corner don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification
about because it’s a super secret you guys I’m going to be doing a giveaway so
stay tuned for that cuz that’s coming soon and you don’t want to miss that I
don’t know that’s in my bag aren’t these

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