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We’ve Listened | The Future of Classroom Design

Student: I think my perfect classroom would
be part of those collaborative classrooms, and smaller classrooms where teachers can
interact with the students more. Student: I think they should have comfier
chairs in the classrooms. Student: I feel that we need bigger windows
to let in more sunlight. Student: More electronic information, more
electronic paper work, especially on Blackboard. Andy Scott: My ideal classroom is a collaborative
classroom, one of interactivity, one of connectivity, and one where both Faculty and students alike
work together for a free exchange of knowledge and ideas. Eileen DeCourcy: We’ve got an exciting project
going on at Humber College, and it’s all about reimagining and redesigning the classroom
space. And so, we’ve got Faculty involved, we’ve had students involved, and collectively
together, we are coming to the institution with a great redesign project so that we can
reimagine learning here at Humber College. Peter Cook: Students need classrooms that
are quiet, and have good speech intelligibility. Lydia Boyko: Where students collaborate, whether
its team based, where they’re really engaged with themselves, and in the content. Student: I would have the teacher talking
about 25% of the time, and students talking most of the time. Student: We should have better seating arrangements,
with boards. Student: And, there would definitely be outlets
all around the classroom so that everyone can plug their computer in. Student: Definitely a more interactive classroom. Eileen DeCourcy: Post-secondary education
is under a complete transformation. Marilyn Teitelbaum: We’re now learner centered,
we challenge students with problems, and what we want, most of all, is flexibility in the
classroom. Eileen DeCourcy: We want to provide the best
learning experience for our students that we possibly can. Marilyn Teitelbaum: And I’m really proud of
Humber College, cause we are moving in that direction.

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