What Civic Education Means to Me [captions available]
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What Civic Education Means to Me [captions available]

[TANMAY:] Civic Education is all about making
the exchange student learn about American political background, making them
introduced to the political history of America, of course which involves touring places of D.C. So this is the best thing about it! In Civic Education, the workshop, kind of
makes me, uh, first of all they make me put on this business attire, which I’m never
comfortable of [laughs] but you gotta do that. [BIRDS CHIRP THROUGHOUT] Since I’m from Ohio, I get to the meet the
Senators and the Representatives – House of Representative people from Ohio, so, yeah,
gonna make it pretty political today! Yesterday I went to Department of State where
I got a golden opportunity to interact with the Assistant Secretary of State Department,
Mr. Mark Taplin. We chatted, I discussed about the difference
between developing and developed countries. I got to talk about my exchange year being
a disabled so I talked about my accessible accommodations while I’m living in a high
school in America. [BACKGROUND VOICES AUDIBLE] I would like to say to any of the parents
that, um, it’s better to give your child an international experiences. It’s not about – it’s not about that your
child is going to America; it’s all about your child is learning something. Trust his maturity. But when he’s gonna come back, he will be
more mature than you would ever imagine. I’m pretty sure that they will enjoy it,
and you will get a benefit out of it, so it’s a double-win deal.

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