What Does It Take To Fix A Failing U.S. School?
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What Does It Take To Fix A Failing U.S. School?

dr. Tiffany Anderson superintendent of the Jennings school district begins her morning with a four hour commute to work after which she can be found sneakers and all out on a crossing guard duty Anderson oversees seven schools 3,000 students and hundreds of teachers and staff but there’s no job she won’t do I bring hot chocolate coats and the first place they see me before they walk through the door Jennings is a town of 15,000 people just outside st. Louis Missouri it borders Ferguson which was the center of protests following the shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer in 2014 like Ferguson Jennings has a population of mostly African Americans 1/4 of who live below the poverty line what was the school district like when you first arrived four years ago Jennings didn’t really feel like a community that had hope almost every month I am attending a funeral of either a current student or a student’s parent and often those are you know victims of crime and we have two students at our element one of our elementary schools where they literally had to crawl out of the window as their mother was being stabbed you know things that we can’t imagine 17 year olds Gabby Scott is a junior at Jennings high school how old were you when we found out you’re pregnant 15 it was rough did you cry I did a lot so much I probably only have tears left just a few years ago many students in Jennings were in danger of not graduating dropping out was not an unusual occurrence did you think about like how am I going to go to school and have this baby it was the first thing that was brought to him around like I don’t think I’m gonna be able to go to school and be pregnant do you think that people had sort of written this school district off I think in many ways because Jennings has so much poverty people really weren’t sure if improvement was possible with grants partnerships and some creativity dr. Anderson balanced-budget launched a college prep program brought back arts education she also began to address issues that stemmed far beyond academics I learned that food was the greatest issue so we decided we would open a food pantry give out 8,000 pounds of food a month approximately 200 to 400 people every two weeks get food from Jenny’s and then we looked at health care we have about two to three mental health therapists at every school Washington University they agreed to partner and they provide a pediatrician so look you break an arm just come to school we got it this is a place where parents can come and do their laundry for free in exchange for volunteering an hour of their time at school and it’s pretty incredible when you think about it because it’s such a simple way to get parents involved while at the same time addressing their very real needs of many of these families we generally say if all you can do is make it to school we’ll take care of the rest food clothes shoes health care what kind of changes did you start to see in your students when you started to remove those barriers so when kids knew that we cared there was almost like this light bulb or this willingness to try we are now fully accredited four years ago we were meeting 57 for some of the standards we now meeting 81% we’ve been exceeding the state benchmarks for two consecutive years dr. Anderson also introduced a program to support teen moms like Gabby as well as parents in the community it allowed Gabby to stay focused on school while raising her son Carter on top of having a baby you are a straight-a student right yes you are going to be class president yes and you’re on your way to being valedictorian yes how are you doing this all managing it all I have teachers who are willing to work with me and my time and Schmidt her car comes with me to my student council events if you were pregnant before all of these programs were introduced before dr. Anderson what do you think your life would be like probably would have given up a long time ago but with the support of like Jennings and their programs it’s been easier we are all passing our tears what kind of school it’s making us more excited to be here this community borders Ferguson which is seen a lot of unrest this is a critical time in our country has that brought greater urgency to the work that you do here I believe our role is to show people that there is a system of oppression and to gain the greatest amount of education they can so that they have the power to make changes can this work be replicated in other places now this work we’ve done in Jennings can happen anywhere in any size district and in any community zip code should not determine the quality of education on health care and we will not allow for that to determine where kids end up in many states public schools are closing their doors and teachers are calling it quits so what is the root of problem is the u.s. education system broken find out in our video here some experts argue that inadequate teachers are simply a product of low salaries as skilled professionals are less inclined to take a low-paying job high school teachers make an average of $50,000 a year compared to roughly ninety five thousand for higher ed professors thanks for watching seeker daily make sure to LIKE and subscribe for new videos every day

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100 thoughts on “What Does It Take To Fix A Failing U.S. School?

  1. In Europe the schools compete between countries. I think America needs to start having states compete such that they work to be the best or at least less behind the best.

  2. Hire Dr. Tiffany Anderson. Put her in some position where she can effect change in a wider area. With everything going on in the US, this is the most heartwarming and inspiring thing imaginable. We aren't going to police our way out of violence…but we can educate ourselves until everyone has the means to provide for those they care for, until everyone has a chance.

