What Is Equity in Education? New York City Chancellor Richard Carranza, Keynote Speaker, Leaders To
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What Is Equity in Education? New York City Chancellor Richard Carranza, Keynote Speaker, Leaders To

(bright upbeat music) – Equity is one-of-those-words that gets bandied about quite-a-bit. But equity, fundamentally for me, is that you provide to
students, to communities, what they need to be able to meet the
bar that you’ve set. So it’s not about lowering standards, it’s not about taking
something from somebody and giving it to somebody else. It’s very, fundamentally,
you take a community where they are, you provide the support and what they need, to reach the high-bar that we’ve set for everybody. We as adults, we as educators, have to believe in our children. And we have to believe
in our children so much, that we take them from where they are, and we see a future, that perhaps, they may not even see for themselves, but we are working towards
making that future a reality. And you do whatever-it-takes,
to get them there. So, when I come to DC,
I’m excited to come back. I was a leader to learn-from, and I’m excited to come
back to that event. And what I’ve learned since then, is that you have to be
honest and forthright about the circumstances, the
issues that you confront, especially if you’re in
a leadership position. So part of what I hope to talk about is how do you take-on those
big, hairy, heavy questions. I hope to talk about, how do you speak from an authentic place of
who you are as a leader, and then how you interact with
those particular questions. And then thirdly, I hope
that my colleagues and I will be able to share some insights as to, what are the pathways forward, as we think about public
education in the United States. It’s gonna be real
conversations for educators and by educators. (upbeat electronic music)

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