What is the EF Standard English Test (EFSET)?
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What is the EF Standard English Test (EFSET)?

When you’re learning English at one point you want to know: How’s my progress? What level is my English? How can I get a certified test score? Where will my English take me in the global economy? The EF Standard English Test, EFSET, Gives you answers to all these questions. As the world’s first free standardized English test, EFSET gives you more control over your learning. You can take it anytime, anywhere you have internet access. Created by the world’s top linguists and assessment experts, EFSET tests your English skills in as short as 15 minutes. Get a quick analysis of your level, track your progress, or get an estimate on other international tests. Your personalized results are available instantly. We’ve also teamed up with LinkedIn To help you show the world your English skills When you’re feeling confident, add your EFSET score to your LinkedIn profile. All of this available for free at EFSET.org Brought to you by EF Education First. 50 years of opening the world through education.

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  1. I found this very useful.
    Can you please tell me that is there android application available for this?

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