What boys are popular in Japanese schools?
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What boys are popular in Japanese schools?

He didn’t talk. – How boring is that! You prefer older girls? – Yeah I like older women That’s like from an anime. – It is. Hey guys and girls on Ask Japanese it’s Cathy Cat. This time we’re gonna go, hit the streets of Tokyo and ask Japanese people, what Japanese people love about boys. What makes boys popular. What do you have to do to be popular with the girls in Japan? Come on we wanna know that so let’s go Ask Japanese. In my elementary school one boy was popular. He was energetic and played soccer Elementary school boys are popular if they play soccer? – Any sport really In High School I liked the young teacher to-be that visited us. Oh my! He was so mature. I admired him. Did you tell him your feelings? – Not at that time no Not at THAT time? – Uhm welll Was he also popular with other students? – He was What was cool about him? – He looked good. – Cute smile Super cute. – You went to the same school. – Yes and same club Apart from his smile what did he do? – He played volleyball He was so good at it. – He was also a little mischievous. Are you both from Kansai? – We are. – What makes men popular there? In Kansai. – It’s not good if I say something silly, and he doesn’t make a pun put of it. In Kansai being able to make a sassy comment to someone is important? – It is. Who did you admire? – A weirdo No sportsman? – He made everyone laugh or said funny things in class. He troubled the teacher. – A bit of a trouble maker? Yes I preferred boys like that to the serious ones. – Why? Why? – If they are too serious, life is no fun. I see. Life is more fun -Yes! – I liked my brass band senpai What was he like? – He didn’t talk much. How boring is that? – He was simple I liked that You both like opposites. – In all that silence… its best to be yourself. I don’t like noisy men. So the male version of a quiet Japanese beauty. – Yeah like that. Instead of exaggerating I liked how mature he was. I liked girls who were not quiet, but loud instead as long as they still had manners. A bright girl who knows her manners? – Yeah my first love was like that She was energetic and loud, but didn’t trouble the teachers That was my first love. She liked sports too. I played softball too. As fellow sportsmen we had things in common. – What moment made your heart beat louder? Things that you won’t know by just talking but by seeing her play the sport. By seeing the other face, her trying really hard That would get me. Different from her going to her class table I could tell she tries hard. – In class I liked the girls who would hang out with girls cheerful and easy to talk to. – I liked my friend’s older sister. I liked how mature she was. She was older than me and years over me. She was different from elementary school girls. I liked that. – A bit more mature Do you still prefer older girls now? – I like older women they have more experience and a bigger heart. compared to young girls. – An older sister relationship? – Similar Sporty boys are popular who can chat with girls those are my favourites. – Boys who can really party with me and get excited. Like that. – Any sports you want them do do? – Soccer and basketball. Boys who do sports are popular. Was there someone you admired? My senpai was a goalkeeper in soccer He was cool. – I like girls who are fun talking to My first love did basketball and I did soccer After school we would talk and I fell for her So sports was the thing uniting you. – Guess so. So maybe sporty girls can get popular too. – I guess so I like positive girls. I did sports too. I like girls that can work hard and like sports. When you think of your first love, what did you like? – When she scored a point. What? – She was playing basketball. When she got the ball in… she wasn’t cute. She was cool! She scored for her team! That was cool. – Made your heart beat faster? – Yeah I like how serious she became when playing sports. You liked the gap. – I did. I liked that he would be different in school and when doing sports. I thought he was so cool for that. Boys who do soccer are popular. – What was your first love like? He was playing soccer, running and leading the team He was the captain? – Yes all soccer players were so cool. So soccer is the key point. – Yeah – Well within that… which guy did you like? – Not the ones standing out. The quiet ones in the back. That’s my type. – You support the back players I do. – I like the quiet yet kind ones. – But they are quiet how are they kind? – They will help without making a deal out of it They would not do certain things normally but then quietly help like carrying luggage. That kind. Sounds like an anime – He was like that. – We had a popular boy in class He was good at studying, sports and could do everything. That’s why all liked him so much. How was he kind to you? – He didn’t speak much with me He wasn’t the talkative person. Everyone would be playing but he would say a word or two to me. I liked that. How did you feel back then? “How kind he recognizes me!!” He looked out for other people in our class. Being able to do that was admirable about him. – Those were our questions. So it seems that boys have to play some sort of sports to be popular. It’s not like I haven’t heard that one before. Sport wise soccer seemed to be the most popular sport. I almost thought I am in Germany cause that’s the most popular sport in Germany and everyone is like ooh soccer. Seems to be that even here in Japan, playing soccer is the thing. Makes you popular. If you play soccer maybe let people know that you do. Being popular in general … it seems to me people who are popular… the first thing that came into my head was like You watch an anime and there is this boy in school and everyone is like “he is so cool” and I was like “That’s never gonna happen in real life, Nobody is just popular because they are popular and everyone loves him.” It’s like that isn’t it. Oh well, asking the same questions to foreigners, I got different responses. it was generally NOT the popular people or cheerleader type but the… alternative people that were popular with the people that come here to Japan. You might have your own opinion. What makes a boy popular in your country? Let us know in the comments down below. So we can find out. Maybe there are differences between different cultures I’d like to find out, let us know. If you haven’t been with us yet don’t forget to subscribe for more content, here from Japan. We bring out lots of videos so you won’t get bored. I hope to catch you soon for more stuff on Ask Japanese. Give us a like and I catch you soon. Bye.

