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What Is In Our Back To School Backpacks / JustJordan33

– I got a golf ball just
in case if I go golfing. (crickets chirping) – Why? – Like 50 million – Jake’s backpack has, like, so many– Oh! (laughing) What was that? Okay, all right (record scratch) Jacob! – It’s my pin now. – You ripped it off my backpack! Oh (laughing) what is this? Hi guys, it’s Jordan and
today we have my brother– – Jake, from JakeandTy – And today, it’s that time of year! We are going to be showing
you, what’s in our backpack? Back to school edition! So crazy, okay so it’s already
time for back to school. Meaning that, we have to
have all our supplies ready and I’m not actually ready,
but I am actually ready. So we’re gonna show you
everything that we have. That makes no sense, let’s get started. Okay, so I have my brother
here and he’s gonna show you what’s in his backpack. First off, let’s say what
grade we’re going into. I’m gonna, this is my
last year of high school. (excitedly gasping) What? I’m gonna be a senior, that’s
so crazy, I’m like, what? I don’t know. (clapping) Okay what grade are you going into? – Eighth grade. – Oh my goodness, are you excited? – Yeah – I’m so excited. – Well actually, I’m not
excited to go to school – Oh. – Of course, I don’t want to go there. – This is very exciting for
Jacob because this is his last year in, like, middle school/junior high. So, he’s gonna head to
high school next year. What? – Are you gonna be there? – No, and I wish I was. Let’s show you our
backpacks, so we’re twinning with our backpacks this year. So we both got Bella Bond
backpacks, so Jake just got– – I just wanted to go with a backpack that won’t get stained. – Oh, so you went all black this year. And then I went with this crazy,
fun, like, texture thingy. So, like, I don’t even
know what it’s called but it’s, like, fuzzy. I have, like, really crazy backpacks. So, like, last year I
had a huge, like, hollow, metallic backpack and it was,
like, bumpy and everything, it was really cool and now
this year it’s like fuzzy. So I really like the unique backpacks and so this is what it looks like and also on the outside I
added a little cutesy key chain and some pins, look at my pins! I’m really proud of them, this one says, let’s get this bread! (laughing) And this one’s Spongebob. (laughing) The doodle Spongebob and
this one’s just cutesy and this one says, you
tried (laughing) gold star. And this one is pizza
with the UFO from Area 51. – Okay. – And if you thought that was all, nuh uh, I’ve got a glow in the dark
pin on this side too, so. Okay, all right. (record scratching) – Jacob! – It’s my pin now! – You ripped it off my backpack! – It’s mine now. (laughing) (beep) – Okay, let’s open up our
backpack and show you what’s inside, so we’re gonna start with the very front little pocket, first, so– – Okay. – What’s your first item? You’ve got, like, a tiny pocket. – Nothing in here. – Okay, the other maybe. – I’ve got pencils! – Ooh! – And guess what, my friends
always ask me for pencils. I came up with a little trick,
I put nail polish on it. – You stole my nail polish? You put clear nail polish and put it– – Yeah. So now they can’t write. – (gasp) You genius (bell chiming) Oh my goodness, Jake,
wait they’re gonna ask for a pencil then they’re gonna try to write and it’s not gonna work at all. – Yeah, but if they sharpen it, then. – Oh then it’s game over
(laughing) oh, but look at these pencils, I wanna show you. They’re, like, bendy, and just that. – You know what I should’ve done? Put nail polish onto the erasers. – Oh, yes. Okay, first thing in my front pocket I have a calculator and this is like one of the very fancy bougie
calculators because we got this my second year of high school because that’s when they
start to get into, like, more advanced math and
it’s nice to have, like, a graphing calculator
and then, plus for, like, the state test, like the ACT and stuff, it’s nice to have this sort of calculator. And also, I’m going to use
it all throughout college so, like, it was an
investment but it’s worth it and it’s my baby, now. – Guess what? I forgot to put my
calculator in my backpack. – Oh, Jake. Okay, what’s the next item? – I got a golf ball just
in case if I go golfing. (crickets chirping) – Why? – Because when you, for
PE you went golfing. So, got a golf ball just in case. (laughing) – So you bring your own golf ball? Just in case! – Just in case! – All right, next up I
have all the essentials. So, I’ve got hand sanitizer
and I’ve got chap stick and lotion and little pro tip
for back to school season, is if your school is really
stinky like my school. The little pro tip is when
it gets really smelly, just take some lotion and
then, like, put it on your hand and then, like, rub it
in and then just, like, smell the lotion. That way you don’t have
to smell the stinkies. – I got another solution. – That’s my pro tip. – Bring Axe spray and
spray it on everything. – No! Okay, oh oh, also, a stick of perfume. Okay, what’s your next item? – My next item is a fan,
it plugs into my phone, which I misplaced. – Oh, look at that, so it’s like. – And I’m gonna, how I use
it is just if I get hot in the classroom, I just turn it on. – Genius! – By plugging it in my phone. – Okay, so the last thing
I have in my front pocket is a scrunchie and this is
just in case if I run into the VSCO girls and I just
want to be so cool and wear my scrunchie, too, and fit
in with the VSCO girls. (laughing) Oh no, oh no, what have I done? Okay, oh I got him. (startled cat noise) Okay, all right, is that all