  3. 50k $ per year? and that is low? thats like 4k a month, not even bank managers earn that much in our country and we are in middle of europe, don't tell me that 4k a month doesnt get you anything you need while having alot of free time as teacher

  4. Does it really matter what colour the cop and kid were? He still got murdered it doesn't matter about skin

  5. Teaching kids the love of reading is most important skill they'll ever learn in school. Why? Because reading is not just good for mind but also the soul its a a art form that express the soul.

  6. To Seeker Daily and vieuwers,

    There was room for improvement to be made by introducing food, laundry and healtcare services. Some is done by partnering but the rest would be taken care of by themselves is it not?

    It's great if there is improvement but does it not always come back to money issues? The managing of money was probably well done over there but it does not show the viewers in what way they brought about the financial change what made this all possible. I don't think that the problem lies in the ideas or the lack thereof but more so in the amount of money schools have aviable. Especially in poverty stricken communities.

    My humble opion would be to increase school fundings uptill a shortages in schools are unheard of. It has to be done sensibly by local or state governments but pomping money into education is alsmost never a waste wouldn't you say?

  7. It's clear Dr. Anderson's successful program made the high school a center of the community, which I love. Yes, the school is delivering social services. It reminds me that the way Hamas gained so many Palestinian adherents was by providing the same services, i.e. healthcare, nutrition, education. It inspired loyalty in both parents and children, regardless of ideology. Dr. Anderson addressed the malaise in the community in order to improve the schools. Its a great model for all poor, under-served areas, while the schools that are succeeding can do their own thing.

  8. Ferguson wasn't victim to "protests". It was victim to riots that burned down the entire town, forever changing it.

  9. I can think of several ways to improve education.
    1) increase pay to attract better qualified teachers
    2)make it easier to fire teachers
    3) improve environment such as building design and new technology to make students have respect and appreciation for their surroundings
    4) adopt performance related pay
    5) smaller class sizes and additional teachers helpers
    6) allow schools more independent
    7) create a more relaxed and collaborative environment

    this would be very expensive. so government should look to get as close as possible. the economic benefits though in the long run will outstrip the costs if reform is done in an efficient manner.

  10. My past high school is in a big city and is only funding more buildings such as a big indoor stadium, new look of classrooms, and also a nicer track field. What a shame when what they really need is helping out the students who are all mostly having issues at home and at school (-_-)

  11. this is a beautiful, powerful video. but this is why I unsuscribed. You have a click bait title without ever answering the question you brought up

  12. I had a teacher, who was retired at the time, teaching me math. He was a match teacher for 35 years at a high school. The man was a genius and I caught on extremely quickly which he was very impressed at, but that's beside the point. I asked him what he thought was wrong with the education system, and he plainly said that the biggest factor in making sure children get the best education possible is the willingness for parents to be involved in their child's education directly.

    Children have roughly 7 hours of school each day, 5 days a week, 2/3rds of the year. Each teacher teaches a subject, which every student is expected to learn alongside each other. Considering the size of classrooms and how many teachers often staff them it is no surprise that teachers often have difficulty educating students properly or efficiently. This is why parents need to be directly involved in education children at home by helping them do homework, and making sure that they do said homework when it is assigned.

    While a child is at home they don't have to compete with 15-20 other students for the time of 1-2 teachers in the time frame of an hour or so. Seeing as most households have 2 parents, and certainly don't have 20 children it is much easier for a child to get help from a parent with school work. Parents need to make a bigger effort to help their children with their education that goes beyond simply making sure that they get to school and back. Making sure your child is practicing their work at home instead of slacking off playing video games or watching television will ensure that they are educated and have sufficient knowledge to perform admirably as an adult in whatever task they might have.

    This isn't coming from some 36 year old man with no children sitting on his computer spouting his opinions at people. This is coming from an 18 year old boy who wishes that his parents had made a better effort to motivate me to practice my work as well as helping me when I got stuck. I made a lot of mistakes when I was younger and I wasted a lot of time, and now i'm in a place in life where I am having great difficulty finding work because I lack a diploma or GED, with the potential of college nothing but a scant image in the distance.

    If you're a parent, don't let your children make the same mistakes that I did. I slacked on my education. I am very fortunate that I was born with a mind that can grasp things quickly. I got an easy second chance to learn what I needed. Others like my friend Kayla, who is 21 and still in private schooling because of her problems learning, are not so fortunate, and struggle greatly with both problems grasping and retaining knowledge, and working to support themselves at the same time.

    As parents you have a duty to take a direct role in your child's education. Teachers have your children for a very limited window during the day. At home they must practice, or they will not retain the knowledge, and they will struggle in applying said knowledge both on tests and in the day-to-day struggles of adult life.