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41 thoughts on “What boys are popular in Japanese schools?

  1. That’s awesome!!! I’m a man from the States across the pond, and soccer is FINALLY becoming popular here. I played soccer since I was 4, but I’m a former player now. Weak knees run in my family, my knee started going out by about 17, and I now need surgery because it’ll just give out when pushing at a certain angle; I won’t be getting surgery anytime soon, that’s expensive. But that’s cool that that 1 girl liked defenders, that’s what I was; I was always D (defense), then became defensive mid (midfield) on my club team.
    As the saying goes, “Offense sells tickets and Defense wins championships”. 😎
    And I’m glad multiple girls liked guys that would make people laugh! I love making people laugh and smile. You’ve got to enjoy life. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  2. I play all sports. But played basketball the most. I played Soccer, tennis and golf the least. But I played hackey sack. To play soccer isn't hard either. You just need to be energetic and need to know your way around the ball. From there you can just work with it and improve over time.

  3. At least where in from in America if you are smart, kind, polite and hard working you became very popular very fast but also this could make others feel jealous.

  4. In Ireland, boys are popular if they play sports. Particularly Irish football or Rugby. Then I'd say musicians would be the second most popular

  5. It's definitely that one boy who somehow gets girls left and right. I assume that's the most popular in Japanese schools?

  6. this is a universal one. be beautiful. there u go being popular is way easier.
    its not that these girls like soccer although some might, its because the soccer players are more pretty looking, their bodies are fit enough. just dont be too off shape, have a nice face thats all thats needed.

  7. Japanese people are so normie…
    But really though, I think a lot of japanese people prefer people who do sports and clubs is it shows they put the collective over the individual. In the west, we tend to prefer more individualistic people.

  8. Soccer, football popularity in Japan has been growing at an extremely fast rate for the last 30 years and is catching up to baseball and probably already surpassed it among younger people. So no suprise here, even if we are talking about a small sample size in the video. Btw i love Football as well, which is what we call it in Sweden

  9. I love football so much, I’m going to support the euro cup 2020. ⚽️

    I know Cathy will support the Germany team 🙂

  10. How interesting, In Asia cute white boys are the most sought after but in America ugly ass black guys are the ones that all the girls go after

  11. Soy una nueva suscritora latina pero……. Porque solo ultimamente solo dejas suptitulos solo en ingles y en japones y no hay en español porfavor deja los subtitulos en español gracias….

  12. Hi, I found this channel through the algorithm.

    I like how I can practice the Japanese I learned on Duolingo so far just by watching your videos.

    And it gives me insight on the people / culture.

    Thank you for providing this content~

  13. Vietnamese suffered a lot under the Koreans. More than 120,000 Viets were raped, beheaded, mutilated n killed by Koreans in the war. In current S.Korea thousands of Vietnamese brides are abused and severely beaten by Korean husbands

  14. Vietnamese suffered a lot under the Koreans. More than 120,000 Viets were raped, beheaded, mutilated n killed by Koreans in the war. In current S.Korea thousands of Vietnamese brides are abused and severely beaten by Korean husbands

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