What I Wasn’t Taught In School
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What I Wasn’t Taught In School

Okay good afternoon class. Right can we settle down. Rose turn around please. We’ve got a lot get through today. Okay…so carrying on from our lesson last week…we were looking at the key divisions in the early stages of the civil rights movement… Again And the general impact across the board Sam come on. Sit up straight. Alright, stop slouching. This is the perfect opportunity for you to engage so make the most of it. But we learn the same stuff every year for Black History month, every single October we learn the same things. Either Apartheid, Slavery or the Civil Rights. How many of you guys have actually learned something new these last few years? See, that’s what I mean. Sam, this is our history, come on man. Nah, seriously…Do you guys know anything about Ralph Bunche, the first Black person to win a Nobel prize?   Or that the richest person ever lived was a black man named King Musa I of Mali? What about Ella Baker? What about Ella Baker?! (General Mutter) Actually, I know who Ella Baker is. One of the most influential women, of the civil rights movement… …this is why I can’t take Black History Month seriously man. (Music Starts) But Samuel the curriculum is designed to help you think about Black History critically. Actually Miss, it’s designed to teach us what to think. Not how to think. For example, when that light switched. You taught us it was Thomas Edison who made that happen. When ironically it was actually a darker man who made that light flick, Lewis Latimer to be precise. Quite nice when you’re talking about Mr. Hamilton and his racing car – but red light, stop. We’re always taught that Martin Luther King had a dream man But those dreams can’t be achieved because our brains are in chains, our minds are enslaved so we won’t get our redemption, Morgan free-man. Will we ever be free man? And leave this state of imprisonment and take that walk of free-damn. It, green man from a traffic light invented by the same man who made gas masks to protect our organs. Another free man, named Garrett Morgan. But I bet you never knew that. We need to open our minds but how can we be taught to see if the blind lead the blind? The first person to develop significant eye surgery was a black woman named Dr. Patricia E Bath. Now on that note there’s a question I must ask. If this is a great opportunity to learn and be engaged about our past, why are we not actually being taught about our past? Transatlantic slavery where we’re taught black history starts but is it really? There seems to be a lot you haven’t told us, and you shut down and hold back on the bold ones who stand against the way you’re trying to mould us. Consistent enemies of progress, you’re surprised because I know things you don’t expect me to know yet. And when I tell you you’re wrong for telling me about me, you call it a riot while I call it a protest. The Broadwater Farm riots, the media exacerbate and make it seem like it’s a bunch of delinquent youths on the streets. When really the first causing trigger was death at the hands of the police. We cease to know information and the truth, and that’s simply because you withhold information from the youth. Maybe, maybe one day we’ll be satisfied with how our knowledge of history equates. Well I’m sure like me, you’re waiting for the teacher to fill in that space. So do so then…. Umm….no answer. Well maybe I can help and just throw out there some names. Mary Seacole, a Crimean war nurse. Mary Prince a black female author, to be precise she was the first. Bernie Grant, influential local activist and respected MP. Trevor McDonald, one of the first black ITN journalists to hit the TV screen. Jamal Edwards and SBTV. And when Fuse ODG brought the Azonto dance to the UK And my foot swayed to the left and to the right like the wipers of a cars windscreen. And DJ Abrantee brought Afrobeats to the streets. See it’s funny when we think of our childhood memories. A man who was actually funny, Lenny Henry. Many others and the list continues… Marcus Garvey, Haile Selassie, Bob Marley, Ignatius Sancho, Tupac, Fela Kuti, Muhammad Ali, Maya Angelou R.I.P Kwame Nkrumah the first Ghanaian president who retained independence from England. The Windrush ship which brought Caribbeans to Britain. So much to learn in just one month, a tip of the iceberg, a tiny grace. And what was the first black Roman Emperor’s name? Years passed and we’re still caught up in the same Civil Rights age. Which isn’t bad if you learn something new. But we don’t. And we’re not being taught enough about our culture so there’s no one else to blame but you, and if not you then who? Questions, questions, questions. If you’re not teaching us these things then I’m inclined to believe it’s because you don’t – know. No. You’re the teacher, your job is to teach so you must know, and if you do that must mean you don’t want us to know – but that’s low. If the information is accessible for our knowledge of our culture to grow, then why on earth wouldn’t you want to let us know? Why are you focused so heavily on the influential but very few men and women who made things happen for us? Why are my people being highlighted for a predominantly negative past? Why do I know the things that you don’t, and I’m not the teacher, you are? Why are you focused on our negative past but not on our bright future? Why are you not abreast with the great young things that people are doing in this world? Why are young people’s trademarks and stereotypes; gang culture and young pregnant girls? Why are the young people not being given the time of day? And his name was Septimius Severus by the way. I’m sure as a student, the code of conduct has been breached. So I’ll stop here and let you do your job. So teach. “Yo people, how’s it going? It’s your boy Samuel King, this is my poem “What I Wasn’t Taught In School” and you’re watching Word On The Curb!”

