Welcome to Spring Lake Park High School
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Welcome to Spring Lake Park High School

– Spring Lake Park is great. – It’s a wonderful place to learn. It’s a great and easy place
to get connected with tons of activities and students
that have similar interests. – It’s a very welcoming school. The teachers are very nice and caring. – We just have a great atmosphere and culture for learning. – Our staff work really hard for kids and challenge kids to work
really hard in return. And it creates a sort of
elevated sense of expectation and belonging and that’s
a really cool thing. One of the things that Spring Lake Park does a really good job
of is trying to create that personalized learning environment, giving students some voice and choice in the path that they’re going to take. We offer a variety of
options for curriculum, from a traditional kind
of college prep path to a “I wanna explore my
options in maybe journalism,” or “I wanna explore my options in STEM.” – The EMT program is a pathway
and I wanna go into medicine so having that exposure
even before I graduate has honestly been life-changing. – We also know that students who are engaged beyond the
classroom enjoy school more. And what’s cool, is we see
the majority of our students are engaged in something,
club, athletics, activities here at Spring Lake Park High School. – I believe that a motivated
child who’s given opportunity can learn and no two people
are motivated the same way. – The teachers, they
really wanna teach you the best way that you learn. – Personalized learning
for me has provided me an opportunity to get
to know students better and make really good
connections with them. – So when I’m designed lessons
and learning experiences, I feel like I’m keeping
that in mind and kind of tapping into their strengths. – For them to take that
individualized learning approach towards each student
has really helped my kids to grow and flourish. – I really have built
a connection with all of my teachers and I
know that they’re there to actually help me. – We care not just about their education, but about them as people. – We not only talk about personalized learning in structures in
our classrooms and structures in our schedule, but we’ve
actually changed our spaces. It isn’t just a theory for us, it’s an architectural reality here. – You know, coming out here
and sitting in the more comfortable furniture,
sitting upstairs in the new language arts department has
been crucial to improving the learning that we’re
doing every single day. – When they control their education, and they learn in the
seating that’s best for them, the lighting that’s best for them, that really helps them
become the best students and the best learners that they can be. – It aligns or parallels
very nicely with the world that students are gonna
live in when leave here. – Our staff are about working hard for our students to ensure
they have experiences that prepare them for whatever comes next and that’s awesome to be a part of. – I just think it’s a
wonderful place to be.

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