  13. Can someone explain to me why americans always complain about their school system? I mean, even this one school they're talking about looks amazing, the infrastructures look brand new, they offer so many services to their community.. I wish I had a school that looked half as good lol

  14. If this courageous woman was able to make this much change, imagine what state representatives and politicians could do for the country. If…you know they weren't so corrupt.

  15. What an amazing person! I didn't know one person could do so much change for a community! I honestly tear'd up watching this.

  16. Sadly, it's not like that in many parts of America where the black community lives. We need a supportive system of sponsoring food, laundry, drugs, healthcare in schools before we can see an improvement in the black community.

  17. I am happy that a video was made without bashing teachers but how one amazing person can do it and try to change it all.

  18. I don't understand why people keep on saying that this woman should be in office when Bernie Sanders, who's more or less the same, lost to Hilary fucking Clinton.

  19. Gabby should NOT receive ANY sort of honors. She DID NOT do the right thing. She got pregnant…. then choose to have the baby…. then choose to KEEP the baby when she had no visible means of financially supporting the baby. She is a BAD GIRL. You don't honor / celebrate a girl who did something SERIOUSLY STUPID and is bent on messing up TWO (not one) LIVES!.

  20. Students should be paid for grades. 70 through 100+ according to performance and course advancement.

    You don't learn the important stuff in school.
    Like economics. How to open and run a business. Junior tru High school is a Socialist program and they don't prepare you for the real world.

  21. I just happend on this, my nephews, nieces and cousins use to go to Jennings. This Super needs to go to River View Gardens or Normandy and fix those "Worst School Districts in ALL of Missouri" areas.

  22. That is good for kids getting pregnant after being neglected themselves. Though this doesn't fix that there are kids in jail not getting all they need , but many get solitary confinement instead.

  23. This is a good example of a successful school that is being funded by the civil government. One of the things that makes me weary of this school is the fact that it is funded by the civil government. All those families are going there to get food and clothing, but the issue with that is they are going to become reliant on the government to provide for their needs instead of getting a good paying job to help take care of their family.

  24. "Unless education promotes character making, unless it helps men to be more moral, more just to their fellows, more law abiding, more discriminatingly patriotic and public spirited, it is not worth the trouble taken to furnish it."

    ― William Howard Taft

  25. One important fact Lin did not point out is that after millions of dollars that democrats proposed to fix public school in their district zone, the education in these schools got worse over time.

  26. Every public school in the U.S should be doing this kind of stuff, poor or not. The richer districts waste a lot of money they could be spending to offer extra services to their communities too. For the amount of taxes people pay, the school should be a community hub that offers something to people of all ages. Especially in New Jersey. There's so many creative ways schools could improve their education and make extra money at the same time. Have the high school kids work in a second hand clothes store, or something. Or at least recycle the aluminum cans from the cafeteria at a recycling center that pays for them.

  27. school choice is needed, competition drives innovation and will make schools better which will get poorer kids into college, and with a good degree (not in gender studies) these kids will get good high paying jobs and will rise out of poverty.

  28. There aren't any failing schools in middle and upper class neighborhoods. Its the families that are failing. Not the schools.

  29. This lady is my hero. She is going above and beyond her job description to make an impact on her community in a positive way. Keep up the good work!

  30. This is actually really cool, and it’s nice to see a group of people that doesn’t just sit around a beg but that gets up and addresses the situations themselves

  31. Excellent show of the results of a caring, intuitive and empowering person. College prep course – sets the vision, creative arts programs (seen by many as a waste of "school funds") done with the proper care and people stimulates the desire to learn (not memorize), and correct food (though in impoverished situations any food) but access to their neurological circuitry systematically improves their ability (seems like common sense but not too many administrators/government officials just seem to have the ability to understand). The healthcare/social workers – removing ALL barriers to increase the efficiency of this system all run by such an amazing woman and people – it takes a village to raise one child. This community organization stimulating the willingness to improve – it's inspiring!! It's precise!

    And instead of topically wasting money on "just stay abstinant" the result from the care shows the short-term solutions to those who are still struggling with having children. And now that child/children like them have an increased chance to gain the abilities they need to become the people that our society needs (not just wants, but desperately needs) them to become. These people are amazing!!! Students give up often not because they don't want to try but because even they want to try they don't have the inherent abilities developed or have access for that development. This shows that potential is there waiting to be seized upon. Truly inspiring story.

  32. Donald Trump focuses on a wall by a border
    While he should be worrying about the walls in our schools!

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