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  1. okay dude, this is epic. beyond anything, i'm slowly coming to terms with so much information that has been withheld from me as a child. born into an incredibly loving family i was blessed with the best my parents could afford. all girls private school education. i rebelled, always. i gave cheek and made smart ass comments to teachers who told me that i would never amount to anything. i'm an aussie, 21 and trying to figure out my place in the world. loads of youth… people my age, with so much talent to offer the world are killing themselves. 4 in fact, i've been to 4 death parties… they're under so much pressure to be perfect, have the perfect life, do all this shit that doesnt really mean shit, have a career already at 21 and start establishing yourself … this made me want to tackle another day in this cold hearted city i live in. cheers man. respect and i think we should be friends

  2. What isn't taught is seeking business opportunities and the motivations of running a successful business

  3. Lol wtf is this
    They litterally talk about invention of traffic lights like it's the meaning of their lives


  5. He is so right . For example in my school in social studies my teacher always talks fast and says all that bull crap at it’s just oooo ghetto

  6. My science teacher from last year barely never explained nothing and she gave us the work and I didn’t know it well so I was like ….. just oo

  7. Yet another bullshit sob story from some spoiled fuck to up his own ass to realize how good he has it.

    Black people aren't special for anything except a lack of contribution to society. That is, if you don't count gangs, weaves, and shitty clothing.

  8. Yes!YES!! THE TRUTH WILL OUT!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😢🤗 now this is critical thinking.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  9. if i talked like that to my teacher everyone would laugh and i would be in the office after that smh

  10. I have a VERY hard time believing black people actually did all this that the student talks about. I'm going to have to do some fact checking on that.

  11. Oh my my my my this is superior teaching I love it this is epic on so many levels and how many don't know anything about half of the people he named I am happy to say that I did know something great sharing and I have most definitely share this video

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  13. It seems to me that he could have said all this in private with her instead of shaming her in front of her whole class. I never like to see shamings like this. He was unconcerned with the woman's feelings and her obvious discomfort. He's right about all he was saying, but I give him bad marks for damaging the teacher like that when he could have been much more discrete.

  14. American schools are only to brainwash young minds into believing lies…To hinder one generation after the next and this is so sad for us people of color to have too go through life this way

  15. This all started with "sit up"
    The man sure doesn't like to be told anything.

    Mad respect for this video though! I 100% agree with this man and his words!

  16. Your life is build in your teenage years, yet we don’t have the chance to do that because we are being locked in the classroom for 8 hours a day straight. Every child is different in wants and needs, but still they teach every child in the same way. School doesn’t prepare you for life, people need to wake up.

  17. Wow just wow. I didn't know the richest person on the planet was a goddamn black. School didn't teach me that. Smh 🙄😒

  18. Wake em up, still got a long way to go, and he also was an Israelite "Septimus Seversus". May YAHAWA bless you young brother, we waking up over here and all over the world!

  19. Sounds like what was being taught was far too narrow and limited,never straying from two or three themes that are for the most part not the most positive. Being constrained by an unimaginative curriculum cannot help. They could urgently do with your input to flesh out a much broader,worthwhile and all-embracing teaching of the subject. But should black history be a separate strand,or Month,or should it rather be interweaved proportionately into the broader sweep of history in general that covers how we all got here as citizens of our country and citizens of the world? There is a hell of a lot of history to wade through,that has shaped where we are now in some way or other. It would be no good to merely cherry-pick a few bits that happen to be in vogue and ignore all the rest as somehow irrelevant. Only teaching people about slavery,the Civil Rights movement and the ills of the British Empire (in itself a much bigger and more nuanced subject than just that perspective) strikes me as almost as blinkered as only teaching people about kings and queens and dates of battles.

  20. Not sure I'd go along with the unqualified reverence for Bernie Grant,though. I mean,for whatever just campaigns he may have supported did he ever condemn with sincerity the murder of PC Keith Blakelock,a family man doing his job who was hacked to death by a frenzied mob who have all closed ranks and covered up for each other ever since? True,the riot did ignite out of the police abusing their powers (far from the first or last time),causing the death of a family woman (was it Cynthia Jarrett? There was at least one similar case around the time) whose home they forced entry into, on questionable grounds it appeared. That was reported widely on by the BBC among others but the right wing press did present their predictably one-sided take on events for the benefit of those who took what they read in the Sun or the Express as Gospel,and there were plenty of people about who did. I was away in Germany at the time of the Broadwater Farm riot but still heard about it out there,and it didn't escape my notice that it happened at the same time as almost certainly the most right wing Tory government in living memory was holding its annual Conference to a reliably rabid audience of hangers,floggers and toffs/wannabe toffs who wanted to see most if not all of the Welfare State dismantled. And then the Metropolitan Police excelled themselves again by framing 3 innocent dudes – well 2 innocent dudes,and one,Winston Silcott,who was found guilty of murdering someone else – for the Blakelock murder,another glorious chapter in a catalogue of sleuthing triumphs that took in such pinnacles of detection as the Rachel Nickel case (spending years hounding a chap who was a bit kinky but not a killer while the real one remained at liberty lurking in the shadows) and the Stephen Lawrence case. But the tacit endorsement and encouraging of mob violence by some far left agitators,who are only too happy to use the gullible and impressionable as their foot soldiers and idiot priveleged celebrities like Lily Allen as their cheerleaders,is distasteful as well. It tends to be ordinary folk who get hurt,either physically via the violence and criminality itself or economically via seeing their businesses trashed as in the 2011 riots. Who did it really help to burn down that family-run bookshop that had been a part of the community for the best part of a century,or to street-rob tourists? When the communities turned out to clear up themselves and help the affected,it showed the warmth and the true feelings of the people. A similar band of agitators appeared to be itching to hijack the Grenfell tragedy as well,mob-raisers with loudhailers in place and ready making sure they were at the front of the crowd for the cameras,only that time they haven't been allowed to get away with it.

