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What is Auftragstaktik? | DEFINE

Auftragstaktik is a military
command philosophy that entrusts officers in the field with devising and
implementing plans for tactical operations to achieve the goals defined
by the senior generals. Translated into English as “mission tactics,” auftragstaktik demands that a military operate and a mostly bottom-up fashion. This
requires high levels of competence, creativity, and initiative from junior
and noncommissioned officers. Since the end of World War II, many armies have
sought to emulate this command philosophy. Their varying levels of
success have often been the difference between victory and defeat. For
perspectives on this topic, click the links provided.

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  1. The Arabic countries avoid that (independent generals means it's easier to stage a coup), while Israel uses it. Ever wondered how 6 different countries lost an war to the small desert nation?

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