Welcome to St Andrew’s School
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Welcome to St Andrew’s School

Welcome to St Andrew’s School. St Andrew’s School is a leading South Australian independent specialist co-educational
primary school providing excellence in education from playgroup through to Year 7. Primary school years are significant as they provide children with the building
blocks and foundations for their life long learning and future. St Andrew’s exudes a nurturing environment encouraging happy and successful
learning. Our classrooms are seen as the third teacher. They are designed to be
flexible and to encourage collaboration cooperation and deep personalised
learning. Our passionate staff assist the students to be inspired learners, to
experience success in their learning and to have self belief as leaders. Our
teachers nurture children to feel safe, to inquire and to take risks, while also
showing compassion, empathy and developing lifelong friendships. Our
students are central to all we do. We focus on the critical skills of
numeracy and literacy within an inquiry curriculum that encourages involvement
and leads to understanding through creativity and action. We acknowledge
that students must develop competencies and dispositions of learners that will
enhance their life’s experiences. Our aim is to establish a learning community that will
equip each student with the skills to enjoy a lifetime of discovery and
learning. Our goal is to be futures and internationally focused and to consider
environmental sustainability at all times. We understand the need for
innovation and for creativity in the 21st century, developing a climate of
possibility in each school day. Our students graduate from St Andrew’s with a
strong sense of self, enabling them to contribute to a global society, carrying
with them the potential to have a positive impact in the world. I am proud
that our teachers, staff and parents work in partnership to enrich the experiences of
the children and to sustain our school community. Please join me on a tour to
find out for yourself the many benefits of educating your
child at St Andrew’s School.

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  1. well said.I was there when it was a mr woolnough running the school between 1989 and 1990.the differences between this and the sub standard public school system i left behind were huge.

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