  21. 561 people disliked this video, wow how could anyone dislike the truth. There will always be a hater right? I can only wonder who they are.

  22. Nice! But instead of attacking the teacher he should be talking to the board of education & whomever else is responsible for the curricula.

  23. I'm so scared that I'll be stuck in the mindset that school gives me until I die and I can never do the things I want. I'm only 11 but I'm scared

  24. I wish that something like this could happen, but let's be honest no teacher would let him get past the first couple sentences.😢😢

  25. Some of the recommended books from this video https://youtu.be/D77hZ5eZlcc were probably not read in school.

  26. Lewis Latimer, was simply a draftsman, who drew other peoples inventions… it was joseph nicols who suggestd a further improvement and Lewis Latimer simply drew it. He worked in the patent office to draw other peoples inventions. According to Wikipedia. So no, it wasn't a darker man who made that light flick… it was a colored man, who drew the technical drawing of other peoples patents, having worked in a patent office doing technical drawings for other peoples patents. Latimer is an inductee of the National Inventors Hall of Fame for his work on electric filament manufacturing techniques.

  27. Patricia E Bath – First black immigrant to America to receive a patent for medical use. The holder of five patents. From Trinidad actually. Bath studied with other scientists in England, France and Germany, including the Jewish Rothschilds facility in france, and from there… after studying and observing the English, French and German she made an alteration to a laser. In short, she gained knowledge and made an adjustment to a laser that the English, French and Germans already had… and logged the change in a patent. She would not have been able to do that, if she had not studied it with the English, French and Germans. She made an alteration to someone elses patent basically.

  28. Broadwater farm riots. One woman died of natural causes, whilst the white pc Keith blakelock was murdered. Death of Keith Blakelock.

  29. I am certain any mary prince would not be the FIRST black woman to write a book. I am certain of it… think about it. In fact it was
    Thomas Pringle  who transcribed her alleged story who was  a white scottish Thomas Pringle, a founder of the Anti-Slavery Society..    White people freed the black man, after of course, the ottoman muslims had enslaved north africa for 800 years.  

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    For other people named Thomas Pringle, see Thomas Pringle (disambiguation).
    Thomas Pringle

    Thomas Pringle (5 January 1789 – 5 December 1834) was a Scottish writer, poet and abolitionist.

  30. Trevor Macdonald…nice but dull but nice. Lenny Henry.. was funny to five year olds. Muhammed Ali was a muslim name for a black boxer, for a nation of black people, who had not bothered to remember the 800 years of Muslim slavery the black north africans had been put through in North America..by the Muslim Ottoman Empire. slavery of the blacks. How about… being thankful for your western education, in western schools.

  31. Thanks for sharing! I discuss the importance of reading for truth in my video, "Read for Your Life". I look forward to your comments!

  32. Truly inspiring and emotional great message. All my years from mid to late 80's childhood Elementary to Grade school especially 90's 6th to 12th grade from pre-teens to adolescent years. I faced similar things in Social Studies, History classes has always been about U.S. White American History. Less and little of African, African American and Native Indian American history/culture. 😢 For past few years in my late 30's.. I educate, research and discover, learn more of our Ancestors, culture, history, people and more life experiences, journeys that struggled, dealt with and survived through it.

  33. Samuel King, you need to take your grievances to your parents. Answer me this Samuel; If all students, especially Negro students, were taught all the 'Black History' you speak of in your poem, will Blacks elevate their social status in the UK and here in America? I think not. I reiterate, your family teaches your history and pride not your school. School teaches your nation's history not your family's history.

  34. Blacks in Britain much will really stick up for each other because if this was America and he was in the class telling the teacher off everybody in the class will be yelling at him telling him to shut up so yeah blacks Community in Britain must be better than the black community in America because At least in Britain The blacks over there give a fuck

  35. Well I mean how do they teach black american history in England and I mean it is good because they ackowledge it but us black Americans are surly different from other african decents of the world and definitely people born in Africa

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