Welcome to Shirley Hills Primary School
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Welcome to Shirley Hills Primary School

Shirley Hills is a fantastic school. Here you get smaller class sizes and really specialized learning for your child. (How come it’s different?) Our teachers, our paraprofessionals, they just love kids. The teachers and staff are so genuinely caring. They really are flexible and let the kids just kind of learn how they want to learn. We have great test scores for math and reading in the state of Minnesota, we do a wonderful job of that, but we also pride ourselves on working with kids social, emotionally. We spend a long time getting to know each learner. Personalizing the learning and making sure we know the kids and then finding a way to get them to the next level. The principal knows every kid’s name. You’re not going to find that a larger school. Shirley Hills is full of just genuine people that care and build the space that helps your child succeed. (Where does that one go?) We have such a caring group from student to teacher to administration. It’s really a focus on caring for each child and each person.

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  2. I miss you guys so much it’s ryon and I miss you guys and I hope I can see you guys soon you guys are my favorite school ever see you soon bye

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