that’s in your front pocket? – No, I’ve got one more. – Okay, what is it? – These googly eyes, I
put it on my pencils. – You put, oh, it’s supposed
to be a ring though. – Oh. – See? – Well, I put them on my pencils, my big pencils, the big yellow one. – Oh. – It works, right? (startled cat noise) Bye! – Okay, all righty, let’s
move on to the big pocket. This is where all of
the exciting stuff is. All right, dun dun dun dah! Tah-dah! Whoa, you got nothing– – Tah-dah! – You’ve got nothing, Jake, are you ready for back to school? – Yes, I just put it in a bigger pocket. – How many pockets do you have? – Like 50 million – Jake’s backpack has, like, so many– – Oh! – What was that, what was that? – No, you have to wait
first, you have to go first! – Oh my goodness, okay,
well, I’m gonna start off with all the basics and that’s
the classic huge folder. I get one of these every
single year and I fill it with paper and I put all of my very
important papers right here. So, like, the ones that need
to, like, come home, like, syllabuses and stuff that
parents have to sign. That way I don’t forget about
them and I usually put my class schedule, this is another
little school life hack. You put your class schedule right here. This is, like, all your
classes and, like, the map and everything and then you
don’t be, like, holding a map, like, frantically looking
around and you just, like, before you leave class
just glance at your binder and then, like, you know where to go, so. – Okay, first of all, I
got a snack of Pringles. – This is not Pringles. – Oh– – Delicio– – Delicious chips and guess what? When you open it it’s a prank. I can’t open it, how do I open you? (pop) – Oh, it didn’t work (laughing) (screaming) (laughing) No, it actually scared me
and I even knew it’s coming! (yelling) So, like, half of your school supplies, back to school supplies
are, like, prank stuff. – Yes. – To prank your friends. – Yes. – I like that, okay. – Let me just stuff this all back in so I’m ready for school. – Okay, okay next up,
I’ve got all my folders. So, I didn’t know how many
folders I would need this year (popping sound and startled yell) (laughing) So I just got three and I
got, like, the plastic ones ’cause these ones, like,
are actually really durable versus, like, the paper
ones that get torn in, like, less than a day (exasperated
gasp) and so I got three. I don’t really know if I’m
gonna fully need these, but if not then I’m gonna
store them downstairs and one of the boys can use
them later when they need them. But, I’m pretty sure I’ll need these. And then I also have all of my notebooks. I only got four hoping that
throughout the year I can just reuse these four notebooks
and then, like, when it moves onto the next tri and we switch
classes then I’m just gonna tear out all my notes and,
like, use the second half. ‘Cause I usually only
use, like, half of one of these big notebooks for class. – I use all of it. – Well, my notebooks
is this one, this one, I DIY’d this one, I drew
it with my own hands with a Sharpie and then this one. This one’s fancy and this one, oh! – Oh, timber! – Oh no, this one I also DIY’d,
it was just a white notebook and then I took magazines and
I, like, glued them on here to make it cute. – Oh, nice. – So, that’s my notebooks for this year, hopefully they last and
hopefully I have enough. All right, what’s your next item? Oh! – A big binder. – There you go, so, okay, so,
like, everyone likes to store all of there schoolwork differently. Like I have a totally
separate system than you. Like I like to have separate,
like, folders for each class but Jake just like’s having
a huge folder, right? – That’s how it gets all mixed up. – Oh. (laughing) So maybe don’t take Jake’s advice and maybe do separate folders. Hey! – I have no clue what this
is, we can untie it and see. – I think it’s, like,
the little, like, straps if you want to wear it like
a book bag, fashionable! So you can wear it like a
little purse, a man purse. – I put, like, everything
in my binder so I got some pencils– – Yes. – Some paper. – Hey – Some notebooks and a ruler. – A ruler, perfect. Okay, what’s crazy about Jake’s
school is that they let them have a backpack but
they want him to keep it in their locker throughout
the day so you have to carry everything in
your arms so, for Jacob, it’s easiest if he uses one
big thing and just carries this around school versus carrying around, like, 50 billion things. But, I just carry around
my backpack all day. Okay, next item, oh
(laughing) what is this? Logan? (toy squeaking) Logan, come up here. (toy squeaking) Did you put this in our backpack? Oh my goodness, I think Logan was snooping in my backpack and
he dropped his toy in there ’cause I did not put this in there. (toy squeaking) Is this your toy? – Did he get your gum? – Oh no, did he, wait here, go get it! – Well, because you usually- – Oh, no! – He’s taking the backpack, as well. – (yelling) My nose! Oh no, my nose! – Wait, why do you have a nose in there? – It’s for when I get stressed, okay? ‘Cause the tests are really stressful and I couldn’t find any of
my squishies that were cute. This is the only thing I could find. It’s like a stress ball,
but, like, a stress nose. – Okay. – And so I just put it in my
backpack, but there’s that. – But what about your
gum, did Logan get it? – My gum. I put it in this tiny
little chamber up here. I hide my gum and my phone. All right, so what’s your next item, Jake? – I just showed a whole bunch, let’s see, I got a jacket. – Your jacket, I’ve never
