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What Dinosaur Is This? | Caitie’s Classroom | Activities For Kids

(lively music) (Caitie roaring) – Hey everyone. Let’s pretend to be dinosaurs together. Can you make yourself really
tall like a big dinosaur? How about some dinosaur
claws on your fingers and your feet and big dinosaur teeth? Let’s hear a big dinosaur roar. Nice job. How about some big dinosaur stomps. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. (Caitie roaring) It’s fun to pretend to be a dinosaur. Let’s take a closer look at some dinosaurs in the window. Look at this. This dinosaur has big
plates all along its back. It’s called a stegosaurus. Yeah, it’s a pretty cool
looking dinosaur, isn’t it? Hey. If dinosaurs aren’t around anymore, how do we know what dinosaurs look like? That’s an interesting question. Oh, we can guess what
dinosaurs looked like by looking at the fossils
dinosaurs left behind. Fossils are things left over from long ago that have made an imprint in rocks or dirt in the ground and have stayed there like a stamp for millions of years and we can see them now. We usually find them in
rocks or in the ground and they can look like this. Look at that. These are some dinosaur
bones that are fossils. They’ve been put together to guess what a dinosaur looks like. We can see this dinosaur has those plates going along the back like the stegosaurus. Really neat. Let’s take a look at another fossil. Oh. What do we notice with this fossil? I see a long neck and long legs. So, scientists can guess that this dinosaur might
have looked like this. Look at that. Then they can name the dinosaur. This dinosaur is named a brontosaurus. They have long necks and long legs. Let’s pretend to move like
a brontosaurus all together. We have to stretch our neck as tall as it’ll go. Whoa, that’s as tall as my neck’ll go. And big, long legs. Now let’s walk like a brontosaurus. Ready? Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. (Caitie roaring) Nice job. It’s fun pretending to be a brontosaurus with a long neck. Let’s take a look at another fossil. Oh. What do you see in this fossil? This one has horns on its head. It has a pretty big head, doesn’t it? I see one horn through the forehead and one on the nose. So, it might look like this. This dinosaur is called a triceratops. Look at those horns. Let’s pretend to be a
triceratops together. We need one horn over here, one horn over here and pretend to have a
big horn on our nose. Ready? Let’s go. Charge. Bong. Triceratops. Let’s try again. Get your horns ready. Here we go. Charge. Triceratops. Nice job, everyone. Let’s take a look at another fossil. This one’s really interesting. What do you notice about this fossil? I don’t see any legs really. Maybe one there in the back. And those long things
coming out from its body. Now scientists can look at this and they guess it looks like this. It’s wings. This is a pterodactyl. Let’s pretend to be a
pterodactyl together. They have those big
wings, one on this side, one on this side, let’s flap our wings
like a big pterodactyl. Here we go. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Flying high over all the other dinosaurs. Pterodactyls have those big wings. Nice. Let’s take a look at one more fossil. Look at this one. What do you see in this fossil? I see some sharp teeth, some sharp claws and they’re up on two legs. Do you know what dinosaur this is? Well, it looks like this. And scientists call this
dinosaur a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Let’s pretend to be a
Tyrannosaurus Rex together. Get out your sharp claws, your Tyrannosaurus Rex teeth and your Tyrannosaurus Rex feet. Let’s do some big stomps, ready? Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. And a big Tyrannosaurus Rex roar. (Caitie roaring) Nice job, everyone. Here’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex right here. Stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp. (Caitie roaring) That was a lot of fun. We’ll see you soon, everyone. (Caitie roaring) That’s bye in dinosaur. Hey everybody, it’s Caitie. Thanks for joining us today. I’d love it if you would subscribe to our Caitie’s Classroom channel and I’ll see you soon. – [Kid] Whoa.

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