Welcome to the Classroom: The Student Teaching Experience
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Welcome to the Classroom: The Student Teaching Experience

I had an amazing resident teacher, Miss
Pharaoh, if you’re watching this–she, by fa, was like the best person I could
ever hope to ask for. As soon as I came into her classroom, she made me feel
welcome. She taught me so much. She believed in me.
She supported me throughout the year and before the end of it, she treated me more like a
colleague than anything she just had absolute trust in me and it just made my
year just fly by just splendidly. It made it like one of the best years of my life,
and it made me so prepared for my first year of teaching.
Pauline Holmes: Our student teaching
placements are thoughtfully and strategically determined by the
credential supervisors in each program the focus is really on helping students
develop their skills in a mentored situation that gradually pulls away
scaffolds and allow students to become more and more independent and more
autonomous as they work with their own students in their classrooms and also
gives them a lot of realistic experience Julie Nelson: My resident teacher Michelle has told me
from day one that the only constant in education is change and that’s something
that I really have taken heart of and it kind of falls in line with the
training that we get at UC Davis. They really prepare us to always be on our
toes and I was to have a Plan B. One of my first lessons that I taught in the class
just went completely downhill and I was able to turn to my resident teacher for
support and she really helped me to kind of lighten my mood and encouraged me and
gave me advice on how to do things differently next time so that I was more
successful. Michelle Crisp: I decided to serve as a resident teacher because I went through the
program and I know how great it is and so anyway I can give back, just to see
that growth in her, in addition to my students, it’s amazing. I mean it just
really it is taking someone under my wing just like someone did for me and
because I went through the program and she’s in it so we obviously share some
of the same kind of aspirations when it comes to teaching so it’s like a match
made in heaven. It’s being a role model for a role model you know because
eventually she’s going to transition into being a teacher so just to know
that I’ve been able to give her what I have–it’s just I mean that’s just a
wonderful feeling. Emily Muniz: I wanted my student teacher to feel like my classroom is her
classroom that she never has to be afraid to try something or that she has
to teach exactly like me but I wanted my students to see us as equals and so if
there’s ever a time when she’s not sure about something I want her to stick with
what she thinks and then we could reflect about it afterwards so the kids
know that she’s making the decisions and it’s not only always me and I just
wanted us to be a team. Samantha Gaynor: You get to observe your resident teacher for a
couple weeks and then you’re able to step in first a couple lessons once
you’re comfortable and then you will be able to teach more and more lessons as you become more and more comfortable. It’s between you and your resident teacher. As I kept going, I realized I wanted more help on certain things, I would reflect
on my lessons with her, and then she gave me lots of feedback. Kristen Swanson: Now I’m a
resident teacher and so it’s very interesting being on the other side of
the table. I love it because it’s pushing me to be a better teacher
because I have someone who’s watching my every move and I know she’s going to ask
me well why did you do this and why did you do this and why did you do that and
so I have to have an answer for everything I do. Sara Luci: The way things have been
working with my resident teacher have been great. I think it really helps that
she is a UC Davis graduate and so of this program so she really understands
how difficult it can be and the kind of support that you need
so throughout everything she’s been right there. She gives me the space I
need to try new things but she also gives me the tools I need to handle them
and she’s always there to debrief after figure out what can we do better next
time, how can I help you she’s been awesome.
I’ve had multiple “a-ha” moments. I’ll be standing up there and there’s just a
voice on the back of my head that goes you’re doing that you’re teaching and
it’s strange to wrap my head around because still sometimes even though I
have a job next year I’m like oh you know I’m still student. when I reflect on
everything that I’ve learned this year and everything that I’ve done the voice
comes back and says no you’re ready

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