seen you wear this jacket. Is it new for back to school? – Sure. – Okay (laughing) sure. – It’s just in case if I get cold. – That’s really convincing. All right, my next item, oh guys, okay. This is a first week of
school specialty item, so this only stays in my
backpack for the first week of school and then I take it out. But it’s an entire bag of
markers that are colorful and fun and I use this because, during
the first week of school, all they do is they go over
the rules and it’s so boring and I’m, like, okay what am
I supposed to be doing here? And so I draw instead and I color. – The first week of school
is probably the best. (laughing) Because you can’t– – ‘Cause you don’t have to do anything? – Yeah, you just sit there
and listen to them talk. – That’s true but it’s so boring and so I just color instead
but that’s a special item not many people get to know about so, you’re in on our little secret. Oh my goodness, wait, show
it to the side, look at this. Look, you have one, two, three,
four, five, five zippers! I have two, are you kidding me? What’s back here? – I’ve got myself some backup lead and erasers just in case if I run out. – Yes, you need that. Next up, I have my planner, so this is my planner for this
year and I literally, I have to have a planner every year. Some people can go without
planners, but not me. And so, this is a life is good planner and I like this one because
it looks like it’s, like, I don’t know, it has, like, all these good little positive vibes messages. It has, like, little inspirational
quotes for every week and I just thought it was really cute and I think it’s recycled,
too, and I think it donates to charity or something,
I read it somewhere. So I really like this one
and this is the planner I’m using this year and I
really like the layout, too, so. Okay. – Okay– – Next item! – I got some pens because my
teachers keep asking for pens! – So annoying. – Because I always have to use them. – True, Okay next up for
me, I have my pencil pouch! And this one, it has a goat on it. I don’t know why, I
just thought it was cute and so, I was like, oh I wanna get that. Inside of here I have all
the things, oh my goodness. Oh no, this is a mess. Okay, so I’ve got my most
favorite pencil in the world and I’ve got some pens ’cause
teachers always ask for pens but these are fancy pens,
they’re erasable because I need erasers and I get too stressed when I have to use pens without erasers. And I have a bunch of
highlighters that I’ve used for literally, like, four
years but they haven’t ran out. They’re the gel highlighters,
strongly recommend, I’ve used them for so long now. And then I have a Smencil, this
one smells like gingerbread. Smell it. (laughing) Okay so, that’s all that
I have in my pencil pouch. – Okay, my turn? – Mhmm – I’ve got myself some magnetic blocks. – Oh, is it like a fidget toy? – Yes, and I use it just in
case if I get bored in class. – There you go, yeah there are some times where you get bored in class. Okay, one of the last items I have, oh. This is another secret not
many people know about, but you guys are, you guys get to know. So lean in close. I may have took this from my mom’s room – What? (laughing) – It’s a little key chain
heart and it says Katie, which is my mom’s name
and it’s to remind me that my Mommy loves me. (crowd making sympathetic sounds) – Audrey always says that. – I know. My mom is behind the camera,
she’s like, oh my goodness. – Next item, oh wait, no
I’ve already done that one. I got myself a magn– (beep) I got myself a magnet,
it’s actually really heavy. Let’s hope it works so I
can put important papers on my chair. (laughing) – I thought you were gonna
say that was for decoration for your locker and then you were like– – That too– – It’s for important papers on
my chair and I’m, like, what? – I don’t even know (laughing) – Yeah, it’s just for that. – That’s the most random
school supply, okay, all right, if you want, I guess,
a paperweight, I guess. – Yeah, it’s a paperweight. – Okay, okay so the very last item I have in my backpack for this year is my candy and this is an essential, you guys. So I, my candy of choice
for right now is M&M’s and this is because I get hungry in school and before lunch sometimes
I just want a snack and so I’ll eat candy
and usually my teachers are fine with it, but we’ll see this year. But I brought some because I love candy! Okay Jake, do you have anymore items? Mine is, like, completely done. – I have one more and this is for blowing random bubbles in class. – Oh my goodness, Jake is a
little prankster, I never knew! – And that’s the little
bubbles that fly around, well they don’t really fly, they fall. – (excited sounds) Yes! – And also, when the teacher
asks for me to give it to them, I’m like, okay, here and
then I just make another. – Oh my goodness. Okay, so that is all of our
back to school supplies. It is a mess now, it’s
everywhere as you can tell. It’s all down by our feet, too, but– – We need to shove it into our backpack. – Yeah now we have to put it back in our backpacks for school. All right, so I hope you
guys enjoyed this video. If you did, give it a big thumbs
up and comment down below. Are you guys excited for
school and do you have all your supplies ready or do
you still need to get ready? – I’m gonna– – Because– – Bet most of you are gonna say no. – Yeah, ’cause I used to, like,
wait until the day before, the night before school started
to pack my bags, but now, now I’m getting a bit better. Now I pack it, like, maybe the
week before (laughing) but, thank you so much for watching! We’ll see you guys next time, bye! – Bye! (pop) (heavy beat music)

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