What is ‘Educate-Me’? إيه هو مشروع علمني؟
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What is ‘Educate-Me’? إيه هو مشروع علمني؟

I believe that education weakens the situation in Egypt. I believe that education in Egypt has to be more developed. I believe that education in Egypt has to improve since it is the basis of everything in life. I believe that education in Egypt needs major repair. Education in Egypt is in the gutter. Basically we can say that there’s no education at all. Education in Egypt is poor and it has to be organized. The majority of people, of all ages, are not educated. Students are forced to learn things that they don’t like. The teacher himself wasn’t taught how to teach. How can I enhance the teacher’s performance. Even I, someone who’s in a private school, I’m forced to learn things I don’t like. In my school, I wish classes were more enjoyable. I wish the school would be more concerned with sports. I wish education would be more interesting and I wish they could rework the curriculum provided by the government because it is tiring. I wish they would be more concerned with sports. I wish I could learn Italian. Education in private schools is decent yet in Public schools I don’t believe there’s any sense of education. In public schools no one learns anything. Public education has become extremely mediocre. Without education this country will never witness any progress. No nation could ever rise without a strong educational structure. We could never reach anything without education. Yet when we do, this nation will rise over many countries. I heard that Educate-Me distributes clothes for the needy and that is a good thing. It is a great multinational organization. Educate-Me is an orphanage. Educate-Me tutors children. Educate-Me? Educate-Me is a school? Educate-Me is an organization to eliminate illiteracy. Educate-Me organizes recreational trips for children. Orphanage. ‘Educate-Me’? What first pops into your heads when I say this word? That we are teaching people? Maybe.. That’s more or less what we’re doing. But we are also learning.. Imagine a group of children, gathered in one room, Trying to think and you’re living your childhood with them while you’re stimulating their minds. Educate me is trying to create a complete education system that enables the children to dream and define their goals. It encourages the child not only to learn but to love what he’s learning. To change their misconception that education is a boring process that has a sole purpose of joining a university. Rather, it is a process that will improve them as individuals.
Combining education with activities whether it was artistic or athletic. We begin by getting to know the children a bit better. Then we encourage them to indentify things that they wish to learn. By knowing what interests them we begin to teach them other things that are important for their lives. We help them find ways to cover their expenses. We might make a difference or we might fail, The important thing is to try.. And that’s what educate me really is.

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  1. أحلى حاجه ان مفيش واحد مصرى قال معرفش ……:-) فتاوى على ودنه قبل مشروع علمنى عايزين نعرف نقول ما اعرفش اذا كنت ما أعرفش " من قال لا أعلم فقد أفتى " صدق رسول الله

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