What do you do? Middle School Special Education Teacher
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What do you do? Middle School Special Education Teacher

How are you today?
Good! So as a special education teacher, our job is to help students be
successful no matter what disability that they have that qualified them for
additional services. We want to create a program designed to do that for each
individual student and their needs. Every year you write an IEP or an
individualized education program. So detailing what those programs are going
to look like for those students, setting goals, taking data, measuring their
projects, making sure that you communicate with parents is huge because
you guys are a team working together for your students.
Do you need to practice? Do you
want to do a conscious presentation to me? I love getting to work with students.
That’s my favorite part of my day and every day is an adventure. You never do
the same thing twice. You never know what’s going to happen when they walk in
the room because you don’t know what they’ve experienced when they’re not
there with you. So what you do and how you respond to them can help shape what
their reaction is going to be the next time it comes up. What is your research question?
How do manufacturing- manufacturing issues- When I was in fourth grade I had an art teacher, and she was teaching us how to draw
birds. So I had tried this new technique and I brought it up to her to show her
and she crumpled it up and threw it away and was like that’s nice and went back
to her telephone call. I was crushed. It destroyed me and right
then in that moment I knew that I was going to become a teacher because I
didn’t want a child to feel as rejected as I did in that moment. So I
decided to dual major in elementary and special education so that I had a good
toolbox to support any student that came across my path. I thought for sure I was
destined to be an elementary school teacher. That’s all I ever wanted. That’s
where I spent my student teaching and then I moved around and the only
position available was middle school and I love it. Those are the students that I
love to work with. They are just getting to know who they are. They’re trying to
figure out what kind of person they want to be. They’re developing a sense of humor. They’re creating this pathway for their
life, and I get to play a role in helping guide them, helping them set goals,
helping them achieve dreams, helping them dream bigger than what they thought that
they could do. That’s what I get to do every day I love that.

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  1. I was In Special Ed. my Self. I was Slow Regular. 'Class WITH my Reading Math They Call us Stupid Slow Crazy Why In Special Ed

  2. I was in special ed from Elementary through my sophomore year of high school after that I peer tutor in special ed I know how they feel whether you were going to accept or not

  3. I am mostly was a special ed student all the way to my year when I had grad that my reading and my spilling was not really that good.

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